May 08, 2016
Ways to improve the quality of revision

Tips to improve the ways of revision during exams - Experts’ views

The moment somebody utters the word ‘exams’ a picture of students immersed deep in their books automatically appears in anybody’s mental frame. But, experts say that there is something different that students should to to improve the quality of retention of information in the mind. Revising is certainly not only about cramming the brain with notes till you reach your bench; it is way different than that.

Walk a bit before sitting for the exam

Experts say that walking is a great mind-freshener. You are kind of assimilating information in your memory box when you choose to walk a bit just before exam. So, make it a point to alight at a distance and walk to your premises. It allows you to improve your grasping power. Physiologically speaking, walking improves the circulation of blood to the brain and this amounts to better working of brain cells, experts suggest.

Teach what you have read

This is a matter of social service and a way of self-improvement too! None of us is born perfect. If you share what you have learned in a group, you can expand your understanding and also recollect whatever you read. Recollecting and revising could never get so better; teaching helps you remember the things faster and your involvement in the studies sets an example for the fellow students too.

Motivate by rewarding yourself

Psychologists explain the role of motivation in revising. If you pledge yourself some joyful treat when you revise well, you will be more inclined towards revising with better frame of mind and better determination. So, do not forget to treat yourself with goodies when you complete the task of revision. Thus, use good treats as a pretext of keeping you glued to revising.

Make mental connections

While revising, if you connect the concept or a group of concepts with some associations such as poems or idioms or anything that interests you, it is likely to stay in your mind for long and in a better way. Thus, make a list of associations while revising complex things and you will be able to recollect things quite easily in the examination hall.

Avoid distractions

Enhanced focus is the key to better revision. It, in fact, scores higher than many other tricks and hacks. Thus, keep the distractions away while revising and find yourself equipped with better retention power.

Revising is the most important activity that you do while preparing for the exam. So, do it whole-heartedly and above are the ways by which you can put your heart into revising in an effective way.

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