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Most Bizarre Christmas Traditions Around the World

22 Dec 2017 5462 5 minutes
Christmas Traditions

Most Bizarre Christmas Traditions Around the World

For almost everyone around the world, Christmas is the time of the year when they can eat a lot, visit their family, party with friends, and enjoy much more. Quintessentially, celebration includes decorations, gatherings, surfeit of festive dishes, music, etc. But do you know that unlike the traditional celebrations, people over the years have came up with new and peculiar ways to enjoy this festival. Our professionals at Global Assignment Help have listed some of the most strange and bizarre Christmas traditions that are followed in various parts of the world and will definitely amaze you. So please take a look at the following:

A Webby Christmas

Unlike traditional decorating items such as mistletoe, baubles, stars, and toppers, people in Iceland use cobwebs to decorate their Christmas tree. As per the local folklore, once there was a poor lady who had nothing to decorate her tree on the Christmas eve which was covered with spider webs. But the next day as the first light of Christmas morning touched the tree, all the strands of the web turned into silver and gold threads. Inspired by this story, people started decorating their Christmas tree with artificial cobwebs to commemorate the miracle.


This is truly a funny tradition! People in Czech Republic take part in this weird activity where they have to stand with their back on the door and toss their shoe in the air. If it lands with sole facing upwards, then it means the person will stay single till the next Christmas but if it’s the other way around, then the wedding bells are about to ring.

Deadly Delicacy

You’d be surprised to know that for people in South Africa, Christmas is not the day for feasting on delightful festive dishes. The locals there have an insane tradition where instead of turkey and cake people like to dig in on deep-fried caterpillar. Yes, you heard it right!

Witch Way To Go

Although Santa is an imaginary figure, people like to picture him as a jolly bearded old man wearing red furred suit and a stocking cap, but not in Italy. Instead of Santa, kids in Italy wait for ‘Befna,’ an eccentric looking witch who flies around riding on her broom and delivers candies and gifts to children. Looks like Santa got  competition!

Roll Your Way To Christmas

In Venezuela, on the Christmas morning people have to roller skate their way to church for the traditional matin prayers. Every year on the Christmas morning, streets of Venezuela are closed for cars and other public transport so that people can commute to churches on roller skates.

King’s Fried Christmas

Asians are known to be quirky with their celebrations and Japan being one of the most popular nations is no different. For the rest of the world, Christmas is this one big day to meet, dine and celebrate, but Japanese have made Christmas the official day for eating the famous KFC chicken wings. From as early as five in the morning till midnight, the entire population of Japan lines up outside the KFC outlet to grab the classic chicken bucket.

It’s interesting how people celebrate the most beloved festival in such unique and amazing ways. Hope you enjoyed reading this fun blog. Stay tuned as there are many more in the pipeline.

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