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Five Benefits of Learning AutoCAD for Mechanical Engineers

26 Feb, 2018 5950 4 minutes

Know Why Aspiring Mechanical Engineers Need to Learn AutoCAD

Mechanical engineering is a booming career option as many industries and organisations need to hire experts of this field. The job of a mechanical engineer revolves around designing objects pertaining to motors, robots, or engine gears. A computer-aided designing software program like AutoCAD can help these professionals in many ways such as creating detailed, three-dimensional digital models of their project and forming a database of information about dimensions, materials and the functioning of moving parts. In this way, it can save a considerable amount of time and money as compared to traditional prototyping. Here we have given five ways in which AutoCAD can help mechanical engineers develop efficient models while saving time and cost in comparison with conventional prototypes:

1. Design production

AutoCAD software helps in designing the blueprint of a project. Moreover, this computer-aided software is used for creating 3-D images and seeing the project in virtual reality(VR). This designing tool does not require the engineer to redraw the images again and again, in need of any modification. Instead, the designer can implement simplified redesigning process.

2. Testing and troubleshooting

AutoCAD is especially useful in the field of automobile designing, robotic, and Android phones creation. It helps engineers in locating flaws and discrepancies, and malfunctioning elements in the model. Thus, assisting in developing an efficient design. Unlike traditional designing tools, it also eliminates the effort required for physically testing the model again and again.

3. Reducing time and expenses

Physical prototyping is a lengthy process as it requires designing the model again and again on the basis of the result derived from testing. Moreover, it involves more cost as every time the engineering team needs to manufacture a new model and test it. But AutoCAD software helps in saving sufficient time and cost by creating the best design and checking its details without testing it physically.

4. Quality assurance

The software helps in accessing the quality of a future product and designing a better model if required. Moreover, it can be used for comparing the quality of the device with competitors. This will help the manufacturer to create a stand out product.

5. Integration and communication

The AutoCAD software can allow a team of engineers to work on a design from their respective computer devices. Moreover, they can discuss about the project and make changes to it, thus helping in better communication.

These were some of the most important uses of AutoCAD software that make it worth learning if you are a mechanical engineering student. Well, the subject is equally useful for many other branches of engineering such as civil and electrical. And, it does not matter whatever subject you study at the college level, if you want to make a career in real estate, fashion, or manufacturing industry, learning AutoCAD will prove to be really beneficial. But the subject is not that easy as you need to get command of the basic concepts of designing before studying the high level concepts. Moreover, every topic is inter-related to each other, so it becomes tough to complete one without understanding the other.

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