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5 Factors That Will Bring a Major Change in Telecom Industry by 2020

19 Feb 2018 8662 4 minutes
Telecom Industry

The Telecom industry around the world is proliferating and contributing substantially to the world's GDP. It has registered the greatest height in the past two decades and has completely revolutionized the way people communicate, share information, and stay connected. 3G & 4G services remarkably drove its growth along with the huge machine-to-machine (M2M) advancement in 2016-17. However, this rise has come at the cost of the unsustainable and inefficient model of energy generation, climate, and many other things. Such setbacks have raised many fundamental questions on the future model of the Telecom sector.  Additionally, certain other factors or forces are disturbing the telecommunication industry. If you are keen to know about them, then read this blog prepared by the telecommunication assignment help expert.

1.)Astronomical Growth in Volumes of Data: Researchers from IDC predicted that the data volume might explode in 2020 as it will reach 35 zettabytes. By the end of this decade, the hike in the world's digital information is expected to be 57%. And, out of which the internet traffic will lift up by 35%, whereas mobile data traffic will rise to 110%. But, there is a downside to it as this massive and unstructured data will raise the costs of analysis.

2.)Wireless Connectivity with Aerial Vehicles: To provide top-quality broadband access to everywhere in the world, and that too at affordable prices, these drone-based, or space-balloon systems are very efficient. They'll be likely to appear before 2020 ends. These remotely piloted aircrafts can be a significant breakthrough in telecommunication sector due to their high mobility and low-cost internet services.

3.)Demand for Data Security: In less than a decade, the mobile technology has transformed a lot. People share their useful and confidential data in various storage devices. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets have increased the day-to-day internet connectivity and convenience. But, these devices are prone to security risks as cybercriminal can gain access to the data by hacking them. Therefore, the Telecom industries have to tackle this demand of their users.

4.)Rising Content Competition: If companies want to further consumer engagement and client relations, they must employ the latest tactics, and content marketing is one of those. In Telecom sector, this has lead to high competition in the market and that further reduced the cost of services. The prices are going down and down, and by 2020, it is likely that the content company will acquire Telecom sector.

5.)Demand for Wireless Migration: The universal growth of mobile connectivity has surpassed the hardline connectivity. And, it's surprising that the major growth can be seen in the developing countries like India, where consumers may not even own a home, but they have mobile phones with WiFi connectivity. For such people, mobile is convenient, cheaper, and more useful than the landline connectivity. So one can imagine the demand of wireless devices in 2020.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, many other elements are yet to strike the Telecom world. Till then, all you need to do is wait for some more changes in this sector while enjoying the best mobile services at meager prices. Hope you found this blog informative.

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