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Persuasive Techniques and Tips of Writing: A Complete Guide

29 Jan 2021 1763 13 minutes
12 Persuasive Techniques

A poor idea well written is more likely to be accepted than a good idea poorly written. as Isaac Asimov

The quote above implicit that your good idea will not leave any impression on the reader if you have presented it badly; whereas a bad idea can look impressive to the reader if you have presented it perfectly. Thus, persuasive techniques of writing are used with the aim to influence the reader.

Students also have to learn this technique to produce exceptional academic papers like assignments, essays, thesis, dissertations, and more. Let's know what is the meaning of persuasive writing because by knowing it, you will better understand what are its techniques and how they can be useful for you.

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What Is Persuasive Writing?

It is mostly used to write academic and non-academic documents; where you have to be very careful while choosing words. You can develop arguments with the help of this writing type. It is mainly used when the writer needs to make the reader believe his or her ideas and actions; basically to influence the reader.

The persuasive technique obtains great importance as this can help with essay writing also. Students can impress the professor easily if they write the essay in this technique.

But for this, you should know what are the persuasive language techniques. Read what are they in the coming up section.

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What Are Persuasive Writing Techniques?

Writers have to persuade the readers with different sentences; but on the other hand, repeating them can reduce the readability. To avoid this issue, writers use some techniques so that they can keep readers stick to the content. For this, they take the help of persuasive writing.

To understand its techniques, first, you need to know about its three pillars. The three pillars of persuasive writing are:

Ethos: If your work has credibility, then readers can believe it. So this pillar of persuasive writing is about making your information credible. Error-free writing also makes the paper credible.

Logos: To persuade the reader, writing logically is necessary. Logic always makes your arguments strong. It can be in the form of evidence, example, statistics, numerical data, and more. Quotes and questions also make writing more logical and impressive. When students seek assignment help, then experts also write using logic to make students' papers impressive.

Pathos: When the writer has to influence the reader with emotions, he has to judge his mood and feelings. This pillar of persuasive writing is very helpful to compel the reader.

Most of the persuasive essay writing service providers use all three pillars while writing the essays for students. Now move to its techniques.

12 Persuasive Writing Techniques Types

1. Adverb: It is used to modify verbs and adjectives. You can catch the adverb in the sentence if there is any word that ends with a. Well, this is not true for all the cases of sentences, but in most of the cases. Adverbs can come in the form of adverb phrases to intensify the lines.

2. Appeal: The writer has to analyze the readers sense of emotion, fairness, patriotism, justice, and more to write appealing content. You can take specific decisions if you know what a reader wants to read.

3. Adjective: It provides more detail about the noun by modifying it. Adjectives are also used to compare things to emphasize their characteristics. It is sometimes called information gatherer because it provides knowledge about the size, shape, origin, color, and material.

4. Anecdote: If you need to describe the real incident of a person, place, and object impressively, then anecdotes are used. You can write an anecdote about any subject under the sun. This sometimes creates laughter, sorrows, and wonder in the mind of the reader.

5. Alliteration: It is used to put emphasis on the word and this is done basically by repeating words. You can get the attention of the reader on some words by writing alliterations.

6. Cliche: When the writer wants to over-express something, then he uses cliche. You can say some idioms like, a read between the lines and as light as a feather also belongs to this category. But most of the persuasive assignment help providers avoid this type of writing because it is not suitable for academic writing, but is opt for creative or fiction writing.

7. Connotation: It can be positive, negative, or neutral. When the writer wants to express multiple meanings of a word, then he uses connotation. Like blue is a color but it also conveys meaning sadness.'

8. Emotive Word: When the writer wants an emotional reaction from the reader, he uses emotive words. So, emotive words have a purpose to evoke emotions.

9. Exaggeration: To make the reader understand the point of view clearly, sometimes writers overstate words. Exaggeration presents the meaning of a word in a more expressive way than really it is.

10. Evidence: Writers make their work more strong with facts, figures, graphs, quotes, statistics, and others. These are pieces of evidence that support the argument of the writer.

11. Metaphor: It describes an object in a very exaggerating way, that generally does not hold exact meaning. It is mostly used in poetry and literature.

Example: Raining cats and dogs.

12. Rhetorical Questions: This type of question does not require an answer, it is only asked to compel the reader to think about the point mentioned in the question.

These are the 12 techniques used by professional writers. They use it to offer a persuasive essay writing service to students.

Now, you know what are writing techniques and their types but how you will implement them in your writing? Don't worry about it; Global Assignment Help offers you 8 tips for persuasive writing. Have a look at them below.

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8 Tips for Persuasive Writing

1. Choose an Interesting Topic: Assignment help experts believe that a bad topic can stop you to write impressively; so, give proper time to the topic selection.

2. Analyse What Reader Wants: Until you analyze who is your audience and what they want to read, you can't influence the reader. Always try to analyze what the reader wants to read.

3. Hook Reader's Attention: Write something catchy that can engage the reader and express your point clear. You can use quotes, questions, statements, phrases within the paragraph to make it compelling.

4. Keep Right Tone: If you are writing a persuasive essay or any other academic paper, then keep your tone formal. Try to avoid using any jargon or complicated words. If you can't write in a formal tone, then you can also seek a persuasive essay writing service.

5. Be Authoritative: You must be sure of whatever you are writing, and you should mean it. This will make your work sound authoritative.

6. Tell Both Sides of the Story: How the reader will agree with you? Well, this can happen when he understands both the problem and the solution. So, tell both sides of the story.

7. Write Influential Words: Try to use fascinating words because readers find these words interesting. But, don't trouble the reader by writing complex synonyms.

8. Simplify then Amplify: First think about what you want to write, then pen it down roughly. This will help you to identify the mistakes and make the sentence more interesting. Now you can present it in an impressive way.

So, these are the 8 tips to write persuasive techniques. It serves various benefits when you write in this type of style.

What are these benefits? Know them below, so that you can make better use of this type of writing.

What Are the Benefits of Persuasive Writing?

  • You can present ideas in a structured way with the help of persuasive writing technique.
  • It makes people believe the cause and sometimes evokes a call to action.
  • It can make you able to present your views clearly and improve your writing skills.
  • You can describe facts and research in a succinct way.
  • Main points can be conveyed properly in arguments while writing persuasive.
  • Various research paper help providers take help of this writing type to produce an impressive paper.

These are the advantages of writing persuasive. Now you can write any assignment, essay, research paper with this type of writing technique and influence your reader. But this is not easy for many students; because of poor writing skills and lack of time, they sometimes move to professional writers for help with essay writing.

Well, if you have a plan to seek professional writing help, then we are here. Know more about us.

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Where to Get the Best Persuasive Writing Help?

Although persuasive writing improves the quality of your paper, several students can't write even after serious efforts because they are not professional writers. Global Assignment Help offers assistance to those students. Till now countless students have got impressive documents from us.

Have a look at our salient services below.

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The persuasive technique of writing is generally preferred by most writers. If you want to write your paper in this style, then the above tips can help you. If you still can't write, then as mentioned above, you can reach out to us and leave the tension of writing. We also offer homework help to students other than essays and assignments, so you will get every type of paper writing help from us.

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