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Reflective Essay - Enhancing Individual Skills

University: University of Edinburgh

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 8 / Words 1875
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: EH 101
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Question :

 This assessment will demonstrate some of the main questions which are like:

  1. Provide an effective reflection through which all the academic issues and the working can be aligned and the general functions can be framed.
Answer :


Aim of this assessment is to enhance the individual skills which further helps in employability. In future, it helps in generating various opportunities when individual become part of any events and it helps in understating different perspective. Purpose of this module is to improve employability skills for career point of view (Cheng and Chan, 2019). This essay is about personal learning and what individual experienced from it. It cover the various aspects such as CV writing, interview process, personal or professional skills. In addition, this essay is about what challenges individual face during the event. Critically analyse all the aspects and discussed that is beneficial for the students in the future.

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I am confident about my communication skill but I am lacking in the public speaking, I have less confidence, teamwork and interpersonal skill (Braun and et.al., 2013). During this course period I am sure that I am able to improver my other skills too or make me capable to become professional person in my career life.

I am selecting business management subject in order to improve my professional skills and make me capable to get high growth in my career life. I have mixed feelings when I completed my presentation which make me nervous as well as relax at the same time.

In order to improve my efficiency as well as effectiveness I need to improve my personal skills as well as have to modify my CV which includes my personal information along with educational qualification. I have to prepare my self for the future interview process and further need to develop professional skills for the corporate level such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking etc. In addition, I need to ensure that after completing any additional course I have to include those information in my CV (Loan, 2019). Basically, I have to keep updated my CV and try to done certificate course which positively impact the interviewer.

I have to work on me, in order to achieve my goals regarding career and ensure that every action will positively affect me. Along with this, I need to develop some management skills such as leadership, time management, team management etc.


At the end of the presentation, I getting nervous because my mind was continuously work that I am performing well or not. After teacher's feedback I able to out from the trouble that “how was my performance”. Teachers also appropriate my communication skill and the content which I included in the presentation also very good. I just wanted to enhance my skills as well as increase overall grades which make me able to get better placement from the collage.

After completing my course, I know that i have to face various challenges which affects me a lot and my expectation as well. Due to lack in problem solving or critical thinking ability I am fail to perform well in comparison to other candidates (McMillin, 2019). In order to meet my expectations, I have to work on my skills and for this, I need to take necessary actions as well.

In future, when I am working in corporate sector where I face lot of difficulties which minimise my future growth as well as become barrier for me to grab the opportunity. In order to eliminate these difficulties, I have to work on my personal as well as professional skills otherwise I an unable to lead or manage entire team.

I am a student of Regent collage of London where I studied Business management and in my academic life I have to face various situation. In order to deal with all the situations I required various skills such as IT, management, communication, teamwork etc. There was a situation where I have to give presentation on the topic of effective management and need to present in front of entire classroom along with some teachers who examine my performance.

At the time of facing this situation I am getting nervous because this is the first interaction with other students and the class presentation as well (Allan and Driscoll, 2014). I have effective communication skills but the confidence was low because facing such as huge crowd and speak in front of them is not so easy. Initially, I am also hesitating when I am moving toward stage and face all the students who already observing my each and every action.

Main purpose of this event is to aware students regarding why management is so important in the organization as well as in the personal life and what are the benefits to manage their work effectively. Before giving presentation I take deep breath and continue to give presentation. In the middle of presentation when I done eye contact with any student then it will make me nervous which were clearly shows in my presentation. At the end of presentation, teachers as well as students have to ask questions or their queries which they have. Because of effective communication skill, I am able to present myself and give answer of all the questions regarding topic. In the end, teacher ask my my personal experience and what difficulty I face during this presentation.

I said, initially I am not comfortable but at the end I am able to speak and complete my assignment effectively and it will be possible because of my effective communication skill (Sager and Blue, 2019). After completing the question, answer round teacher evaluate my performance in various aspects such as confidence, communication, knowledge of topic, presentation skill, my body language etc. Teachers appreciate my performance and give me good remarks which helps me to score good in my graduation.

At the time of presenting my assignment in front of entire class, I am felt very tensioning which impact my overall performance. I am the performer and the others are sitting to judge me and my performance which create tension in my mind. The whole environment create pressure because the given scores impact my final grades. At the end of the presentation, I getting nervous because my mind was continuously work that I am performing well or not.

After teacher's feedback I able to out from the trouble that “how was my performance”. Teachers also appropriate my communication skill and the content which I included in the presentation also very good. I just wanted to enhance my skills as well as increase overall grades which make me able to get better placement from the collage. One of the feedback comments was regarding my confidence which disturb when I see any person directly.

So teacher give me suggestion that interact with other and done various discussion in the group which make you capable to stand in front of many people or speak loudly (Brown, 2012). I observe that my behaviour change after presentation because it helps me understand my weak areas as well as my strength. Other teachers also give me little feedback regarding presentation that I have to speak slow because some words not understand by others because of unclear pronunciation.

At the time of presenting my academic knowledge as well as experience regarding effective management topic. I go through with some personal learning, facts and experience because at the time of presenting we have to make clear all the information with positive attitude and confidence (Saunders, 2019). I was prepared my presentation with enough confidence but when I face the number of people in front of me then it make me nervous. I am not said that I am performing very good but yes, I can say that my performance was average which helps me to provide good scores in my academics.

During the presentation I realised that, make connection with audience is very important which enhance the learning process and increase the interest of both parties. If listener is not responding properly then it will reduce the confidence of person who give speech. It is look like both parties just complete the formulating to getting scores and they does not have any personal interest.

It is the first practical performance which I present when I started my business management course (Hosein and Rao, 2017). There are around ten students who paying attention when I presenting my work out of fifty students. That time I felt, I was interpersonal as well as public speaking skill. By using some idioms, phrases and extra efforts I can make this presentation more attractive.

Communication skill or keen knowledge regarding topic helped me to justify my work and make me interactive with others. After complementing my assessment, I consulted with my teacher regarding the subject and identify the area which required to fill. So my tutor suggest me to work on initial pitch before starting representation and also include some interesting facts related to the content which helps in attracting audience attention. According to tutor, my overall performance was very good. It is positive comment which motivate me to perform well in my future assessments.

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From the above discussion, it has been concluded that every individual required skills which helps them to perform well in their personal, professional as well as academics. All are start from the school or collage life where I learned various skills which provide future benefits in the professional life.


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