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The Best Examples of Online IEEE Citation Generator & Mistakes Done by Students

28 Apr 2021 1552 12 minutes
IEEE Citation Generator

The Best Examples of Online IEEE Citation Generator & Mistakes Done by Students

"˜Excellent document!' "˜Valuable information!' Many times, you heard people saying these words when they read someone's work and like it. But when they realize that the information is not real or has been taken from an unreliable source, then they feel unfortunate and irritating.

The citation comes into being to show the sources of your information so that the reader can get authenticated information. IEEE citation generator is one of the most important ways to cite sources.

Some take the help of online tools to cite, while some seek online writing help. Often, students take citation lightly, being unaware of its importance.

Below you will come to know the importance of citation and ways to cite IEEE citation in your assignment.

So, let's start!

How to Cite Sources in IEEE Effectively? | Important Points

IEEE is the abbreviation for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is mainly used in the field of information technology, telecommunication, computer science, and other such types of disciplines.

Students worldwide like to go for IEEE citation generator because they want flawless paper. If you want to cite the sources on your own, then you can also do it effectively if you know the importance of referencing.

So, have a glance at the importance of citing sources below.

  • When you cite sources, you give proper credit to the author who wrote the valuable information.
  • You can incorporate words and ideas of different authors legally if you cite them properly.
  • The reader can gain more information and ideas through the located sources.
  • Citing sources accurately keeps your document away from the issue of plagiarized content.
  • Cited sources work as a fact-checking tool so that your information can be trusted.
  • You can become a better researcher and writer if you cite sources.
  • It will build your credibility as a writer, and you can secure the highest marks in the assignment or any other academic paper.

Now, you know the importance of citation, so writing more credible information will be easy for you. There are various citation styles; you will come to know about the IEEE citation below.

The three most important things about the IEEE citation are:

  1. The last name of the author comes after the first name. Example: "Thomas Ray" instead of "Ray. T."
  2. Titles of papers are written in quotation marks. Example: "What is the future of Engineering?"
  3. Titles of books are written in Italics. Example: Administration of a State.

Remember all the above important three points about the IEEE citation to avoid mistakes or wrong usage. To know how to cite, you need to understand in-text citation.

In-text Citation Measures:

IEEE uses numeric style or sequence. Every reference number is enclosed in brackets on the same line. Punctuation can be used after it, but not before the brackets.

Example: ""¦so that he can explicitly define his work through the well-known techniques [16]."

  • If there is a need to cite the same source in the further text, then also you can use the same number.
  • Same type of citation should be used for a hard and soft copy.
  • When you denote cited sources, don't write like "in reference [16]."
  • Provide a numbered list as you finish citing sources. It should be written at the end of the paper and should be titled "˜References.'
  • Enter a number at the left margin and enclose it with the brackets.

You must be thinking that to use this citation style; you need to be aware of many things. But they all are worth it, and this style is the most effective one. If you are still confused, then have a look at the 5 important examples.

5 Crucial Examples of IEEE Citation | Read & Understand

  1. [5] S. Kinney, design and operations: London 2014.
  2. D. Serf, a kingdom: Rise & Fall of King, Lebanon: Press of Virginia, 1970.
  3. [3] K. Algai, the value of tradition, Philosophy, vol. 30, December 2005.
  4. [4] D. Simon, optimal state estimation, john willy, and Sons, 2006.
  5. [1] T. D. Rossing, Springer Handbook of Acoustics, Netherlands 2004.

These are some of the examples on the IEEE citation. If you have read them properly, then you must have gained knowledge that how they are written.

If you don't have time or have any other reason due to which you can't cite the sources on your own, then don't worry; here are the IEEE citation generator examples.

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What Are Some Good Online IEEE Citation Generators?

A citation generator is a tool or software through which you can cite the sources with fewer efforts and even without any mistake. Many students seek assignment help because of poor citation writing.

If you are also facing a problem, then have a look at the most important citation generators below.

  1. Citethisforme: If you want to save your time from citing the sources, then this is the best tool because it works fast to cite the sources. So, go for it for simple, fast, and smart citations.
  2. Bibguru IEEE: It is an IEEE citation generator specifically. If you can't do the citation correctly, then this can ease your tension. They claim that the students can work on their content more by leaving the reference list tension on this tool. It is free to use.
  3. Citationmachine: This is not only helpful in citing sources but can also help to find plagiarized content. It is not specifically for IEEE citation only; referencing in other citation styles can also be done.
  4. Bibme: You can set styles using this fully automated tool. You can also update the bibliography for your page at any time, as editing is possible. Citation can be done in other styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, and more using this tool other than IEEE.

These are the 4 most important online tools; you can pick anyone as per your need. But why most of the students move to the online citation generators, why they fail to cite themselves? Let's investigate their problems below.

Why Do Students Fail to Cite Sources in IEEE?

  • Lack Prior Knowledge: If you have not heard the name citation ever before, then citing sources can be more difficult for you. Prior knowledge about the citation makes this task a little easy for you.
  • Poor Research: Accurate citations can be done when you do extensive research. In fact, the entire references are based on the research you do. You have to make notes and also mention their authors' names and dates of publication at the same time when you research.

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  • Improper Read of the Guidelines: Different citations have different guidelines. Often, they have minor differences; thus, you get confused while picking one. Citation guidelines have specific terms and strict rules. You have to adhere to them to write in a particular style.
  • Running Out of Time: This is the major concern of today's students. They have a lot many things to work on, and sometimes, they devote all the time on the phone, so don't get enough time to cite properly.
  • Misinterpreted Information: Several websites provide wrong or improper information on the citation styles. They confuse you about the accurate usage of the citation.

These reasons will be shocking for you, but a lot of students fail to write proper references due to these problems. Reason can be anything, but you have to find a way so that you cite sources. Online reference generator is one of the ways.

There is a more effective way through which you can ensure the proper citations. This is by seeking online citation help.

Have a look at the below section to know who can offer the best help.

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Who Can Help Me in Citing Sources?

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