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Top 5 Tips for Finding Reliable Research Sources for Assignment

01 Jun 2019 4922 6 minutes
Top 5 Tips for Finding Reliable Research Sources for Assignment

Top 5 Tips for Finding Reliable Research Sources for Assignment

A proper citation and referencing make an assignment the best. Nowadays, finding reliable research sources is not at all difficult tasks for scholars. This is all possible just because of the internet. But, sometimes when the deadlines are quick, then it becomes really difficult for the students to evaluate the credibility of the sources due to the lack of time. They get stuck in confusion, whether to take information from that website. So, in order to inspire them to go to the extra mile for their upcoming assignments, here are the top 5 tips to find the most reliable sources, recommended by the experts of Global Assignment Help:

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What Are the Best Reliable Sources for Writing an Assignment?

1. Find Online News Sources

Remember, when you search for news sources you should always go for the sources that are reputable. There are thousands of news articles published every day who make people fool by showing their fake press pieces as real reports. According to our experts, when you write an assignment on any topics always go through the news sources that have a strong history and are capable of producing quality editorials. Choosing an assignment topic from the news sources is the best way because through this you can get the latest research topics to write an assignment on. The best way to check the credibility of the online research sources is to check their scientific and business research stories that include citations and references links to the original data.

2. Know the Importance of Suffix

If you want to check the quality of the website, then make sure to check their suffix because it matters a lot. Now, you are getting confused about what does suffix means and how to check the credibility?

Read the following section to know about it:

  • org - This domain is basically used by schools, open-source projects, and communities, and sometimes used by some non-commercial organizations. So go through such web-pages, the websites with .org are generally very reliable. For example
  • edu - This suffix stands for the top-level domain for education. These pages are basically created for the educational websites and for the university as well. So, users can get information from such sources as they are the most reliable one to get information from.
  • com - It is one of the most commonly used suffixes as it is basically used by commercial businesses that sell a product or services. These are the most credible sites from where you can take the information.

3. Use Wikipedia Effectively

In today's time, Wikipedia has become one of the most trustworthy sources among millions of users to get information from. This has become all possible because of the high number of visitors and the availability of authentic information. Most of the professors ask students to write an assignment on their own instead of taking information from Wikipedia because the pages are written by their own community users only.

So, to avoid this, you can simply scroll down to the end page of Wikipedia and you will find a list of resources related to your topic, that too with the links of the sources. You can use those sources too.

4. Go Through Academic Publications

Using academic publications and journals that are peer-reviewed are the best way to support an argument within an assignment. It is basically considered as a powerful tool to support your opinion. You can even find articles, thesis, abstracts, publications, and many more using Google scholar.

5. Take Help from Industry Experts

You can gain knowledge about the subject by attending seminars from an industrial expert or take assignment help from expert writers. This is definitely not possible when your assignment deadline is near, but if you are ahead with your workload then it can be a good technique to get knowledge about the subject and its related topics. Apart from this, you can also approach experts to get assignment help on the assigned topic.

Assignment writing is not a difficult task, but what makes it more challenging is to find the best reliable sources to get information from. If you also think so, then going through the above-mentioned tips will surely be a benefit for you. You can easily find authentic sources for writing an assignment, and if you fail to do so, then you can also seek homework help from our experts.

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