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90+ History Dissertation Topics & Ideas with Examples

09 Jul 2024 189 13 minutes
History Dissertation Topics and Ideas

When it comes to writing a dissertation, students often get worried, as it is one of the most lengthy papers. In this, they have to answer a particular question and claim what they think is right. However, choosing its topic is one the most serious issues for them, especially with a subject like History. The subject has such wide scope that it confuses scholars. Hence, they prefer to search for History dissertation topics to excel in their paper. So, if you are also searching for the best history dissertation topicsthis blog can help you.

But before you jump into the topics segment, you need to understand what a structured history dissertation looks like. Therefore, our first section will discuss this. Let's go.

An Overview of History Dissertation Structure

Before you start writing a History dissertation, you must know its structure. Although many history dissertation examples are available, you need to understand the structure of the dissertation. So, read about it here.


Here, in the History dissertation introduction, you need to express the background information about the history dissertation title. It should brief your readers about what they are going to read in the next section.

Literature Review

In the literature review, you must examine and explain the key theories and new findings about your dissertation topics in History.


The methodology chapter discusses how your research is carried out. This is one of the most tricky parts, which is why scholars prefer to get dissertation help from our experts to ease their work.


Here, you have to explain everything you have found in your research. While writing this, you do not need to interpret the conclusion.


Explain all of your findings and show what implications are made and how they can help in future studies. You can also say what other ways can be done to enhance the results.


As you all know, the conclusion is the last and the most necessary part, as here you explain all the discussed main points of your dissertation topic. It reminds your readers of the necessary pointers.


You must give credit to all the websites and people who helped you while writing a dissertation. This is the most essential section, like the other ones, that you should not ignore.

In this way, you should structure your History dissertation. Explain all the sections accurately to define your Ideas for dissertation topicsIf you face any issues, then you can always get help from our platform. We have some brilliant PhD experts working with us. They can help you write a dissertation on history topics. In the upcoming section, you will read about ways to select your history research paper topics.

How to Choose Impressive History Dissertation Topics?

Writing a dissertation is no wonder that it is the toughest task for any student. Although, you can take references from historical dissertation available online. Or you can always choose our experts to assist you. So, our professionals suggest the following ways, and they use them to get good History dissertation ideas for topics.

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind while choosing a topic for a history dissertation is to see whether it is relevant to your field and subject or not.
  • Go through various sources, the more you check other work, the more you will get good History dissertation ideas.
  • The next thing you need to do is choose a topic you are interested in. This is because a dissertation is a lengthy paper, and writing it takes a lot of time. So, to avoid getting bored, you should always choose interesting History topics for your dissertation.
  • Last but not least, you need to see if your history topic is specific or not. It should define your topic well; you must research well. So, take care of this while writing your dissertation and describe it to the best so that it becomes fruitful for readers.

So, while choosing your history topics for your dissertation, you must keep these points in mind.

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A List of 90+ History Dissertation Topics

Getting good History dissertation ideas is not easy, and students spend many hours choosing the best one. Our experts have curated this list for you so you can use the topics below to write your History dissertation.

Good History Dissertation Topics

  1. How does the human body develop in the past?
  2. Explain the evolution of paintings
  3. Different impact of the natural world in Indian painting
  4. Make the difference between Byzantine development and Egyptian art
  5. How does Egyptian painting change over time?
  6. What is the relationship between feminism and Egyptian art?
  7. When did Miro contribute to the surrealist movement?
  8. Examine Gothic art through Medieval eyes
  9. How does art and politics are related to each other?
  10. What Is feminism according to Egyptians?

Americal Historical Dissertation Topics

  1. Explain the role of women in colonial America
  2. What is American independence about?
  3. What is India's role in America's future?
  4. Divide the various periods of historical events in America
  5. What impact did the Great Depression have on American society?
  6. How does the United States Constitution modify with time?
  7. Describe the impact of World War II on the American economy
  8. What was the women's workforce during the great depression?
  9. What were the reasons for the fall of the US empire?
  10. What were the implications of world war?

Interesting History Dissertation Topics

  1. How does the gas industry evolve over time?
  2. Ways to Evaluate the roles of the British military from the past century
  3. What was the cause of WW1?
  4. Describe the world of Da Vinci's masterpiece
  5. What are the consequences of Japan's pacifism?
  6. Explain the boundary Issues between China and India
  7. Evaluate the art of Zimbabwe and his entire life
  8. An Overview of Monol Paintings
  9. What is the context of Modern art in Europe?
  10. Describe the significance of the amazing art of the Mughal Empire.

Modern History Dissertation Topics

  1. What is nationalism, and what was its History in the 19th century?
  2. How does the Industrial Revolution impact Western civilizations?
  3. Explain the principles of liberalism and its connection to conservatism
  4. How does society's enlightenment impact Global culture?
  5. Explain the History of the Cuban Revolution
  6. How does Abraham Lincoln influence historically?
  7. What are the roles of women during the Spanish Civil War?
  8. Describe the Trajectory and Origins of the French Revolution
  9. Discuss the causes of Former Yugoslavia
  10. What is Fiscal policy during the great depression?

European History Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the causes of the French Revolution? Explain in brief
  2. Explain the socio-political aspects of war
  3. How are Global encounters and colonization critical?
  4. Write about the enlightenment of women's rights
  5. Describe the History of feminism and gender roles
  6. Describe the artistic and cultural transformation of the Renaissance
  7. What are Confliction, Nationalism, and Imperialism during the Balkan wars?
  8. Explain the philosophers and their legacy
  9. Brief about Power balance, European stability and Diplomacy
  10. What is revolutionary wars?

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History Dissertation Topics for University Students

  1. Describe how green technologies can help in a sustainable future
  2. What are the political aspects of soft power?
  3. Explain the century of sustainable development and cultural heritage
  4. Explore the sequence of historical academic writing
  5. What are the Literary movements?
  6. Describe the women's role in the History of science
  7. Write about the cultural event identity in ancient civilization
  8. What is the Cuban Missile Crisis?
  9. Explain the consequences of the Second World War
  10. Is there any history of mental health and psychology?

Unique History Topics for Dissertation

  1. What is the origin of covid-19?
  2. What is the story of the Wuhan outbreak?
  3. Write a thesis on COVID-19 and people's reactions to it
  4. Explain the impact of lockdown socially and psychologically
  5. How does education evolve during Covid-19?
  6. Does Covid-19 impact the travel and tourism industry?
  7. How do workers cope with COVID-19?
  8. Write about the contribution of science and technology
  9. An overview of Covid-19 and Global Response
  10. Media contribution during covid-19

History Topics on Second World War

  1. Explain the role of atomic bombs
  2. How did the Second World War impact Europe's economy?
  3. Which country suffered most in World War II?
  4. What strategies did the Germans adopt during World War II?
  5. Does technology play any role in World War II?
  6. How did the rise of fascism impact World War II?
  7. What role did the USA play in winning World War II?
  8. Describe the long-term consequences of World War II
  9. Evaluate the roles of the Soviet Union role in the Second World War
  10. How was the French economy affected during the Second World War?

Ancient Dissertation Topics on History

  1. What is the difference between Classical and Ancient History?
  2. How does technology and science contribute to Ancient Rome?
  3. The period of Buddhism
  4. What are the main sources of text in Ancient History?
  5. Describe the fall of Egyptian and Ancient Babylonian
  6. Examine the contribution of ancient science and technology
  7. What are the achievements of the Early Iron Age?
  8. What is the myth of god and humans in Rome and Greece?
  9. Write about the History of Philosophy and Region in ancient Greece
  10. Compare the music in Ancient Greece and Rome
  11. Explain the legacy of Alexander the Great

This section explained some of the best topics that you can use for writing your History dissertation. If you face any issues while choosing the topics, then you can take suggestions from the above. We are also here to help you choose and write your dissertation topics.

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