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How to Write a PhD Dissertation in a Month?

21 May 2019 3123 6 minutes
How to Write a PhD Dissertation in a Month

How to Write a PhD Dissertation in a Month?

Dissertation writing is a mammoth task that comes in the life of every PhD student. And it has been noticed that not everyone likes to write it. This is because of the length of a PhD Dissertation. And that is why they need to seek PhD dissertation help. Who knows this might be your problem too. And who knows you might decide to quit writing your dissertation. Certainly, this is not the wisest decision you are going to take because this is not only your story, but also of almost every student because they have to attend lectures, do daily life activities, and perform other academic tasks. Well, we understand that you are bound to do each of them and that's why you are always left with an insufficient amount of time to work on your dissertation. The best way to do this is by stretching your daily working hours from 10-12 to 15 hours a day. But stretching the working hours would not help you too much, you need to have some plans for it. So, here are the guidelines to make your work a bit easy.

Day to Day Work Plan to Complete the Dissertation in 30 Days

Due to the complexity of the dissertation writing task, you surely have procrastinated your work. Well, you don't have to do that as by following the complete work plan mentioned below, you can easily complete your mammoth task in just 30 days. So, here it is:

Day 1-2: The very first thing you should do is to make an outline of your paper including all the important section. This will act as a road map that you just have to follow further. It can also help you design the framework to present the data in order to support your thesis.

Day 3-7: Take care of each of the section and sub-section. Write all the main ideas as well as the required information on a paper that is important to keep in the document. This will help you save your time while writing your document. You won't have to spend time to recall the things.

Day 8-10: Start developing meaningful sentences for each of the section. Decide the hierarchy of the arguments as well as relevant proof to validate them. In short, you should compose your first draft.

Day 11-20: Now start writing your arguments according to its order. Start writing the complete paragraphs for each section of the paper. Try to put all the ideas that you have mentioned in your outline.

Day 21-22: Once the writing process is done, never forget to edit and revise your work. Thorough proofreading helps to check whether the document has logical flow or not. Along with it, editing and proofreading help in finding out and then rectifying the mistakes, such as grammatical, spelling, contextual, misplaced punctuation.

Day 23-24: We all know that finding out own mistakes is quite difficult for everyone. This might be your case too. So, in that case, you can take help from any third party. He/she can be your elder brother, friend or a reliable editing and proofreading service provider like us. Our writers thoroughly check the documents to ensure that no mistakes remain left. At the same time, cite all the sources that you have referred to take any kind of information because a PhD dissertation is required not only to be flawless but also authentic and citing the sources is the best way to avoid any traces of plagiarism in the document.

Day 25: Once you receive the paper, then at that time check the citation page again to ensure that you have done it appropriately or not.

Day 26-30: Now as your paper is flawless and the sources are cited appropriately, just give a final read to the paper and then compose the final draft. Rewrite the sections that you think that they need to be modified. At last, get the final copy of your document. Never forget to check it again the night before the final submission.

So, that was all. We all understand that writing a PhD dissertation is really a tough task. Well, you don't have to worry. Following this schedule properly would surely help you complete the document before the deadline. If you feel that even after following this plan you won't be able to complete your paper before the assured date, then just seek PhD dissertation help from us. No matter how quick the deadline is, our writers will put their 100% efforts to complete your document and that too without compromising with the quality.

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