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110+ Good Debate Topics Ideas You Must Explore

04 May 2024 271 11 minutes
Good Debate Topics

Are you planning to participate in a debate in your university? Then, you will need help with selecting a debate topic to fight the battle. Now, students find it quite challenging to find good topics for debate. Also, sometimes, your institution assigns some topics that you may find challenging. So, having ideas about controversial debate topics can help you prepare. Now, participating in a debate can improve several types of skills. First of all, it can increase your communication skills. Besides, you can learn to talk impromptu. So, you must regularly participate in debates to prepare for the future. Today, you will learn about exciting debate topics and other essentials here.

How to Choose Impressive Debate Topics? Explore Here

Finding debatable topics is tricky and you may need some help here. Here, we will present the best ways to find a list of good debate topics. These tricks are the best for finding specific topics to prepare you for any debate. Read on to know more:

Know Your Interest Area

You must know this essential criteria while choosing the best debate topics. Before picking your topic, you must explore your areas of interest. Thus, you will find enough points to discuss.

Take Help from Seniors

While looking for good debate topics, you must not hesitate to get help from the seniors. They have experience in conducting debates for the institution, so they know what they want from the students. So, if you are new to your college or university, you can always get help for from our experts.

Brainstorm Different Ideas

There is no alternative to brainstorming when thinking of debatable questions. Selecting a debate topic can be a daunting task. However, you can do that by thinking a lot. You can also consult the books and current trends to find an ideal debate topic.

Do Extensive Research

Finally, this is the step that you can never ignore if you want to participate in a debate competition and win. You must conduct thorough research to find suitable debate topics for students. Go through your books. Always pay attention around you. Thus, you can get enough content for your debate.

Hopefully, now you know how to choose suitable debate questions. You must follow these tips to do well in debate competitions. Now, you will get a list of good debate topics. 

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A List of 110+ Debate Topics to Impress Audience

Finding appropriate debate topics can be easy if you follow specific rules. We have discussed those above. Still, if you are confused, we are here to help you with many topics along with others. Let’s find some incredible and exciting political and social issues topics for your debate. Have a look:

Social and Political Issues Debate Topics

  1. Should social security be privatized?
  2. How has social media improved human communication?
  3. Everyone must have the right to possess a gun
  4. Human cloning should be legalized
  5. Animal testing must be banned
  6. Everyone must have a universal basic income
  7. The death penalty should be abolished
  8. Sex work should be legal
  9. Juveniles should be tried and treated as adults
  10. Plastic bags should be banned
  11. Should abortion be banned?
  12. Should all drugs be legalized?
  13. Bottled water should be banned
  14. Every citizen should be mandated to serve national public service
  15. Is climate change the greatest threat that humankind is facing today?

Good Debate Topics for Students

  1. Love yourself the way you love others
  2. Why is it difficult to get financial help for higher education?
  3. Animals must have equal rights as human
  4. Never underrate your capabilities
  5. How does a bad relationship between parents affect children?
  6. How to dress for success
  7. Why should you maintain more sensitivity towards sensitive people?
  8. Should a student’s intelligence be measured by grades only?
  9. Never look for other’s approval
  10. Life in rural areas is better than living in urban areas
  11. Everyone must have some me-time to restore energy and self-healing
  12. We should avoid religious conflicts
  13. Reasons people commit suicide
  14. People should not be discriminated against based on their faith
  15. You must respect yourself if you want others to do the same

Interesting Debate Topics

  1. High heels are harmful to health
  2. Girls should wear blue
  3. All people should be vegetarian
  4. The drinking age should be 18
  5. Birth control tools should be for sale over the counter
  6. Euthanasia should be banned
  7. Obesity must be labelled as a disease
  8. Humans must be technologically advanced to colonize other planets
  9. Schools must use computer games to give instructions
  10. Cars should be electric
  11. Technology is bringing distance between us rather than connecting
  12. People are becoming less productive due to technology
  13. Robots must have rights
  14. The importance of increasing lifespans
  15. Behavior is determined only by our genes

Popular Debate Topics

  1. Don’t keep on saying you’re busy
  2. White lies are good for health
  3. Fashion bloggers are setting the wrong beauty standards
  4. A girl and a boy could be friends
  5. Music has a great healing power
  6. Dance to de-stress
  7. Know your importance, remind yourself every day
  8. Abortion should be legalized
  9. Can censorship ever be justified
  10. Cell phone radiation is dangerous
  11. Net neutrality should be explored
  12. Are New Year’s resolutions worthwhile?
  13. Are we living in a simulation?
  14. Does the usage of smartphones make us less smart?
  15. Are there any benefits of playing video games?

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Funny Debate Topics for Your Class

  1. Women are more complicated than men
  2. What would you prefer: being deaf or blind?
  3. Hamburgers or hotdogs: Which is better?
  4. Have aliens already visited us?
  5. We must get rid of Mondays
  6. We are living in a dream world
  7. Can you justify cheating on exams?
  8. Would you prefer pineapple on pizza?
  9. Winter is always better than summer
  10. Which is better: hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake?
  11. Modern music or classical music: which is better?
  12. Avoid shoes and go barefoot everywhere
  13. People should not work on their birthdays
  14. Books or movies: which is better?
  15. Why number 13 is considered unlucky?
  16. There are intelligent beings on other planets
  17. The egg came before the chicken
  18. Facebook must have a ‘What do I care?’ button

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Sports Debate Topics

  1. Should performance-enhancing drugs be made legal?
  2. Should fans be restricted on the playground?
  3. Pros and cons of online gaming
  4. Extracurricular activities should be a mandatory part of college education
  5. Effects of violent video games on teenagers
  6. Top 10 unbreakable records in sports
  7. Which is better: Cricket or football?
  8. Athletes must have a universal basic income
  9. Is the Olympics a waste of money?
  10. College athletes should be paid
  11. Should e-sports be included in the Olympics?
  12. Winning is the most important thing when playing sports
  13. Transgender sports players should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics
  14. Should penalty shootouts be used to decide the winning team?
  15. Should politics be left out of sports?
  16. Playing sports at school is just as important as other subjects
  17. Are sports more important than subjects such as art and music?
  18. Should advertising be allowed in sports?
  19. Should all young sports players get a trophy?

Controversial Debate Topics

  1. Animal Testing Must Be Banned
  2. Abortion Should Be Made Legal
  3. Plastic Should be Banned Completely
  4. Is Technology Making People Less Social?
  5. Should Homework be Banned in Colleges?
  6. Should Intelligence Be Judged Through Grades?
  7. Should Sexual Education Classes Be Mandetory?
  8. Education Should Not Be Judged on the Basis of College
  9. Time is more valuable than money
  10. The first impression is the last: myth or truth?
  11. Outer beauty is more important than inner beauty: True or False?
  12. Transgender must be allowed to adopt children
  13. Men and women should be paid equally
  14. Are white-collar jobs better than blue-collar jobs?
  15. Should parents track their kids everywhere?
  16. Does religion do more harm than good?

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