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Strength and Weaknesses of Business - Tesco

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Question :

This Assessment covers following questions:

  • Tesco is a UK-based retail supermarket. Discuss the different types of organisations, including their size and scope.
  • Evaluate the interrelationship of the different functions within Tesco and how they link to organisational structure.
  • Implement contemporary examples to demonstrate both the positive and negative impact the macro environment has on Tesco operations.
  • Generate the internal strengths and weaknesses of specific businesses and explain their interrelationship with external macro factors.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Tesco


Business can be referred to as a large commercial activity that is performed to generate profits for the organization. The environment of business may be termed as the sum total of all those internal and external factors which affect the main goals of the industry. This study will be based on the effective business environment of Tesco. It is and largest multinational organization that deals with a large variety of products like electronic items, food products, clothing, etc. This document will be able to describe the scope and sizes of different organizations and it will also help in determining various interrelationships of business functions with organizational structure. The study will provide a broader vision of the positive and negative impacts of the business environment which effects business operations (Wheelen et.al., 2017). This research will also provide strengths and weaknesses of the business and how its interrelationship affects the external macro factors of the business.

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P1 Types and purpose of different organisations

Organisations may differ by its size and different operational practices. It can be described as a group or a structure which is established with the purpose of acheiving different goals and objectives. Decision-making of the managers of Teso influence the main objectives of the firm. These industries serve the society with wide range of innovative products in order to generate profits for company (Botha, Kourie and Snyman, 2014). The main purpose of the organisation might be profit or non profit. There are basically three types of organisations which are as follows:

  • Public - These organisations are generally owned and operated by government officials and provides good and services to large number of customers. They are often aimed at providing services to community which composed of both the economies public and private economies. The purpose of these types of organisation is serving serving public with nominal prices and best wuality products. These governmental services includes infrastructure such as public roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply etc. Elected officials are those persons who are working for government itself for example public transit, public education, and health care organisations etc.
  • Private - The main purpose of private enterprise is generation of large amount of wealth. These companies generally owed privately and it may be a partnership or sole propritoship firm (Alles and et.al., 2018). These enterprices commonly contains eight to ten members and they can run the business with small liabilities. Limited company are those shares which are holded individually to represent the percentage of ownership.
  • Voluntary - These Institutions independent, democratic, secular etc who do not work for the purpose of generating huge profits. The main purpose of such organisations is welfare of society and which are commonly called as NGO's (non governmental organisations). There are very often non paid workers who runs the operational activities by collecting funds from private sources (Smith, 2016). These companies held various programs which are initiated and governed by its own members. It runs with a broad visual aspect of dedicated human services.

P2 Explain the size and scope of a range of different types of organisations.

Different types of organisations mainly operate with the different purspactives and objectives in order to sustain the growth and development of the business (Shenkar, Luo and Chi, 2014). It may be differ in supply of products and services, vision, mission and scope and objectives to perform operational tasks.

  • Public sector - Generally public enterprises are state owned companies and these organisations finance thir businesses by self funding methods. Its operations are performed under the public ownership and usually provides private goods and services for sale in order to perform commercial tasks. It may be considered as combination of private sector operations with public ownership of assets (Size and scope of organisation, 2018). Basically, its sizes vary according to the budget of projects which are undertaken by government. Vision of such projects is to provide the society with good governmental services with low prices. These companies follows functional organisational structure.
  • Private sector - It can be considered as a major part of economy ehich are operated by individuals or companies in order to generate profits and the enterprises are not controlled by state officials. Governmental decisions are not involved in such industries so sometimes it can be called as citizon sector (Quinlan and et.al., 2019). The main goal and mission of privately owned compaies are making huge wealth so to acheive these objectives more workers are employed as compared to public sector. They also provide goods and services at lower prices to consumers so that they can attract more puble in order to increase the sales of the company(Menychtas and et.al., 2014). Top-quality services are provided as it increase the customer satisfaction.
  • Volutary organisations - A volutary coorporations is basically a group of individuals who enter into business by a written agreement and called as volunteers of the groups. Sometimes they are also called as common-interest association . Its sizes are depended on the volunteers of the group (Apăvăloai, 2014).It includes charitable trusts, mutual benifit non profit corp[orations, religious corporations etc. These organisations usually runs with vision to provide services to society or operate activities with the main mission to accomplish the goal of society welfare.

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P3 Explain the relationship between different organisational functions and how they link to organisational objectives and structure.

Businesses performs commercial practices in order to acheive main objectives of the company and this can be acheived by the effective efforts and optimum utilisation of resources. Tesco performs various operational activities to increase the productivity of business and this increases sales of the company (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014). Multiple departments are involved which performs different tasks such as human resource operation management, popicy management, employee relationship, sales department etc in which every employees in different department performs identical functions to acheive the team objectives.

Organisational generally describes the coordination between differnt departments to each other which allows the interaction of between such parts of business to acheive main objective of firm. There are several differnt types of organisational structure are involved which ensures the effective operational functioning of the company. Company might adopt different organisational structure which includes various methods such as company mighht implement functional, divisional structure, or flat organisational structure.

  • Organisational structure of Tesco allows proper movement of chain of commands which run through different levels of department in order to accomplish straed objectives of the firm (Charter, 2017).
  • Organisational structures are helpful in decision-making of the managers which ensure3 effective and efficient working of Tesco.
  • Structure establishes a clear line authority which enable each employees to concentrate on a particular mission in order to percform organisational functions.

Tesco performs flat organisational structure which allows the employees to provide various suggestions and recommendations in order to acheive the sustainability of growth and development of business (Crane and Matten, 2016). This structurte in enterprise is improves the level of motivation among employees and therefore resulted in smooth organisational function which improves productivity of Tesco.

Lo3 and 4

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It has been concluded that various different types of organisations are there which performs commercial practices in order to achieve the main objective of the business. This research had provided scope and size of different corporations. This study had included mainly three types of organisations which includes the description about public, private and voluntary organisations. It had also provided several functions of organisations and implication of its structure which helps in achieving the effective management of business and this helps in maximising productivity of the firm. The report had also provided features of different organisations and products and services provide by a particular company in order to achieve customer satisfaction. The report had also focused in positive and negative influences of business which affects the operations of operational activities of the enterprise. This study had also included various strengths and weaknesses which impact on the main objectives of organisation.


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