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How to Write Assignments If You Are Struggling With Dyslexia?

17 Aug 2023 1060 17 minutes
Know How Dyslexia Impacts Student's Assignment

How does Dyslexia Affects Assignment Writing? An Expert Overview

Assignment writing is an easy task for some students, while others face numerous challenges. These issues can be as tiny as a lack of interest or as serious as Dyslexia and ADHD. Whatever the case, professors, family and peers usually neglect these academic challenges. It is because these mentors think students are excusing themselves from hard work. But, these issues can be so problematic that they affect the overall development of a student. It is the reason many scholars look for assignment help. If you are dealing with dyslexia and looking for assistance, this is it! It is because this blog will shine a spotlight on dyslexia and how it affects writing. So, without much delay, let us dive ahead.

What Is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common condition that affects the learning abilities of students. Most challenges are seen in writing, spelling words, reading, and comprehension. However, some people think dyslexia affects the overall development of a person. Instead, dyslexic students have unique talents, creative ideas, and other skills just like an average candidate. The only drawback is that it is a neurodevelopmental learning disorder, which only hampers their reading and writing skills.

Every third person in the UK has dyslexia. Many of them are young people pursuing college degrees. It becomes difficult for them to cope with the academic requirements of their institute, which highly impacts their skills in assignment writing. These scholars often wonder if dyslexia is curable or not. Well, there is no direct medication that can directly target the problem. But, using some techniques and an early assessment for dyslexia, you can limit its effects on a larger scale. Moreover, to treat dyslexia, it is essential to diagnose it. So, moving further, we will discuss some common symptoms of the same.

What Symptoms Can be Observed in Students Dealing with Dyslexia?

Symptoms of Dyslexia

In this section, you will learn about the symptoms that are seen in dyslexic students. Reading them may help you diagnose the condition.

Reading Issues

Dyslexia affects the mind and leads to individual differences in the areas of the brain. This situation impacts the reading skills of students. For instance, their age maybe 15 years, but they may read like a 9-year-old. 

Constant Fumbling

Dyslexic students find it difficult to decode words and sentences. Therefore, their brain gets confused while reading or speaking. So, you will find them struggling with spellings and dialouges. Due to all this, they may fumble a lot and get stuck while saying something.

Learning Problems

Students dealing from dyslexia face several challenges in recognising sentences. Their brains can take a lot of time to process language. For instance, they may think the word top is pot and pronounce it likewise. 

Confusing Letters

One of the most common symptoms of dyslexia is confusion between letters. This confusion often happens in similar alphabets or ones with mirror images. For instance, they may get confused with "b and d", "m and w" or "u and n".

Task In-Completion

Dyslexia can slow things down, and writing assignments can be a complex process. Moreover, sometimes these challenges stress out a student, which in turn leads to anxiety. Thus, it is observed that this condition contributes towards task incompletion.

So, now that you have learned the symptoms of dyslexia, we will move ahead and focus on how it affects the assignment-writing abilities of students.

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What Challenges Are Faced by Dyslexic Students in Writing Assignments?

Dyslexic students will have several ideas for their academic writing. But executing and completing these tasks brings many challenges. Understanding these issues is difficult for parents, and thus they often wonder, "Where you can ask questions about assessments for dyslexia?". Well, conduct research on the internet, or you can refer to the list of such problems defined below.

Improper Sentences

If you have been dealing with dyslexia since early childhood, you will notice its impacts in your statements and lines. The sentences will comprise incorrect structure, spelling errors and other writing errors.

Problems in Researching

One of the prime reasons dyslexic students need assignment writing helpis to overcome data resource challenges. It is because while researching, these students face difficulties reading and understanding the information.

Challenges in Drafting: 

Another prime impact of dyslexia on assignments is that it brings up several issues while drafting. As discussed earlier, these students may have great ideas to write, yet while working, their brains cannot process the instructions, which leads to drafting errors.

Difficulties in Editing

These scholars mix up words, sentences, and letters. Thus, their write-up includes several errors. On top of this, while self-proofreading their document, they cannot identify and resolve these mistakes. So, they end up submitting papers full of errors.

Following Instructions

Every assignment comprises a long set of instructions. Due to a lack of the required learning abilities, these students are behind in following these regulations. Thus, colleges must introduce easy homework and dyslexia-friendly assignments.

In the above sections of this blog, you learned about the challenges and symptoms of dyslexia, or neurodevelopmental learning disorder. Let us move further from the diagnosis and discuss some informal and formal dyslexia assessment techniques. These will help in resolving the assignment-writing challenges of dyslexic students.

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Techniques for Assisting Dyslexic Student in Writing Assignments 

Now, we will discuss some techniques that will aid in controlling the impacts of dyslexia on assignment writing. Implement them with the support of a mentor, like an expert or family member. Also, make sure that you take one step at a time and not overwhelm yourself.

Techniques for Assisting Dyslexic Student

Computer Work

Students with dyslexia can find it tough to write. It is because they get confused with similar letters. Due to all this, their documents include several writing and spelling mistakes. Thus, to resolve this issue, you can start the drafting process on the computer. So, use AI tools for misspelt words, but make sure to cross-check phrases like there and there. After that, this computer can also ease out the research work for such students. It is because on the web, you can find audiobooks, video lectures, and dyslexia-friendly assignment resources.

Many students have observed that by using computers, they can see improvements in their concentration. Scholars even started to adapt spelling games and other exercises that were available on the internet.

Drafting Assistance

Many dyslexic students face problems while drafting. Some of them also showcase symptoms of dysgraphia. It is a condition where one person will write slowly, untidily, and even with illegible writing. So, to cure this, they can use handwriting tools such as special pencils with triangular tips. Also, the best alternative is to write on a slate with chalk. All this will aid in eradicating the letter confusion.

Moreover, if you are drafting lengthy assignments, make sure to write one paragraph at a time, or 150 words at most. It will help you take short intervals, review the work, and make a fresh start for another section. After completing the write-up, first self-proofread the document and later seek homework help for editing errors.

Improving Organisation

One of the prime impacts of dyslexia is that it affects the organisation skills of a student. Apart from this, they also face problems like short-term memory and poor concentration. To avoid this, start planning out all the tasks in detail. Build a daily routine, and every day, create a consistent timetable for yourself. Also, you should have a plan of action for each step: Researching, drafting, and editing.

Also, if you want to organise the homework suitably, you must keep paragraphs short. Apart from this, the sentences should be around 10–15 words each. Lastly, use transition words and layman’s terms to maintain connectivity.

Visual Learning

Many students face challenges in researching information, and for dyslexic children, these problems become much more complicated. It is because these scholars struggle with reading and comprehending the data. Thus, sometimes the sourced information fails to fulfil the listed requirements.

So, to save yourself from this problematic issue, the best alternative is to adapt visual learning methods. So, refer to pictures, flow charts, and videos. First, understand the topic in-depth, and then it will be up to you to research it.

Reading Aloud

As discussed earlier, common symptoms of dyslexia are constant fumbling and reading issues. To improve these skills, students can practise various measures. One such technique is reading aloud. This will help you enhance your focus, as speaking loudly requires a higher concentration level. Moreover, you will also learn new words and avoid confusion among them.

Another thing students can do to improve their reading abilities is listen to audiobooks every single day. This will aid in recognising the sound of words and how each of them is pronounced. But make sure to be consistent and practise daily.

Using the above techniques, you can eliminate the impacts of dyslexia. Even after this you do not observe major changes then you can adapt a individual education learning plan with expert assistance. Through such techniques you will also observe drastic changes in your assignment-writing abilities. Well, if you cannot believe us, then we have a real-life example for you in the section given below

Are You a Dyslexic Student Who Is Struggling to Write Assignments? Get Expert Help Now! Contact Experts!

Success Stories of Students Tackling Dyslexia to Write Assignments

Jayden Bradley is a 19-year-old student who was diagnosed with dyslexia in early childhood. In middle school, there was no treatment approach adopted by him or his parents. Due to this, dyslexia had some serious impacts on his academic writing. He could not complete the assignments on time, and the papers included multiple errors. All this had a drastic impact on his academic grades, and finally, he started to look for techniques to control dyslexia. 

The common symptoms that were observed in Jayden were fumbling while speaking, reading issues, comprehension problems, and learning problems. Moreover, he found himself confused with difficult words and common homophones such as see and sea. Apart from this, the most complex task for Jayden was to write lengthy papers at once and collect data. He could only grasp simpler concepts, and understanding complex topics was impossible.

One question that wandered into his parent's minds was, Does the school organise assessments for dyslexia? Well, there was no such assistance available at his school, but his Teaching assistant recommended Jayden’s parents see an expert who could guide them. With their help, they started a step-by-step process to treat his dyslexia. At first, they taught him to plan things and create a timetable. After this, he was taught how to distinguish words and letters. It took a lot of writing practice, which began from scratch. That is, first write the alphabet repeatedly, then write 4-5 letter words, and so on. Gradually, through consistency, a lot of improvement was observed in the candidate. After this, to tackle research problems, Jayden either uses video lectures or audiobooks, or his parents give a simple overview of the topic. Moreover, he was encouraged to write one paragraph at a time and read it aloud after drafting.

All these processes took a lot of time, but today Jayden can read and write better. Some of his assignments scored well in class. All this was possible through encouragement, support, and consistency. So, if you are a dyslexic student, do not lose hope and start the hustle today.

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Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental learning disorder that affects the learning and reading abilities of a student. You may observe symptoms such as fumbling, reading issues, comprehension problems, and confusion in words and letters. Thus, writing assignments for such students becomes a much more difficult task. These scholars face issues while researching, drafting, and editing, which seems like an impossible task. So, try to implement the above-given techniques in your daily life and be consistent. If you feel like you are overwhelming yourself and cannot draft lengthy papers, experts at Global Assignment Help can write the assignment for you.

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