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The present report details about seven different cases of the law and each case covers various acts and regulations on the basis of which the final decisions are made. Appropriate decisions are made for all the cases and specific outcomes are inferred for each case.


Law of Blasphemy depicts about the law limiting to the freedom of speech and terminology or any irreverence words towards the holy personages, spiritual artifacts, customs, beliefs etc (Gray, 2010). The social function against the law is that the person has argued against the philosophy of the religion and has commented on the religious god. This was the social function of the law. Behavior of this law covers that people are free to express their words towards the holy personages, spiritual artifacts etc. The behavior of this case shows that this does not apply on the areas which are related to any broadcasts or stage production. The aim of the law and its use can be defined as that this act was made an offence for any individual who can deny the truth and reality associated with any religious and they can also deny the divine authority which may relate to any holy article.

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Various judgment of high court are as follows :

  • Regulations of European Union are enforceable in all the member states of the Europe and there transposed in the national law of the countries. So it is essential for the judge of the High Court to follow while taking any decisions. These legislatives are to be followed by the judge in accordance to different legislative procedures as per the issue (Collins, 2004).
  • By-law of local council is the powers which are granted in accordance with the Act of parliament of UK and this can also be created by the private companies and before its implementation they are to be government. Judge of the High court is bound to follow the by-law of the local council if it is approved by the government and on the basis of which they can execute their correct decisions.
  • Judge of High court also has to follow the judgment of the Court of appeal as even it is related to the common law case. The judgment which is given by the court of appeal is essential to be followed by the judge because this judgment is associated with the second most senior court of appeal in the entire England (Milner, 2011).
  • Act of Parliament are the primary legislation of the United Kingdom as they are passed after the approval of Parliament of UK and then it becomes the fraction of Statute of law of country. At the time when the case is related with any act which is passed by the parliament of the country, than it is obligatory for the judge of the high court to follow on the grounds of common law (Epstein, 2003). Decision of the high court is to be only made by examining the legislation of the parliament.
  • Decision made by the UK Borders Agency to remove the right of the students to work in UK is cannot be followed by the High Court judge and this can be invalidate on the common law of grounds. The reason behind that the judge cannot follow the order of UK Borders Agency is that this agency does not have any right to issue any order against the public (Collins, 2004). This authority can only handle the matters related to immigration, permission for residence, job permit, citizenship etc.
  • If a UK Act of Parliament conflicted with earlier EU regulations, the court of the UK does not have to follow both the laws. The regulations of the European Law depicts that at the time when there is conflict between the European Union regulations and any Act of Parliament of UK, than the judge of the High Court has to follow the regulations of the EU.  Whenever the act related to the parliament of UK are conflicts with EU, then laws if EU is to be followed by the judge of High court as they cannot invalidate the case on grounds of common law (European Union law, 1998).
  • There are three different ways in which the judgment in a common law case decided in the Court of Appeal can cease to be good law:
  1. First exception is that when there are conflicting decisions in those cases which are related to the past case of Court of Appeal, in this case the decision of the court will play its role. Court has the option to choose that which case will be follow or which case they will reject (Court of Appeal, 2014).
  2. Another exception depicts about the decision which are made as per the in error those decision which are taken carelessly or due to any mistake. The reasons behind these decisions are due to the acts which relevant in terms of parliament or the other laws are not considered by the court. These exception states about the material irregularities (Schaffer, 2009).
  3. Third exception is about the decision of the Court of Appeal which is based on previous decision not on the decision making of the House of Lords (Court of Appeal, 2014). In this type of the situations the Court of Appeal can take their own decision if there is any conflict due to the decisions made by the House of Lords.

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