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How to Deal With Energy Vampires Around You?

06 Oct 2016 6507 5 minutes
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How to Deal With Energy Vampires Around You?

Is there someone who drains you emotionally every time you talk to him? Does (s)he make you feel nostalgic with their invalid arguments? Well, this person is an ‘Energy Vampire’. After immense research, the online assignment help experts have conveyed that there are many such people whom students face in their real life.

Due to the lack of proper strategies, university students are left drained every time they encounter energy vampires. Well, if you too have some of these special creatures destroying your peace of mind, then follow the tactics given below to get rid of them:

Identify the Sources of Energy and the Drainers

The initial step of getting rid of the energy vampires is to identify them. As they are not fangsters, you need to have a close look at the people. Once you have identified them, take every possible measure to stay away from these spirit leeches. You can spend time with the ones who make you feel energetic, and you’ll notice some adverse effects on your productivity.

Create Boundaries

You need to take a significant step of limiting the time spent with the energy suckers. As you are well aware of the effects (s)he has on your mind, make sure you set clear boundaries about which topic to discuss in front of him/her. Moreover, be considerate of the ways to avoid them, you need not behave rudely with them.


If there are innumerable energy vampires around you, then having a peaceful mind becomes next to impossible. So, meditating can be an excellent option to get rid of the disturbed mind. Sit straight in a comfortable position, keep your spine straight and focus on your breath. If you meditate for five to ten minutes daily, then the effect of energy vampires can be reduced.

Walk Away

If you feel an enormous amount of energy is being sapped by the energy suckers, then do not hesitate and leave. You have all the rights to save yourself from the torture they are unleashing upon you. You can make silly excuses and move at least twenty feet away from them. This will drag you beyond their boundaries, and you’ll suddenly feel relieved.

Construct Energy Shield

If you really want to reduce the impact of energy vampires, then build a wall of energy around you. Always be in the company of the people who have the capability to turn a dull environment into a joyful and a happy one!

These energy vampires only have energy because you give them power. You need to stop doing that; value your peace of mind and let them stay away from you as far as possible.

The spirit leeches are also capable of making you a person with low self-esteem, one who hates his/her life, depressed and sad forever. Hope that you do not want to become one

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