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Qualitative V/S Quantitative Research Method: Which One Is Better?

08 Jun 2020 5861 8 minutes
Qualitative V/S Quantitative Research Method: Which One Is Better?

An assignment without perfect research is incomplete. But, the fact is Canadian students generally get confused about opting for the best research method no matter whatever the subject is. There are different types of research, and the method can be chosen according to the assignment's convenience and requirement. According to the assignment help experts of Canada, the most common research methods are qualitative and quantitative methods. Many student assume that these are two different methods, but that's not true. It may be said that the qualitative method and quantitative method are the two extreme ends of the same continuum, and that is balanced by a mixed research method. That is why the experts of Global Assignment Help suggests deciding the method prior to writing an assignment.

To make it more clear, they have explained both the methods further.

OK! Now, let's get started with the qualitative research method"

What Is Qualitative Research Method?

Qualitative method of analysis is a way of conveying the findings of the study into sentences rather than numbers. Many assignment help experts noticed that the students look at issues from their point of view rather than from the general point of view and, thus, the decisions that arrive are, therefore, according to the necessity of the student. This approach is considered the best if the student is already aware of the solution. This approach is best suited for collecting facts to support one's reasoning. It focuses on the "why" and "how" rather than the "what" of social phenomena and depends on human beings' direct experiences.

Different Types of Qualitative Research Method

There are multiple types of research methods for qualitative analysis approach. So, let's have a look at five forms of qualitative research that are commonly used when writing an assignment on topics such as industry, education, and organizational models of government, etc. They are -

  • Case Study
  • Grounded Theory
  • Narrative Research
  • Historical Research
  • Ethnographic Research

Different Types of Qualitative Research Method

What Is Quantitative Research Method?

A quantitative method of research, basically, deals with numbers. Most of the Canadian assignment helper trust this method, as they believe anything that has been proven with the help of number cannot be wrong. It is a systematic method, and thus there is no risk that the work will be incorrect. Survey and experiment design are two of the techniques that are commonly used for quantitative research purposes. This type of research method mainly involves the use of statistical and mathematical tools to derive the output.

Different Types of Quantitative Research Method

Just like the qualitative research method, this one has four major research methods, and the fifth one is the survey method. OK! Let's have a look at what are the other four methods -

  • Survey Research
  • Descriptive Research
  • Correlational Research
  • Experimental Research
  • Quasi-experimental Research

Different Types of Quantitative Research Method

OK! So, this is all about the two most popular methods that students of Canada generally choose for writing a better assignment. But, the approach chosen by the Canadian student completely depends upon the subject. Quantitative methods allow the student to relax since he knows that the outcome depends entirely on the sample selected. In the case of qualitative research method, a student needs to read a lot of material so that they can arrive at a conclusion and they do need to read in between the lines. Well, there is a never-ending debate between which method is the best and why. So, the experts of Global Assignment Help have shed light on the difference between qualitative and quantitative research in the succeeding section.

What Is the Difference Between Qualitative & Quantitative Research Method?

To make sure that you understand the difference between both the methods clearly, our assignment help experts have prepared a comparison chart for you. Here it is"





It is a method that develops an understanding of the human and social sciences, finding the way people think and feel.

It is a method that uses statistical, logical, and mathematical techniques to generate numerical data and hard facts.







Research Type













To explore and discover ideas used in the ongoing processes.

To examine the cause and effect relationship between variables.


Non-structured techniques like In-depth interviews, group discussions, etc.

Structured techniques, such as surveys, questionnaires, and observations.



Develops initial understanding

Recommends a final course of action

We hope that after looking at this comparison chart, now you must have a clear idea of which research method is the best suitable for what type of subject.

As per our assignment helper, ideal research is the one that is carried out together by considering both the methods. While there are some different areas that require only one type of research that mostly depends on the student's knowledge. Though qualitative research appears to be interpretative, quantitative research is concrete. If still, after reading all of this, you are getting confused and couldn't conduct an effective research for any writing task, then consider reading this blog "Top 5 Tips for Finding Reliable Research Sources for Assignment or visit Global Assignment Help.

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