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Principles of Financial Accounting

University: Regent College of London

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1238
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: A/508/0494
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Table of Content

Question :

The purpose of this report is to evaluate principles of financial accounting that can assist to manage funds and cash transaction of each organisation. The analysis of this report requires to consider:

  • Discuss business transaction through double entry book-keeping and extract a trail balance.
  • Provide final accounts in the context of sole-traders, limited companies, partnerships by considering conventions, standards and principles.
  • Determine bank reconciliation in order to determine bank and company records are correct.
  • Discuss reconcile control accounts as well as shift recorded transactions from suspense to right accounts.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Burberry Group Plc.


Fiscal accountancy is the filed or branch of lodge in enterprise concern with the summary, investigation and reporting of business enterprise transaction refer to an undertaking and reports of all the human action. Organisation issue fiscal information on a routeing basis like quarterly, half-yearly and every year as per the business ask. So this project is about the business concern dealing using piece of work conformation, trial balance (Dutta, 2016). Sole trade, business organisation, limited formation in accordance with the befitting generalization. Bank levelling statement and financial organization records, Modulate of the commercial enterprise account, Explanation rules and abstraction are explained.


To: Line Manager

From: Junior-grade Comptroller

Subject: Deduction of the explanation terms and cognizance as well which are applicative with such regulation and modulate of explanation.


To amend the activities of transactional business there is need to examine the usage, rules and regulation and techniques of different principles of accounting. In order to make appropriate improvements in the operations and transactional activities, these all techniques are very beneficial (Grant, 2016). However, in order to make fruitful strategies of budget, forecast and cost allocations there are many techniques which help the business.


In circumstance with financial analysis the accounts of organization assist in improving and developing the investments, structure of capital or operation of business of the firm in long time. These techniques help company in building the systematic reputation in the current environment. Hence, financial statements are prepared like balance sheet, profit and loss account and stakeholder analysis as well. All these statements helps in enhancing the profitability, productiveness of the organization (Loughran, 2016). The main intention behind such activities of preparing financial statements is to analyses and measure the performance of business. Presenting systematic and proper disclosure of financial statements to the public will gain effective image in the market and attract large number of stakeholders.

There are different types of financial accounting which assist in presenting the financial position of business. Thus, these informations are to be used by external stakeholders of the company which are shareholder's, department of government and several financial institutions such as bank and other corporate sector (Pratt, 2016). These financial statements determine the yearly turnover, tax paid to government and improvements in the growth of company.


There are distinctive operational exercises in the business so every single record of exchange is basic for organization. There are a few standards and controls which renders the lawful model of the bookkeeping (Robson, 2017). In this way, UK's corporate announcing and administration controller has assisted FRC which manages the monetary report and divulgence to the administration offices, units and diverse corporates. It additionally helps with encouraging the review of those records and correct the exchange and business in the national economy. Be that as it may, there has been a few tenets and directions which are executing the all around perceived lawful structure of displaying the arrangement of information, for example,

  • FRC: This is the standard which are planned for observing and executing the exposures of budgetary explanations. With a specific end goal to advance high calibre of administration FRC is being utilized by different partnerships of United Kingdom.
  • IASB- The point of this board is to encourage the capable data and rules to experts of bookkeeping regarding the readiness of budgetary explanations. This board additionally encourage methodical and fitting revelation of such explanations (Zeff, 2016). This is the lawful structure which has set the criteria of budgetary revelation which has acknowledgement at world level. Besides, it additionally pulls in numerous speculators to put resources into the association.
  • IFRS- There has been informations and structure which are appropriate with putting forth the divulgence of money related expressions that are particularly useful for the association in pulling in the various speculators and it helps in making the useful estimation of the expenses and the pertinent cost brought about in the operational exercises.


There has been diverse standards and ideas which are encouraged by GAAP to convey intelligently acknowledged rules to the structure of bookkeeping strategies utilized by various organization. There are distinctive standards of bookkeeping which help with outfitting productive headings to the experts of records.

  • Money related doubts: There has been splendid choose that includes choose that tall the substance or firms which are working in the market and having the pay through trade practices can be implied as the septate honest to goodness component and they have their own particular legitimate lifestyle and furthermore connoted as a man itself.
  • Expenditure govern: this are the proficiency which is bankable of the authoritative specialists in investigating the indispensable of the reimbursement that are known as the entire spent over the functional human action. Thus, such costs or cost are to be ordered and to be befitting to meet the commerce necessities.
  • Full revelation models: This thought lies on choose that in the midst of the money related year the business keeps each one of the records of various trades of different divisions or units of the affiliation must be examined, concurred and furthermore demonstrate the single clarification of equalities (Tawiah, 2015). From this time forward, one may state that each one of the records of the business must be uncovered toward the complete of such budgetary period. There must be disclosure of the pay enunciations, budgetary position and wage clarifications of to a great degree working firm.
  • The association's Financial declarations consolidate any supplementary timetable and notes. Regardless, organization examination and talks are joined into exchanged on an open market association yearly response to U.S. security exchange commission.
  • Limited period lead: Financial explanation constantly declare a circumstantial time. All the compensation decrees have beginning and an end date. Thusly, that examine can sensed the trade time span and business concern trades would be polished.
  • Recorded Cost: This rule is used for regarding the things. The cost at which the things are acquired and sold can be used for valuation. The Real estimation of the things changes all through time because of extension, subsidence, crumbling on assets after some time.
  • Full disclosure manage: Full presentation rule is reliably in sharp focus on all accounting models nowadays (J.R., 2013). It communicates that every association uncover each piece of budgetary clarification to their related outcasts.
  • Affirmation: It communicates that the association reveal its compensation and expenses in a comparative period in which they have been happened.
  • No destruction standard: It communicates that business will continue working perpetually and have no end.
  • Organizing standard: It communicates that gathering accounting system to be used and for each charge there should be a credit and the different way.


In wording with the traditions or ideas of the budgetary bookkeeping there has been different terms, for example, full divulgence, consistency, conservatism tradition and materiality . To comprehend the ideas being such standards there is had to make the sufficient exposure of such records and in addition downplaying these two ideas.

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