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Nature of Legal System - Business Future Ltd.

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0541
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Question :

This unit states you are working with Business Futures Ltd dealing in business consultant. They are funded by govt. and their objective is to give advice to start up business who wish to expand their operations.

  • Explain the nature of legal system
  • Describe the impact of law on business activities.
  • Provide legal solution to the business problem.
  • Recommend legal solution based on the alternative advice.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Business Future Ltd.


Business law is the regulatory body which identifies the proper system and country growth. UK regulates the proper implementation. It is very useful and effective at the time of regulate the business. Commercial law and business law is the body of law which helps to govern the business activities. This system held the both issues private law and public laws. Present report will be based on business law. For that Business futures ltd will be taken into action. It is the business consulting firm which helps to suggest the best advice to the newly startup companies in terms of better performing the task. It will explain about the different sources of law that the organization needs to comply with. Further, it will also explain about the government role on law making process. Moreover, all legal implications protect the overall system of business and gives better decision making approach.



There are numerous types of sources of laws which helps to protect the business activities and gives better solution making approach (7Adams, 2018). It will be given better performance to handle the better objectives some sources are constitution, legislatures, executives, judiciaries, administrative agencies and international organizations. They all are equally contributed their part in order to fulfill the business law system.

Constitution: British Constitution guides the whole function and process of UK. It is developed by combining series of laws and principles which leads to politic body of the country. It act as foremost source of law upon which all legal and regulatory action are practiced within the country. This is been termed as supreme law of land as it possesses power among legislative, executive and judicial branches (Muhoza and Adams, 2017). Amendments are made in constitution depending upon the issue or dilemma existing within the country so that same can be addressed with legal power.

Executives: it is another source of law of federal executives branch is the president. The order of the executives orders are binding edicts issues by the president business law is the highly generated and law making task in order to accomplish the ethical business activities.

Judiciaries: it is the court or a governmental body whereby one or more judges are present. hearing is done and judges resolves the disputes with the help of judgmental overview.

Common law: it is been referred as legal system whereby precedent is done in court and decision is held accordingly. There are a variety of sources of English law such as Custom, Equity, Case law, UK legislation etc.

Equity: it is the kind of source of law which includes cases developed by the court of chancery.

European Law: European law is another source of law which is adopted by the European Community Act 1972.

English divisions of law and sources passes of a bill through parliament

The government are respondents for bringing new laws into force, The UK has three separate legal system i.e. England and wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. UK possess unwritten constitution as there is no formal written of document which reflects the right of individuals and actions that government must take. Government is responsible always to pass the law or all bills (The legislative process, 2018).


Government is the regulatory body which defines the proper legislation and growth factors. It makes better environment and system to protect the proper business system. Apart from that, parliament is the worldwide perform three core functions. Parliament is another most required and essential part of the regulatory bodies. They perform legislative function which is largely important and necessary for making business law regulations and activity.

Government structure and parliamentary structures are both play a very essential role in order to meet the needs of the organizations (DAILY, KIEFF and WILMARTH JR, 2014). Along with that, it is the compulsory making task oriented goods which helps to make the essential process making good task oriented goals. At the time making policy in step one all ruling party take big conferences of the ruling party where policies are made. While meeting has occurred many issues have been discussed in order to take better results and task oriented goals. In further step 2 all executives' ministry drawn up policy on an issue where all the ruling party attempts and ready to transfer the party policy into official government policy. All policies are mandatory to be followed as per the government decision. In third process of making policies all kinds of bills. Next process or step in which all policies is finalized by the relevant department and ministry. One's policy has been ready after the discussion of all ministry parties. It transferred into the white paper and adopted by the approval of parliament or by cabinet for the final approval (Halliday and Shaffer, eds., 2015). In next process is passing a law, then a new law has been originated in the system which is mandatory for all the people. Governments always take care of the system and make sure the positive environment. They ensure that all business man has to be take positive environment without any fraud or miss happening. Without the approval of government or parliament bill has not been passed or approved. It gives better influencing environment to hold the business activities.

Sources of division isn't universally accepted of law because any state different concept but this is been referred as terms and guidelines developed by state to enforce by the function of the state (How a bill becomes law. 2018). Law of UK has three basic legal systems i.e. English law which is active within geographical boundaries of England and wales, Northern Ireland law that functions in Northern Ireland and Scots law for Scotland.

Parliament is the most classified as either public general acts or local and personal acts. On the other hand, every bill is either categorized as public or hybrid. Bill has always been passed through both houses and agreed by both houses such as house of commons. Further, bill is subject to scrutiny bu committee from either public bill, amendment many be debated etc. in all this overall process government make secondary legislation contained in one or other act of parliament. Before, secondary legislation has been passed parliament should formally approve.

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