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Know Why Python Is a Great Programming Language for Beginners

05 May 2018 6840 5 minutes
python language for beginners

Know Why Python Is a Great Programming Language for Beginners

These days, learning a new programming language is not a big deal in light of the fact that there are enough course material and tools available online. But, if you are an inspiring programmer, you might feel confused with which one to start with. Well, if you ask versatile programmers to suggest you about the same, their answers may vary. Some of them might recommend enterprise languages, such as .NET, Java, Perl, C#, while other would suggest Ruby or Python as they are easy-to-use and versatile. But we recommend you to start with Python as this high-level programming language is easy to understand. And, being a general-purpose programming language, it is quite suitable for different types of projects. Here we have discussed various reasons why Python is a suitable choice for beginners:

Easy to set up

Nowadays, getting started with a software programming language has become like a mad dash to the finish of a long marathon. To install it, one has to devote enough time and effort to understanding the directions which might distract the person from learning the principles of programming. But you won't face similar issues with Python because of its simple setup. Moreover, unlike the object-oriented programming languages, Python allows us to get started without learning about classes and objects. It won't be wrong to say that Python is the only high-level programming language that allows you to get started without learning the basic concepts.

Extensive standard library

It's quite easy to learn Python because of its standard library that allows one to practice coding without any need to hunt for third-party code. The standard library comprises a set of all the predefined classes enabling one to use them in their programme without any compiler interference. It comes with over 400 modules (in version 2.7.15), that include HTTP server (BaseHTTPServer), databases (sqlite3), compression libraries (gzip), etc. With these built-in methods and classes, common tasks are smoothly executed without hampering the application.

Helpful community

As a newbie, when you start working on a project based on Python, there are chances that you will come across many confusions. But do not worry as there is a vast community of programmers available at various discussion forums and meetups. Such groups will allow you to interact with senior developers for learning as well as for exploring work opportunities. Moreover, you can also find plenty of Q&A across the Web.

Great job market

As a beginner, you will certainly want to learn a language that will help you learn the principles of programming and not necessarily the one that will assist you fetch a good job. But by learning python, you will avail both the benefits as it also offers great career opportunities too. According to a report, Python has steeped from the 7th most popular programming language in 2014 to the 5th in 2015. So, by developing a firm grip on this language, you can definitely land a good job.

Python is always Updated

In this digital era, every new technology gets depreciated in lesser time than it takes to be developed. Well, a programming language is not an exception, it needs to be updated from time to time in order to meet the evolving requirements. Python Software Foundation, keep on updating it repeatedly. As a result of this, today, python has been accompanied with other popular technologies, such as HTML5, CSS5, jQuery which makes it a good choice for web applications, making smartphone apps, and native applications for any operating system.

It offers versatility

Since it's a general-purpose programming language, programmers can use Python for a variety of applications varying from data mining, creating web applications, to code web scraping. For a beginner, it's a great feature as when it's not clear what area will he/she like to work in future, going through a few programming assignments in several practical applications will help in spotting it.

So, now as you are well aware of the fact that Python has a plenty of attractive characteristics for beginners in programming, you can actually install and start learning it. However, if you are facing any problem in this, then seek help from our certified experts working to provide python assignment help services.

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