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Impact of Western Systems and Structures on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultures

27 Nov 2021 3214 9 minutes
Impact of Western System on Aboriginals

Impact of Western Systems and Structures on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultures

When it comes to Aboriginal Australians, it share the history of forced removal of their community a hundred years ago. It happened because of the entrance of western culture. So, there was a great impact of western systems & structures on aboriginal & Torres strait islander cultures. The Aboriginals lived in a small group linked by a large group of different languages and boundaries of the territory. 

However, many students are new to this concept and do not know much about it. Due to this, they face problems in writing the assignments on it. So, if you are facing the same problem, this blog is perfect for you. In this write-up, you would get the answer to your questions. So sit back and get ready for a ride that will give you in-depth information about the aboriginal and western culture. So, let's start with a brief introduction to aboriginal Australians. 

Overview of Aboriginal Australians!

Let's begin our story on aboriginal Australians. They are the native people of Australia who have been living in the country's aboriginal and Torres strait islander culture areas ever since the world is created. These are existing for thousands of years. In earlier times, they were not recognized, but they have been gradually discovered by many people. So, let's know what are all aboriginal islands, where you can find them now. Those are Groote island, Tasmania, Kiwi island, Hinchinbrook island, Fraser Island. 

Moreover, the aboriginal systems are the traditions, rituals, and practices that were followed by those people who lived in those islands. The activities done by these kinds of people are written in the mythologies, and somewhere still, it is followed. When you will look back in time, many anthropologists have studied their culture and traditions to find out their practices. And you can say that the aboriginal culture and traditions were far better than the western culture. So, the culture of Aboriginals is considered to be the oldest tradition that aged around 40,000 to 60,000 years back. 

So, as now you know about the aboriginals, let's move further and know-how western culture has impacted them.

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How Do the Western Systems and Structures Affect Aboriginal Cultures?

When the Europeans started to notice aboriginal's culture and traditions, they consider that their living was poor. After seeing this, they tried forcing them to follow the European lifestyle. This step has impacted the aboriginals living and their cultures. So, to know more about it, let's know which part of the western culture impacted the Aboriginals. 

European Settlement

When the European invasion happened, then many things changed. But the government took care of this part of the country also. Although these rules were not made by a similar group of people, then also the intention was to give benefits to Aboriginals. It was a good impact on the aboriginal culture. It helped them to give the right to education and technology that allowed them to know about the outside world. They were no more indulging in themselves. But there was a negative impact also on the aboriginal community. This happened because of the laws, society, culture, and lives of the western culture. The land is snatched from them, where they lived for hundreds of years. This way, the impact was negative on the aboriginals. 

Historical Impact

It is known by all that there is a vast history of aboriginals. Moreover, there are many points that are considered to connect the outer world of aboriginal Australians. So, let's get started.

The living process is one of the major factors that connect both groups like, the outer world and aboriginal Australians. Both groups of people are dependent upon the culture, traditions, education system, and employment.

Another factor that helps in connecting both groups is social and emotional well-being. Yes, you can say that every individual is somehow going through emotional and social situations in their lives. So, whether it is western culture or aboriginal cultures both types of people are affected by the changes in emotional and social well being.

But many students are still there who does not know the difference between the western system and the aboriginal. Let's read this blog further and know about it.

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Difference Between the Aboriginal & Western Culture!

Now that you know how the western system affects aboriginal Australians, it's time to wonder about how they differ from each other. So, here are some points that will explain the differences between western and aboriginal cultures. 


  • This is a spiritually driven community.
  • They do not demand luxury things.
  • They prefer aged, knowledgeable people.
  • They depend upon the relationship between people.
  • They prioritize the community over everything.
  • They believe that aging is the source of wisdom.

Western Culture

  • This is a significantly driven community.
  • They demand more and more through progression.
  • They prefer people through roles and bureaucracy.
  • They depend upon the jobs and professions.
  • They prioritize the individuals over the community.
  • They believe that aging is the source of decay and loss. 

These are the differences between aboriginal and western systems. Both differ in many terms and policies. Now, you must have got the impact of western systems & structures on aboriginal & Torres strait islander cultures more clearly. Still, if you are unable to get the terms or to write the assignments on them, then read further.

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