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Four Practices That Will Make Students Better at Researching

15 Dec 2017 4671 4 minutes
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Four Practices That Will Make Students Better at Researching

When college professors allot you the assignments, they seem to assume that every student is proficient at researching. You should be, for you need to be independently doing your stuff. Professor may ask you to find research material in the university library. Cut to fifteen seconds in future, the entire class is at the library, hunting books, and using the internet, etc. It is quite amazing how most of the university research work comes from Wikipedia.

There are times when finding relevant research material becomes a hectic task. Especially, when a semester comes to an end and there are just way too many tasks to perform. If you find yourself inside a situation that you can’t find relatable material, follow these simple practices to research efficiently.

1. Put it on your schedule

With all the other things that you do every day, you will have to research for the assignment too. Dissect it into smaller tasks that you need to perform. Manage the other tasks to create a window for researching. Let’s say that you find your material in a week, spend another week cross checking your data with various sources, be it online or offline.

2. Start searching relevant topics on Wikipedia

Let’s agree with the fact that the university professors aren’t creative with the topics. Try to search them on Wikipedia and you’ll find yourself learning the other dimensions of a topic, as well. For example, your professor asked you to write about the importance of the constitution, but you’ll go through a lot of other material to get to the relevant one. Focus at what we agreed on, and go through all that material on Wikipedia. It’ll let you incorporate more details in your write ups.

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3. Form a question you wish to answer

With the help of your research, you can find relevant facts about a certain topic. Form a question using those facts. Question that you’d like to answer with the proofs that you collected. You may have to read blogs and articles about a particular material to understand different perspectives. In the process, you usually find yourself connected to one, and that may become your question of choice. However, don’t just end researching at that point, find more questions which you can relate to so that you have a backup plan.

4. Create notes; use a notebook

You may find some of your material on the go. You must be prepared at such time to just note it down somewhere. Pen and hand is another great option, what we suggest is to use a notebook. Note down your observations or some related topics that you think could turn useful. When you get back at researching, take out your notebook and gather the facts that you need.

The skills to research efficiently stay with you forever. If you learn to hunt the information you require about a topic in a college, you won’t find any trouble researching, ever. When you start practicing the four simple practices we suggested, you will put together a decent bibliography. Make sure your studies must provide correct and relevant information. And remember to write crisp content.

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