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Developing Entrepreneurship Skills

University: UK College of Business and Computing

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: M/508/9862
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Question :

The scenario of this report determines the characteristics of successful entrepreneur as well as impact of Brexit over the business start-ups and small firms of UK. Furthermore, different factors that may limit entrepreneurship.

  • Analyse different range of venture types which might considered entrepreneurial.
  • Evaluate the influence of small businesses over the economy of a country.
  • State the key aspects of an entrepreneurial mind-set.
  • Discuss different environments that can hinder and foster entrepreneurship.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TK Max


Every Individual wants to grow in his or her personal as well as professional career, There are different paths which cab be followed by an individual in order to grow and prosper. The general population who make these organizations are called as Entrepreneurs. They are the person who has a capacity of hazard taking and planning significant choice so as to pick up a solid position in the focused market (Desa, 2012). They have thoughts with respect to propelling of new item and enhancing existing items in industry keeping in mind the end objective to get number of clients. Primary motivation behind setting up this report is to characterize diverse sorts of entrepreneurial endeavours and their association with various typologies. The venture covers the idea that how smaller scale and private company had an effect on economy which directly impacts the society also. The undertaking likewise incorporates main perspectives to entrepreneur angle and condition which encourages and upsets an enterprise.


P1. Different types of entrepreneurial ventures and relations with typologies

Entrepreneurial Ventures: This alludes to a way toward opening of new organization or new companies in showcase with the thought process with procuring benefits. This appears that entrepreneurial wander, consistent business are similar but they are not similar. Entrepreneur endeavours are individuals with new and distinct thoughts and views that easily separates them (Zahra, Wright and Abdelgawad, 2014). It is controlled by a solitary individual who settles on exclusively choice and deals with the business exercises, possess abilities and learning. Entrepreneur wander additionally adds to economy which is social at most extreme level so as to present in market for more extended length.

  • Entrepreneur: These are persons who have distinct and imaginative plans with dispatching new business in advertise and restricted assets. They were exclusively capable with settling on a compelling choice and bear all misfortunes acquired by entrepreneurial wander. He can run business all the more effectively just when he has a reasonable vision and a capacity of going out on a limb so they can snatch an open door so as to rival their adversaries.

Entrepreneurial kinds:

Serial Entrepreneurs: The persons who show their distinct and new kind of thoughts of beginning new organizations (Kuratko, Hornsby and Covin, 2014). They for the most part accompany new thoughts and begin business however then apportion parts and obligations to others and proceed onward to another thought and open another wander.

  • Social Entrepreneurs: They are the person who comes in advertise with an intention of satisfying all issues and issues of society as opposed to creating benefits. They have particular aptitudes and abilities of dealing with real complex social issues that exist in the general public.
  • Female Entrepreneurs: These kinds of business visionaries are completely or incompletely claimed and worked by the ladies. They essentially centre around the connecting with ladies in the business to improve their qualities and make them more free and in this manner, making 51% work chances to ladies as it were.

Concept of Entrepreneurship: It can be characterized as a movement of getting ready, outlining and propelling new business which is by and large little in size and acquiring new items the market so as to catch eye of countless towards their items. This requires specific abilities and information keeping in mind the end goal to work business effectively through planning viable plans and techniques so they can contend with their adversaries (Ács and Szerb, 2012).

Different types of Ventures of Entrepreneurs:

  • Small scale business: This sort of entrepreneurial wander is by and large little in estimate yet gives extreme rivalry to huge entrepreneurial endeavours. In UK, there are in excess of 6 million private company who offered diverse items and administrations in the market. Such organizations resemble markets, web bistro proprietors, travel specialists, and so forth who convey obstacles and challenges to vast business visionaries in pulling in an expansive clients. They had worked business in their own own particular hazard and the benefits they kept with themselves only.
  • Scalable businesses: They are the business people who can showcase their motivation behind changing business sector with assistance of the solid and special thoughts. They basically centre around drawing in speculators and methodologies them to put support in the thoughts in expectation of providing most extreme return.
  • Social Business: The business which show their skills and they can give benefits to society. These are centred around delivering quality of items which can put a constructive effect on soundness of individuals. For instance: Patanjali had entered in Indian markets with distinct ideas that their items are comprised with Ayurvedic items which help clients in keeping up the solid way of life

Relationship of various Ventures with Entrepreneur Typologies: They are distinctive typologies thaty are associated with various kinds of entrepreneur endeavours. Example: Scalable business might be associated with way of life wanders or the social enterprise might be associated with development typology. In this manner, various typology exists and effortlessly associated with various sorts of endeavours presents in market.

Lifestyle Undertaking: They are sorts of organizations which earn benefit inside restricted time frame and they performs their business independently and there is no distraction from other firms.

Survival Undertaking: They are the organizations that are begun with thought process of winning vocation for family and not with centre around growing the business activities on substantial scale. The organizations incorporate market, web bistro, hairdresser store, and so forth.

Managed Growth Undertaking: These are such organizations which are worked by specialists who know the best approach to profit. Thusly, such organizations are more favoured by financial specialists to contribute with an expectation of getting most extreme profits for their venture (Falck, Heblich and Luedemann, 2012).

P2. Similarities and differences between various entrepreneurial ventures


Lifestyle Ventures

Social Entrepreneurs


These endeavours are worked with a goal to get new patterns the market instead of winning benefit as it were.

These organizations are by and large little in estimate.

These endeavours have an unmistakable vision of giving advantages to society as opposed to creating benefits.


These organisations are little in estimate which centres around satisfying the necessities and prerequisites of individuals


Lifestyle Ventures

Serial Entrepreneurs


These are persons who begin the organizations including various assets. The business people don't have any plans and techniques to work their business as they maintain their business with their energy.

They are not favoured any areas and worked where they need to (Sánchez, 2013).

The endeavours get huge assistance from financial specialists to maintain their business without confronting any deficiency of assets.

They worked business exercises as indicated by the plans and arrangements actualized by them before.

They should first dissect the area and pick in like manner with a specific end goal to work their business.

Their fundamental target is to acquire benefit as opposed to giving advantages to society.


Female Entrepreneurs

Male Entrepreneurs


These are individual that can perform business activities whether through office or home.

The female business people are more innovative and centred because of which the odds of creating business more effective are great.

Mens are likewise engaged to their distinct and one of a kind thoughts.

They are likewise engaged and focused with the plans and arrangements which guarantee achievement of business.



Female Entrepreneurs

Male Entrepreneurs


It has been observed that female entrepreneurs take more time in creating an efficient decision ans thus they failed to grab so many opportunities (Datta and Gailey, 2012).

It has been seen that female business people take additional time in defining a viable choice because of which they neglected to get such huge numbers of chances.

They are additionally centred around making commitment to social economy by giving astounding items.

They here and there falter while going out on a limb.

These are great in taking choice and they do not use dawdling which help them in getting the openings.

They are centred around making commitment to economy and limiting expense of creation also.

They are daring people with no dread so as to increase upper hand (Carnahan, Agarwal and Campbell, 2012).

They are for the most part centred around assignment instead of keeping up connection with clients.

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