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The #1 Thing Students Need to Know About Dissertation Title Page

30 Mar 2022 584 16 minutes
Everything You Need to Understand for Creating Dissertation Title Page

Writing a dissertation is a very high-priority task for students. They have to keep in mind so many things; From the theme of the document, the 13 chapters, and the entire tedious and tiring research process. In the middle of these tasks, it is very easy for students to, at times, ignore the simple task of creating the title page dissertation. But little do they know that a title page is the first thing that the professors and every reader will notice when they see their dissertation. It has to be well-drafted and correctly formatted to get good marks and make a stellar first impression.

You do not have to panic just yet. Our experts that provide dissertation help UK have got your back. They have curated this blog to guide you through the process of creating a title page.

Keep reading if you too want to learn the intricate details of writing a dissertation title page.

What is a Dissertation Title Page?

The title or the cover page of a dissertation has all the vital information enclosed in it. It has all the key details about the document and the writer too.

It has your dissertation's title, institution, department, degree program, submission date, etc. Your student number, supervisor's name, and the university's emblem are sometimes included as well. If the dissertation is to be printed or published, this title page is commonly used as the cover page.

The next section of this blog covers all the crucial components of the title page dissertation. You must take a look at them.

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General Components of a Title Page for Dissertation

The first encounter with this academic difficulty would have been when you were trying to create an undergraduate dissertation title page. Am I right?

And now that you have written it once, do you feel it is an easy task? I don’t think so!

Our writers understand this fact, and they have tried to make an all-comprehensive list of components that are supposed to be included on the cover page.

Here is our expert’s guide in pursuit of making the title page for the dissertation as simple for you students as they can.

  • Dissertation title
  • Your name
  • The type of document (in this case, mention dissertation)
  • Your department
  • Name of your institution
  • The degree program in which you are enrolled
  • The date of submission

Do not skip any of this detail while creating the cover page of your dissertation.

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Formatting Guidelines for Dissertation Title Page

Writing a dissertation is literally at times defined as a "self-directed process." There is nothing concrete about the process of formulating a dissertation. Structure of this document is the only one thing that is fixed from the beginning. With so much ease in the timeline and comfort of drafting, students at times cannot gather their thoughts around well on time to get this academic commitment fulfilled. Thus, in that hurry to finish the dissertation, they make so many silly mistakes with the title page, which costs them their precious grades and dupes their impression in front of the professor.

Here are some rules to follow:

1. Space and Margin

Your title page and paper should be double-spaced. In addition, you should use 1-inch margins for the same.

2. Fonts

Every university and the educational institute has different acceptable fonts for the academic document. Here are some acceptable fonts:

  • Calibri
  • Arial
  • Lucida Sans Unicode
  • Times New Roman
  • Georgia

You can use any of them or the one specified by your university/professor.

3. Title

Your title is very crucial not only for the dissertation but also for the cover page. It has to be crisp, precise, and descriptive enough to give out the theme of the dissertation very clearly. Take these tips while formulating the title:

  • Should provide a summary of the key concept.
  • Include powerful keywords in your work so that people may locate them in a database or through a search engine.
  • In a title, don't use abbreviations.
  • The title should be written in capital letters. All key terms are capitalized in this case.
  • Begin 3-4 lines down from the top margin of the paper
  • Make the title bold and centered.
  • Between the title and the byline, add a double-spaced blank line.
  • The title of your paper is also shown at the top of the first page.

4. Author's Name

In this case, it is your name and has to be mentioned just below the title. It is supposed to be written in the specific referencing style you will use in the entire document. Remember the following things while doing so:

  • Under the title, type the author's or authors' full name(s).
  • Avoid using any titles or degrees.
  • In case you are writing a combined dissertation, you will have multiple authors. If that is the situation, follow this approach.
  1. The order of the names of authors should be based on their inputs and contribution while writing the dissertation
  2. All of the names are supposed to be written on the same line
  3. Mention names in a standard font and make them centered
  • Avoid using the & symbol between the author's names. Instead, use the word "and." For a sample, consider the below-mentioned example:

Jane and Frank

Jane, Frank, and Robert

5. Course Name

Mention the name of your course below the author's details. If you have a course number, mention that in the next line.

6. Instructor

The name of your instructor or instructors is supposed to be included on the title page. It comes just below the course name and number. You should also ask your instructor about their preferred name.

7. Due Date

Lastly, be sure to mention the submission date for your dissertation. It comes in the end and has to include the month, date, and year.

If you follow these rules, there will be no scope for the title page dissertation errors.

Now comes the part that has most students scared to the bone. Following the designated referencing styles while writing the cover page.

How Title Page and Referencing Styles Are Directly Proportional?

All of the elements mentioned above and the rules to formulate the title page for the dissertation are very important. But, there is one curve ball ahead of it for students. And that is the referencing style. Do you not get what we are trying to say? We simply are pointing toward the fact that every educational institute has a particular favorite for formatting academic documents. They may use any of the following well known referencing styles:

  • The MLA (Modern Languages Association) System
  • The APA (American Psychological Association) System
  • The Harvard System
  • The MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) System
  • The Vancouver System
  • The Chicago Style

This is a crucial step for students because each of these referencing styles strongly affects the way the title page will take shape. It is because title pages and referencing styles are directly proportional to each other. Meaning if the referencing style changes, it will change the title page in direct proportion. This is what it means to be directly proportional.

So, let us know how each of these referencing styles affects the way your dissertation title page is supposed to look.

First up is,

The MLA (Modern Languages Association) System

This system does not require you to add the first page as such. But if you are asked to create a cover page, do not stress over it. We have got you. Refer to the tips mentioned below to curate a perfect title page in the MLA referencing style.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) does not require you to create a cover page when completing your research paper, but some instructors may require it.

  • Spacing: this page has to be double spaced
  • Alignment: the letters are supposed to be aligned in the center.
  • Font type: Times New Roman
  • Font size: 12
  • Capitalization: The first letter of each word should be capitalized except for words such as the, and, of, or, a, an, in, to, for (because they are very short)
  • But this does not mean that if the words mentioned above are the first letter of the first word, they would be small. No, in this case, they should be capitalized, regardless of the size of the word.
  • Name of the institute: Type the name of your university or educational institution.
  • Title: Jump to about one-third of the page and type your research paper title, including a subtitle if you have one.
  • Your details: Leave several lines down and type your name, your course name and number, your instructor name, and your paper due date.
  • Never include a page number heading on your title page.

Here is an example of the dissertation title page in MLA referencing style, to go with these details for your better understanding.


Next up is,

The Harvard System

In this style, the cover page is the very first page of your paper. It contains the basic info about you and your dissertation. Below are the formatting rules for this style of referencing:

Spacing: Double spacing between the lines.

Margins: 1-inch margins from all sides.

Font style: Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt. are the recommended fonts.

Alignment: The text is aligned to the left.

Indent: The first line of each paragraph is indented by 0.5″.

Capitalization: The title of your paper, written in all caps. It should be centered and placed at approximately one-third of the way down the page.

Title: A title in the center of your first page right before the text.

Your Details: write your name in the center and place it approximately halfway down the page.

Course Details: At two-thirds of the way down the page, place your course's centered name and number.

Supervisor's Detail: enter your professor's name in the next line Name of the Institute institute Name: the name of your university will be added in the following line

Date of Submission: Finally, the date of submission is written at the end below the institute's name.

Below is an image for the elaborate and clear understanding of the title page dissertation in Harvard Referencing Style; take a look.

Title 1

Similarly, you can look at the various other referencing styles and title pages created according to them by our experts in assignment help. They will help you create a flawless and impressive cover page for the dissertation. In the next section, you can learn how these experts can help and why you should avail their assistance.

6 Reasons Why You Should Avail Dissertation Help in the UK

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