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How to Write a Thesis Statement?

06 Jul 2023 622 13 minutes
All About Writing Thesis Statements

Rachel is studying at the University of Washington. Her professors have given her a lengthy task based on heavy research. But before writing lengthy academic projects, she has to write complex thesis statements. The day her professor assigned the task in the first step only she got confused. Then she spends her day thinking about how to draft the perfect one. She asked her professor how to write a thesis statement in the best manner. They helped her by giving her the information she needed. So with this, she has completely understood how to write thesis statements, even with perfection. To know more about it, read the information given in this blog, which will help you in every way possible.

What Do You Understand by Thesis Statements and its Types?

A thesis statement consists of two or more sentences that summarize the central points or the arguments, whether it is an academic essay, research paper, thesis, coursework, scientific paper for publication, etc. It is a primary step that plays an essential role in the academic write-up because the focus is on the research question. If you are figuring out how to write a thesis statement, then you should first understand its meaning. It defines and identifies the topic and the purpose of the entire write-up. Especially to bring to your attention, the thesis statement originated from the structure of the research proposal, as it signifies the main idea that the researcher wants to explore throughout the entire study.

It is placed in the opening paragraphs of the academic paper. But it depends on the type of academic task you are writing. So while writing thesis statements, you should always have a clear picture of the main idea you want to portray. So by reading this paragraph, you will get to know what a thesis statement is before going through the process. Now talking about its type, read the pointers below and see the variations of it.

There are different types of thesis statements, but eventually, it depends on your objective. In addition to that you will also know how to choose a thesis topic that impresses the professors. To get the details, here are some of the common types of thesis statements mentioned below:

  • Expository
  • Analytical 
  • Argumentative 

Now that you have understood the meaning of the thesis statement, let's jump into how long it should be. Thus, it will give clarity to correctly writing a thesis statement.

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How Long Should a Thesis Statement Be?

If you find yourself in the process of writing the primary step of the academic task, which is the thesis proposal, but don’t know how much longer it should be, then you should read this section carefully. Thus, your query of how to write a thesis statement for a research paper will get resolved by knowing its length. It is necessary to know the length of it because it will give you an idea of how much to write and what to write. It is an essential factor to consider because the moment you do so, it will ease the entire process. If you are wondering how to write a thesis statement with every essential aspect, then you must know its word count.

If you are writing a short answer, it should be one or two sentences. The in-depth one, where the main writing consists of the thesis statements, consists of two or more sentences. But if you are writing a scholarly article, then it must have three or four sentences.And of course you will know how to start a thesis statement.Overall, the focus should be a well-formed statement that clearly states the aim of your research. A one-sentence thesis is for short papers, and a long thesis should include the essential information. Thus, it will help you in writing a thesis statement easily.

There are some basic rules when you write a thesis statement, but to be specific, the lengths below are based on the number of pages. You can know the word count of the thesis statement by knowing its parameters. Thus, you can also use the thesis statement generator tool, which can help you get the perfect thesis proposal. So for your reference, look at the points below:

  • 5 Pages: 1 sentence
  • 5-8 Pages: 1 or 2 sentences
  • 8–13 Pages: 2 or 3 sentences
  • 13–23 Pages: 3 or 4 sentences 
  • Over 23 Pages: few sentences or paragraphs

Now that you have understood the length of it and have clarity on how to write a thesis statement. Let’s move on to the next section, which is the steps to crafting it with some examples.

Steps to Craft a Thesis Statement & Examples

steps to craft a thesis statement

Writing a thesis statement is not easy. As it is a lengthy and complex process to understand. Before the main content, you know it is a primary step that needs attention because the entire write-up depends on it. But you get confused when writing a thesis statement in a step-by-step manner to get the perfect results.

So now look at the steps to write the proposal, or the primary step of information, to give you a glimpse of how it needs to be written. If you want to ace developing a thesis statement, look at the steps given below:

Focus on the Research Question 

The main starting point for writing a thesis statement is the research question. Once you know what the research question is, you can begin the process of doing the target research. It plays an essential role in a thesis statement. When you understand every focal point of the research question, you can summarize the central idea of it. It is a primary step, that is why it should not be ignored. Thus, it plays a significant role in developing a thesis statement.

Do Preliminary Research

Once you have a clear idea of the research question, the next step is to do the preliminary research. It will help you write an effective thesis statement. At this point, you can draft a simple thesis statement that will only help you plan the research and writing process. Thus, by doing research, your query about what makes a good thesis statement will be resolved. It is an essential aspect to consider because of this, you can draft the thesis proposal.

Support it With Proper Evidence and Reasoning

After doing the preliminary research, the next step is to write it with evidence and proper reasoning. It is the beginning of the research process. It also plays a role when you want to choose a thesis topic to impress your professors. You can use existing research literature to assemble the information needed to support the argument or statement. In the research process, you come across evidence and facts that you can use. As discussed above, a thesis statement includes the essential points of the argument and its conclusion. Thus, your query of how do you write a thesis statement with the best research will get resolved.

Predict the Counterarguments 

This step is required in case of an argumentative thesis statement. The counterarguments will also help with how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. When you anticipate the counterarguments and do the research, it helps refine the proposal even better. Though it adds difficulty to the thesis statements, you know counterarguments will help make the thesis proposal stronger. Once you include it in your content, it automatically increases its validity. If it does not include the argument, then it can be fact or opinion. Therefore, it adds more value to the information, and you will not face queries on how to write a strong thesis statement because it covers every piece of information.

Now let's understand it with some examples:

By talking about strong and weak thesis statements, you will get to know how to refine your thesis statements by looking at examples of thesis statements.

  • Over Eating Causes Adverse Health Issues-Arguable Thesis Statement 

Despite this fact, many people overeat because they know it is not a good health sign and has an adverse impact. But many people follow this routine. It is known that overeating is wrong and harms the body. So by reading, you should know it is a good thesis statement, is arguable, and can be written from various perspectives and approaches. Therefore, these types of thesis statements will teach you how to write a strong thesis statement.

Talking about a weak thesis statement is a query that does not state its purpose. Let's understand it with the following example:

Companies should exploit the marketing potential of the internet. The web pages can provide advertising and customer support. It is a weak statement because the reader cannot decide what is written. Whether it is marketing or web pages, it is not justified. So by this, you know this kind of thesis statement signifies the main information. When you know this, you will know what makes a good thesis statement.

Now that you have understood the steps of writing a thesis proposal, it's time to know how our professionals can help you.

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A thesis statement should be precise because it tells what the paper or essay is about. But writing becomes difficult. In this scenario, you need assistance to write in better form. Therefore, your query about how to write a thesis statement will be resolved. The experts will help you in every way possible and will ensure to give best quality work. The professionals, with their skills and knowledge, will help you write the best thesis statements.

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