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Good Thematic Statements Examples with Writing Ideas by Experts

01 Dec 2021 1509 9 minutes
Excellent Examples of Thematic Statements

Good Thematic Statements Examples with Writing Ideas by Experts

"˜Trust in yourself is just as important as trust in others.'

By reading the above line, you must have understood what it means. But can you find the theme of it? Well! It's evident that the theme is "˜Trust.' But in some statements, it is difficult to find.

If you are a literature student, you have to learn this type of many thematic statements examples. They help to make the reader understand the whole story easily. Often, you are given a paragraph, you need to find its theme. After it, you have to write a thematic statement out of it, during an assessment.

If you don't have excellent analytical and observational skills, it can be a difficult task for you. Many times students get stuck while developing thematic statements and lose amazing marks in their assessments. But you have reached the right blog. It will deliver excellent information and introduce you to some crucial thematic statement examples.

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So, let's get started with the introduction of the thematic statement.

What Is a Thematic Statement? Explained!

A thematic statement is a sentence that tells the theme. By reading it, you can know what is the main idea of the literary work. You can also call it a central message of a story in a writing. Theme can be said in one word like Love but thematic statement needs more than one-word sentence like Unconditional love withstands any obstacle.

Now you must have understood what is theme, and What is a thematic statement. If you want to know how to write it perfectly, you should not miss the below section. It will make you aware of 5 points. If you follow them, you can write perfect thematic statements.

How to Write a Thematic Statement? [5 Points]

  1. Do Meticulous Reading: When you have a paragraph, story, or any other writing in the assessment, read it meticulously. If you don't do it, you will not be able to find the theme. And it can lead to incorrect thematic statement writing at the end. So, always give a meticulous reading to the paragraph.
  2. Look for Main Idea: Until and unless you find out the main idea, you will not be able to write a perfect thematic statement. A write-up can have several ideas, and you can get confused among them. In this situation, read the write-up more times or until you are sure about the central idea.
  3. Understand the Author's View: When you read a document, try to put yourself in the place of the author. Try to understand what thought would be rolling in his mind while writing. Being a literary student, you need to do this analysis.
  4. Don't Be Obvious: You should not use an idea for a theme which is very common. For example Jealousy can ruin relationships. Everyone knows it, so picking it as a theme is not a good idea. You should look for something different but not so much different, that the reader can't understand it.
  5. Avoid Cliches: You should avoid the thematic statements examples like Actions speak louder than the words. This statement comes under Cliche, not a thematic statement. People use cliches very commonly. So it would be a bad idea to choose this type of sentence as a thematic statement.
  6. Now you must have understood how to write a thematic statement. You can write it more effectively if you know some examples. They will help you understand how people write. And you will have the correct direction to write thematic statements.

Know the examples of thematic statements in the upcoming section.

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Crucial Thematic Statement Examples for Students

  1. Theme: Fear
  • People overcome fear through courage.
  • Fear keeps people living their life safely.
  • One can overcome fear by not feeling it.
  • The fear of death can be an agent of change.
  1. Theme: Identity
  • People risk their identity to complete their wishes.
  • Identity leads to clarity and success in life.
  • It takes faith in yourself to thrive in a harsh world.
  • Your identity grows as you grow up and experience things. 
  1. Theme: Trust 
  • Having faith in others makes you courageous. 
  • Trust can't be given it has to be earned.
  • Trust is important to live life together.
  • Believing yourself before anyone else helps to decide better. 
  1. Theme: Love 
  • Love taken to an extreme can be dangerous.
  • Love can help us to be the best of ourselves.
  • Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength.
  • People feel alive when they are in love. 
  1. Theme: Racism
  • A single moment is often the first step to people being willing to change the status quo.
  • Racism is caused by a group of people that defines themselves with a particular group.
  • Racial oppression and repressions are mechanisms used to gain power.
  • Racism is often held under the pretext of us vs. them.

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These are examples of thematic statements. Now it must be clear in your mind how to write them. For this, one more thing you can follow is the thematic statement template. It will make your task easy as you will get the ready-made formats.

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