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Common Mistakes That Java Programmers Commit

31 Oct 2017 5396 6 minutes
Global Assignmnent Help Australia

Common Mistakes That Java Programmers Commit

Whether you are a casual programmer learning this language just to secure grades in your exam, or someone who is looking forward to taking this as a career in future, undoubtedly you’ll make mistakes. And, these will give rise to some mind-boggling error messages which might leave you puzzled for a while. The experts providing Java assignment help services have conveyed that there are some errors which every programmer makes, no matter which stage (s)he is at. But it is because of these mistakes that they learn some minute details of coding. Wondering what those mistakes are? Read the blog till the end, and find out about them.

Accessing the member variables

Many a time, the programmers face issues while accessing the member variables through different methods. If you too face similar concerns, then remember that you need not make instances for invoking the main function, but for others you do!

Mistyping the name of a method when overriding

Overriding is a handy feature when the object-oriented programmers use a lot. This feature allows programmers to replace the old method’s implementation with the new one. But programmers fail a few times miserably because they mistype the function name. This pops up a plethora of errors, and it will leave you dumbstruck for a while.

Comparison assignment

This is an easy error to make if you've used other languages before. In Pascal, we use ':=' operator for assignment and '=' for comparison, but in Java the syntax is different. Fortunately, even if you don't spot this one by looking at code on the screen, your compiler will tell you about the same. Most commonly, it will report an error message: "Can't convert xxx to boolean," where ‘xxx’ is a Java type that you're assigning instead of comparing.

Confusion over passing by value, and passing by reference

As Java uses both pass by value and pass by reference, it is crucial to understand when you are required to pass value and when reference. And, the worst part is you’ll never be able to recognize easily if you’ve passed value or reference. The Java assignment writing help experts convey that when you pass a primitive data type, such as a char, int, float, or double, to a function, then you are passing by value. That means that a copy of the data type is duplicated, and passed to the function. However, when you pass an object, such as an array, a vector, or a string, to a function, then you are passing reference.

Writing blank exceptional handlers

This may tempt you at first, but if there is an error in the code, you might run into lots of problems. Therefore, it is recommended to mention the exceptions no matter how basic they are.

Forgetting that Java is a ‘Zero Indexed Language’

If you've studied C/C++, then you may not find this quite as much a problem as those who have used other languages initially. In Java, arrays are zero-indexed, this implies that the first element's index is 0. This might become a major issue while making computations with arrays, so remember this while coding in Java.

Capitalization error

This is one of the most common ones that every programmer makes. As there is no silver bullet to find and rectify this error, you can use a simple trick mentioned here to avoid this. “Make methods and member variables in the Java API begin with a lowercase letter.” Following this may be a little daunting at first, but once you are habitual to this, your errors will reduce considerably.

Null pointers

This is the most common error made by the programmers. Your compiler will not check this for you! And, when you’ll attempt to access an object whose reference to that object is null, then a NullPointerException will be invoked.

These are a few of the common errors that we all make. It is almost impossible to code with utmost perfection, but you can certainly rectify the errors easily, and eliminate them if you take care of these small technicalities.

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