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Essays are an integral part of a student's academic life, and they are also an important aspect of learning for them. Every other university assigns its students with an essay writing task and as students start working on them, they realize that it is not an easy task to complete an essay on their own as it requires great writing skills as well as in-depth knowledge about the topic. However, they also face the dilemma of whether they should get it completed by someone else or not as every essay requires a student to show their writing skills. Custom essay writing service is only suitable in such cases as there are no other ways to write an essay that looks perfect and speaks for you.

Global Assignment Help is the leading force in providing students with quality academic documents and has been an active essay writing help provider for a while now. We understand that in the rat race of scoring excellent grades, there is no place for mediocre students. Everyone is aware of the fact that academic papers, especially essays play a great role in deciding the overall result. So, scholars should not take it lightly. To climb the ladder of success, scoring good grades is the very first step. Our writers can let you climb that ladder by fulfilling your every academic need and matching the expectations of your professor. So, if you need better marks than before, get connected with us for an immediate effect. Our highly qualified custom essay writers from every field of academics like IT, nursing, education, management, law, etc., can frame a top-notch academic paper. Most importantly, we charge a very affordable price for it.

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What Does Customised Essay Writing Mean? Explained By Experts

A lot of students often have this question in mind. What does a customized essay mean? How is it different from other assignment writing tasks? Well to understand the difference you must have a basic idea about what an essay is. An essay is a piece of writing that a person writes to describe a subject or to convey an opinion about the subject with appropriate information and observations about it. While you are working on assignment writing, you are required to answer a particular question or solve a problem according to the usual practices and established norms of the subject but, while writing a custom essay you are expected to put in your efforts. Your essay is not dependent on a pre-defined answer format. It is your opinion and it must be written according to your perspective.

Custom essay writing service providers are those who take insights from you and understand every point that you want to convey through your essay and then write it down in a particular way that it looks original and written by you. Although a customized essay is made entirely according to the will of the writer, it has to follow the same pattern that is followed while writing any other essay which includes -

Introductory Paragraph

This is the first paragraph of your essay and it is also known as the introduction of your essay. This is the ice breaker between you and your reader so you need to follow the reversed funnel technique in which you start with the most important information and write it precisely and then slowly start to elaborate things as the reader starts getting interested in your custom essay writing help.

Body paragraphs

This is where your readers/professor will find the information that you want to convey. Usually, there are 2-3 body paragraphs in a normal essay and you can easily write them by elaborating on the matter at hand. You should keep in mind that this is the place to give everything that you have but that does not mean that you start filling it with information one after the other without creating a narrative or a flow. You have to make it engaging as well as more informative.


This section serves as the final section of your essay. It holds a quick recap of the entire essay with a call to action or a final verdict about whatever has been discussed in the essay. This is a short and precise section of your essay whose aim is to ensure that the reader remembers everything that has been discussed as well as the essay leaves its impact on the reader according to what you thought of it.

The format remains the same but the matter inside is changed, It is customized according to the subject and its requirements. Customized essay writing, in its pure form, refers to working on a topic and writing every shred of opinion that you hold about it while maintaining a formal tone and taking care of all the necessary instructions from your professor. This is the main difference between usual assignment help and custom essay writing services.

Different Types of Essays & How Our Custom Essay Writers Can Assist You

As a student, you might be already familiar with the different types of essays that a student is assigned for completion. There are multiple types of essays that a student must complete to gain a great hold on writing as well as the art of expression with words. Our custom essay writers cover all the essays and are perfectly suitable for hire as they have ample experience in completing custom essay writing services for helping students. You might be wondering how our experts can help you with your essays and the answer to that is pretty simple, they have the experience. There are multiple different requirements for each essay that students need to fulfill and are unaware of. A lot of students have a query in their mind about what an expert can do in writing a customized essay and the following section will be able to clear your mind and doubts.

The range of essays that our custom essay writers have covered till now are -

Descriptive Essay

This is the most basic type of essay that you will be assigned by your professor in which you will be required to put forward your describing skills on paper. The descriptive is usually written about a place, thing, person, or incident and is used to describe in detail, every quality of the subject. Students often find it difficult to provide descriptions for any situation as they cannot imagine or recall the subject correctly. Our custom essay writing service providers have written several such essays and know the words that will be the best to describe the subject.

Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is like a plot of a movie, there is a single motif around which the entire essay is written. A writer must have the ability to decide on a perfect narrative that will accomplish both the tasks of capturing and engaging the audience as well as conveying the required message which is the point of writing in the first place. A lot of students don't know that it is similar to a normal 5 paragraph essay and follow the same format and get confused about it. This is written to create an indulging piece for the reader who likes to read or to help create interest. Our custom essay writers understand the technicalities of creating a narrative essay and can help you in forming a perfectly flowing document.

Analysis Essay

This is more of a practice essay in which the custom essay writer is required to write a complete analysis of the subject. This includes every type of data be it stats, numbers, formulas used, and outcomes. This is usually done to understand any concept in more detail as well as to learn the workings of the process. This is a tough nut to crack as there are already a lot of complications involved in understanding the concept and then you have to explain your analysis to the world. A lot of students ask for custom essay writing help when they are assigned one such task and our experts always welcome their requests as they have a lot of experience in analysis essay writing.

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is a highly personal essay that one writes to reflect their perspective, personality, and opinion about a particular subject. It is personal because you are opening up yourself in front of an audience that you actually don't know but still, it should seem like they have known you for years. A reflective essay is one of the most crucial essays for a student as they are often asked to complete it at crucial stages of life such as a job interview or a college application.

Argumentative Essay

An Argumentative essay is an interesting one. Usually, an author starts writing an argumentative essay when they feel the need to oppose a notion or have a different opinion about it. An argumentative essay is fun to write as there are a lot of ways to put forward your opinion and influence people to understand the other side of the story. These custom essay writing services demand great research and detail as you have to be accurate about what you write and what you state in your essay as it might influence a perspective.

College Essay

 A college essay is the foundation of a student's journey in a new atmosphere. College essays are those pieces of writing in which students have an opportunity to display their writing skills as well as their achievements in front of the institution in which they are planning to take admissions. Usually, college essays are written and attached to the application form and a great chunk of the probability of admission depends on the quality of this essay. You can compare it to a personal statement as this essay is used to describe yourself, your achievements as well and the way you communicate.

Persuasive Essay

If you can write this essay with perfection, there is nothing that can stop you from being the best. Persuasive essays are those essays that are usually written to influence someone's opinion or stand on a particular subject. This is a complicated way of writing as you have to be careful about the words that you use, the adjectives that you describe with, and the tone of all the sentences that you frame. The essay needs to be 100% on point, and full of facts and appeals so that the reader stays engaged in reading it and your writing can solve the purpose of persuasion.

Scholarship Essay

This is an essay which is written by the student while applying for a scholarship. This is a professional essay that needs to be written in formal language as you need to create an impression on the committee that you are aiming your essay towards. It is better to get this essay completed by a custom essay writing helper because this is a crucial step and can help you save a lot of money on your education and you don't want to risk it for anything.

Other than these, we are well equipped with the skills to finish whatever comes their way. We also provide literature essay help if you are looking for that. You might have got a little idea about how important it is to complete all the steps of these essays and how our experts can help you achieve the best outcomes for your essay. You can ask to write my essay to our custom essay writing service providers and that is the only thing that you are going to have to do. Our writers are well-prepared to handle all your essay writing queries. You can also use our free essay generator tool which is very easy to use.

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What Makes Us Your Best Bet to Avail Custom Essay Writing Services?

With everything that you have read so far, you might have an idea about how much it takes to complete a custom essay, and that too according to the guidelines. We at Global Assignment Help provide the best quality custom essay writing help that one can get as we are familiar with the norms that are required to be followed while writing an essay. There are a lot of service providers who boast great services but are unable to deliver the same due to either the lack of professional and experienced writers or poor delivery mechanisms and in both sections we are the ones who shine like a sun. Our team has been working day and night to make a custom essay writing service an experience that not only relieves students from their stress but also helps them get the perfect satisfaction for every penny they spend.

When you look for custom essay writing help on the internet, you will find a lot of websites boasting to be the best, but only a few of them can keep up to that promise and we are the leaders in them. Some of our exclusive benefits for customers that make us the first and last choice of every student are -

  • Professional Academic Writers
  • Smooth On-Time Delivery Mechanism
  • Confidentiality Clause
  • 100% Transparency
  • Original Content Guarantee
  • Amazing Discount Offers
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The list goes on and on. Buying custom essay writing help from our website is not a simple thing that you can write down in words, it is a flawless experience that you must consider if you are in the market searching for reliable essay helpers. Click on buy now and ace your submission as many others have!

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It is very old thinking that everything that is customized is far more expensive than a normal one and we have always worked to upgrade society and bust the myths by providing custom essay writing services at lower-than-expected prices, we have once again shown that quality does not depend on high prices, it depends on the intentions of the service providers.

We have introduced a lot of new ways that a student can get custom essay writing help at even lower prices. Different discount offers and deals and trust us when we say that there's one for everyone. One of the blockbuster deals that you can avail of right now is a massive discount of 25%+5%! All our new customers who have registered with their email IDs get to exercise a 25 % discount flat on their cart value without having to apply any code. The other 5 % can be easily achieved if you order your essay from our app which is available on both Android and ios platforms. There is no rocket science involved in getting discounts on your essay, all you have to do is -

Fill the Specifications

A custom essay is incomplete without it having your touch, leave all your desired specifications, your title if you have one, or anything that you want our writers to include in your essay. Keep in mind that it is an important step as this is the first thing that our custom essay writer looks at for reference.

Confirm Your Order

There are a lot of cases in which students ask for essay editing services and do not confirm their orders. You must confirm it by making payments for it. This is the step where you will get to experience the difference between normal market pricing vs. the price you will pay after discounts.

Wait for the Stipulated Time

Once you have confirmed your order you can stay carefree about the document as our experts in custom essay writing service will start working on it and complete it within the given time.

Once the writers are done with your document, it will be proofread for errors and will be delivered to you in your inbox of the registered mail ID.

Custom Essay writing is the need of the hour and we are here to support you when you require it. Keep in mind that obtaining an A+ is not a tough task if you have the right hands to support you. So why wait?

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