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Check Out 110+ Best Psychology Dissertation Topics 2024

05 Jan 2024 670 14 minutes
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Studying psychology has gained momentum with the increasing awareness of mental health issues. However, the subject has vast knowledge of various significant topics. You can explore them through research and keen learning abilities. Therefore, this blog will help you to discover several psychology dissertation topics that will assist you with your research further. 

There are several branches of psychology including clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and many more. Your research can be done in any area that you find fascinating. However, you must understand which topics come under which branch of psychology. Therefore, the list below will assist you with psychology dissertation topics. 

Unique List of 110+ Psychology Dissertation Topics 2024

Psychology is a vast field that deals with the science of the mental and behavior of a person. Here, you can read about a few generic psychology and its sub-branch topics.

Top 10 Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. Whether children with dyscalculia have unaffected abilities compared to their peers.
  2. How can a society assist in criminal changes?
  3. Explain the plastic limit of the human brain
  4. Is there any health benefit of dreams?
  5. Do colors affect child learning?
  6. Describe the relationship between unemployment and mental health
  7. Define the term schizophrenia
  8. How does a group influence a person's behavior?
  9. Does exercise manage mood swings?
  10. Explain the most effective ways to treat depression

As discussed above, there are various branches available for your psychology dissertation. Therefore, the following list will segregate them for you to understand better. 

Let’s first take a brief look at sociology dissertation topics for your research. 

Social Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. Investigate the extent and consistency of the factors that influence the impact of automatic priming on social behavior.
  2. What are the implications of this for maintaining one's integrity and understanding interpersonal relationships?
  3. Examine the relationship between loneliness and long-term health problems.
  4. Identify various methods for measuring the social networks of older people.
  5. Compare and contrast the different types of social networks, housing, and health of elderly individuals over time.
  6. Discuss how social influences are the primary causes of young people's moral decay.
  7. Discuss how social psychology theories have improved our understanding of social psychology, providing examples.
  8. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of intimate cross-cultural relationships.
  9. Examine and clarify the sociopsychological elements of cults, providing examples.
  10. Discuss how sociocultural attitudes impact sociopsychology.
  11. How has technology affected communication and interpersonal relationships?
  12. What role does religion play in bringing people together?
  13. Describe the sociopsychological implications of dense populations and crowded living environments.
  14. What effects does a child's introverted personality have on others?
  15. Explain the relationship between parental carelessness and childhood obesity.
  16. Investigate the psychological, moral, and legal implications of adoption.
  17. What corrective and preventive measures can be taken to stop child abuse? 

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Personality Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. Exploring the Impact of Conscientiousness and Its Sub-factors on Behavioural Psychology
  2. How Personality Psychology Can Be Integrated into Economics
  3. Managing Stress through Personality Psychology and Stress Management Activities
  4. The Role of Background in Shaping Personality Psychology
  5. The Link between Motivation, Wireless Information, and Personality Psychology
  6. The Influence of Music on Personality Psychology and the Telescope Effect
  7. Examining the Relationship between Personality Psychology and Body Language
  8. The Importance of Personality in the Field of Psychology
  9. The Correlation between Personality Psychology and Existentialism
  10. Understanding the Relationships between Personality Psychology and Social Life
  11. A Comparative Study of the Main Approaches to Personality Psychology
  12. The Reflection of Psychology in Three Aspects of Personality
  13. Exploring the Links between Reciprocity, Trust, Behavioral Economics, and Personality Psychology
  14. The Importance of Moderate Preference Relations in Personality Psychology
  15. Analysis of the Approaches of Personality Psychology and Experimental Psychology
  16. Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory and its Impact on Personality Psychology 

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Clinical Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. Investigating the correlation between social support and resilience in individuals who have experienced trauma.
  2. Conducting a systematic review of mental health interventions for refugees and asylum seekers.
  3. Examining whether discrimination by healthcare workers towards patients exists through the psychological perspectives of healthcare workers and patients.
  4. Reviewing the current methods of measuring remission in anxiety disorders and the potential implications for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.
  5. Studying Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder and its potential impact on children.
  6. Exploring the psychological effects of living in urban versus rural environments.
  7. Analyzing the relevance of psychology to attitudes towards sports participation, whether one prefers to watch or actively engage in sports.
  8. Investigating the impact of Brexit on mental health policies and services in the UK.
  9. Examining the prevalence of pandemic-related PTSD among frontline healthcare workers.
  10. Studying the association between perfectionism and anxiety in high-achieving individuals.
  11. Investigating the link between psychological attitudes towards life and eating behaviors of obese individuals through primary research.
  12. Examining the role of mindfulness in reducing symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  13. Investigating the role of self-compassion in mitigating stress and anxiety in healthcare professionals.
  14. Using cultural psychology to trace human development in developed and developing countries through a review of relevant literature.
  15. Studying the efficacy of animal-assisted therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder.
  16. Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of healthcare workers in the UK.
  17. Analyzing the effectiveness of equine-assisted therapy for individuals with PTSD.
  18. Conducting an overview of relevant literature to analyze Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in multiple contexts.

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Cognitive Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. View-dependent theories of vision are more effective in explaining natural perception than view-independent theories.
  2. Computer simulations of vision can result in a misunderstanding of how perception mechanisms work in reality.
  3. Visual illusions can help comprehend the concept of perception.
  4. Evidence supports the role of the hippocampus in memory encoding and consolidation, with potential relevance to neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.
  5. The relationship between working memory and attention bias in the visual domain.
  6. The extent to which plasticity contributes to the development of visual cognitive abilities.
  7. The impact of automated priming effects on complex behavior in real-life scenarios.
  8. The significance of facial stimuli in understanding the development of the ventral pathway of the human body from childhood to adulthood.
  9. The growth of in-group and out-group associations in implicit intergroup cognition.
  10. Explaining hierarchical information flow and parallel processing distribution.

Forensic Psychology Dissertation Ideas

  1. How trustworthy and legitimate is an eyewitness’ memory?
  2. What standards of conduct should forensic psychologists adhere to when testifying in court?
  3. Discuss how a person’s upbringing can prevent them from becoming a serial killer
  4. Define internet policing and discuss some effective tactics for it
  5. What part do video games, movies, and the internet play in encouraging criminal copycats?
  6. Explain why domestic violence against men is often overlooked by society
  7. What causes mass murder, and why is it so common in the United States?
  8. Are there enough safeguards in place to lessen the chances that students in special education may wind up in jail or prison?
  9. What effects does a job in law enforcement have on a person’s personal life?
  10. Is enough being done to reduce the likelihood that special education students will end up in jail or prison?
  11. What leads to mass murders in the United States?
  12. Is domestic violence directed against men being overlooked by society?
  13. Are criminal acts more likely to be committed by those with particular mental illnesses?
  14. How do forensic assessments alter when considering conjecture and bias?
  15. Can forensic psychologists anticipate potential danger in the future?
  16. What guidelines should psychologists adhere to when speaking with criminals in court?

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Educational Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. In terms of development, how much influence does the environment have in comparison to genetics?
  2. Does development occur at a steady pace, or does each stage occur at its own pace?
  3. How significant are events and experiences in early life, and can they be surpassed by later occurrences?
  4. Which factor has a greater impact: Nature or nurture?
  5. How do teacher, student, and interactional characteristics influence a student's flexibility?
  6. What is the influence of language and visual special skills in arithmetic?
  7. What are the effects of eye movement on processing and learning when using illustrated texts?
  8. What is the relationship between the perceived classroom environment and achievement in mathematics?
  9. How do peer relations influence academic work in elementary and middle school?
  10. What is the illusion of understanding in a computer-based environment?

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Counseling Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. Assess the benefits and challenges faced by bisexual and/or lesbian women when they start dating after experiencing sexual assault as adolescents.
  2. Evaluate whether new counseling students received open communication from new students during counselling sessions.
  3. Analyze how the media has influenced the emergence of African and white people's identities.
  4. Examine how college women feel about their families, identities, and behaviors, such as eating, while in college.
  5. Investigate the relationship between a person's career and self-image as they enter the workforce as recent college graduates.
  6. Explore the various factors that affect young students' success as they begin their academic careers.
  7. Review how family trauma and stress might impact children's school performance, particularly their academic achievements.
  8. Which theoretical frameworks support the 'unconscious' function in life coaching?
  9. Do modern mental health experts still use self-analysis as Freud did?
  10. Discuss how to initiate a therapeutic therapy relationship.
  11. Compare and contrast two views on biblical comforting.
  12. Distinguish spiritual discernment from career counseling.
  13. Analyze why not all people seeking help can benefit from 12-step programs for counseling.
  14. Describe the mechanism behind hypnosis, which has been used to treat patients for a long time and has helped numerous patients over the years.

The above list provides you with the best psychology dissertation topics that will benefit you in your research. However, the task of selecting your theme is just one step in writing your psychology dissertation. Various other things can bother you in the process. To seek dissertation help in such situations, keep reading the following section. 

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