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Top 10 Hardest Degrees in the UK & What Makes Them Hard | A Student's Guide!

11 Jun 2021 3801 12 minutes
10 Hardest Degrees in UK [LATEST]

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."-Herman Melville.

The quote implies that it is better to fail if you have to pretend you are successful. A lot of students in the world dream of an excellent career to succeed, but only a few can make the right decisions for their careers. Some only dream, but some try hard to convert them into reality.

A student's life is adventurous and offers good memories. You want to enjoy it, and at the same time, you have to think about your career also. Some students move to the UK in search of an excellent education. But they have to face the hardest degrees UK UK-based courses.

You have to make tough decisions. Many students do not get all the educational facilities, so they don't get a high-quality education. Such international students come to the UK in search of high-quality studies and excellent jobs. If you are planning to study in the UK, then you need to know that there are some courses that are very tough.

Let's scroll down and know the list of hardest courses.

List of the Hardest Degrees in the UK [#TOP 10]

  1. Architecture: This subject may be interesting for some students until they don’t come to the UK to study it. This is because architecture requires hard sacrifice from you for little return. The prestige of the education system in the UK attracts many national and international students to pursue this course. Many lengthy or time-consuming assignments are given to the students in architecture courses.
  2. Biological Sciences: Long hours of practical classes and tough assessments make this course difficult to pursue in the UK. The UK professors want students to perform extraordinarily in the exams. The quality of the biological science assignments needs to be very good.
  3. Economics: If you want to get a degree in this subject in the UK, then you have to be skilled in mathematics. Statistical analysis is the most important part of this course. You have to understand and develop models and principles that can be applied in reality. Due to these reasons, this is one of the hardest degrees UK students opt for
  4. Medicine: It is the most competitive course in the UK. A lot of students dream of getting admission to study this subject. If you have an excellent standard grade in this subject in your higher school, then you are welcome to in this course. You have to score at least a 7.0 band in the IELTS exam to get enrolled in the medical courses.
  5. Biochemistry: While pursuing this course, you have to study chemical processes in the body of animals, plants, humans, and other living beings. To get graduated in this subject is quite difficult, because you have to spend long hours in the lab, and need to do intense research in a UK university.
  6. Astrophysics: If you are planning to pursue this course in the UK, then you should be ready to solve tough questions. And you must have an excellent undergraduate degree if you want to do a master's in this subject from the UK.
  7. Law: The country is known for high-quality education in different subjects, and law is one of them. Many international students come to pursue this course. The entrance test is set so hard due to high competition, and that is why law grabs the title-hardest degrees UK
  8. Chemical Engineering: If you want to pursue this course, then you must know that this is an undeniably difficult course to study in the UK. You will have to face several exams to complete the chemical engineering course.
  9. Psychology: Students have to do extensive research, data study, conduct surveys, and write lengthy case studies if they want to pursue this course in the UK. Without thorough research, you can’t produce an original paper. Many students need a plagiarism checker free so that they can check the originality of the paper.
  10. Aerospace Engineering: The space sector contributes 13.7 billion per annum to the UK economy approximately. So, there is always a need for brilliant employees, and this increases the competition. To pursue this course, you need to be skilled in maths and physics. You have to deal with various projects while pursuing a course in aerospace engineering in the UK.
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These are some of the degrees that are hard to get for students in the UK. The assignments given in these courses are also very tough, and that is why many students seek homework help. You must be thinking about why these degrees are tough to get in the UK. Other countries also offer such degrees, but they are not that hard, why?

Let's know then what makes these degrees in the UK hard in the below section

What Makes These Degrees Hardest? [5 Things]

  • Long study hours
  • Tough assignments
  • Excellent prior subject knowledge is required.
  • High demand for extraordinary academic performance
  • Competition with the international students
  • Excessive focus on student's creativity

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Dreaming to pursue these courses in the UK can be completed if you take assessments seriously. Essays, assignments, and research papers are given by UK professors, but they are very tough to write. To complete the paper without any errors, many students seek essay writing help from professional writers.

You must be thinking, If these degrees are this tough, then why every year thousands of international students come to the UK to acquire degrees from here? Your curiosity is genuine. Read further and get the answer below.

Why do Students Opt for These Degrees in the UK?

  1. Academic reputation
  2. Culturally diverse environment.
  3. Highly skilled academic staff.
  4. UK being the epitome of academic success.
  5. Broad choice of courses.
  6. Short duration of courses.
  7. Internationally recognized universities.

Now, you may have understood why students seek these degrees from the UK. If you read the data regarding the influx of international students in the UK, then you will realize that every year a lot of students come here. After completing the course, many move to their home country, while some find jobs in the UK itself.

Let's have a look at some facts below!

A Glimpse at the UK Student's Statistics

  • According to the QS ranking, London was 5th best student-friendly city in the world in 2016.
  • 485645 international students studied in the UK in 2019.
  • 5-10% increment in international students was seen in 2017-2018 in the UK.

China, India, and the USA are the top three countries in the list of top 10 countries from which students come to study in the UK.

Isn’t it surprising that a lot of students come to the UK every year? Yes, it is! They come with a dream to get the best quality study and job. If you are planning to go to the UK, then you should be financially stable, clear about the course, and most importantly, ready for hard work. You will have to write several assignments and essays, and they all should be plagiarism-free. Many students look for paraphrasing tools online for free so that they can write original content.

If you are worried about how to deal with difficult assessments, then you should search online and find the best writing help. This write-up also helps you by suggesting one of the best online assignment help providers.

Read about it below!

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The UK is the educational hub for international students. As you have read in the section every year the UK receives thousands of students, thus the tough competition is obvious. Now, you know what the hardest degrees in UK courses are, so you can decide to opt or not. Read the list again and make a wise decision for your future.


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