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Top 10 MBA Assignment Samples That Help You Write a Perfect Document

10 Dec 2020 16551 12 minutes
MBA Assignment Samples

Nowadays, every second student having management or engineering background consider pursuing an MBA degree because of its scope and infinite opportunities. As we all know that nothing comes easy, one has to pay the price to achieve something in life. Similarly, enrolling in an MBA course is one thing, and completing it with good grades is another. The course is tedious and professors assign tons of assignment writing tasks on different topics, making students wonder why the heck they enrolled themselves.

If you are one such student and want to overcome all the challenges faced in academic writing, go through the samples written by our experienced MBA assignment help experts. Global Assignment Help has the dedicated sample section covering 1000+ topics from various areas of study. Take a look.

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The Best 10 MBA Assignment Samples

1. How to Develop Leadership Skills?

Every business organization requires leaders who have the skill to deal with many complex situations. And it's a leader's responsibility to take the correct decision when asked. It is one of the crucial questions that professors keep asking students in their assignments. Thus, Global Assignment Help experts have shared a sample in which you will get to know about assessing and developing leadership skills through appropriate methods. It will help you review all the leadership requirements so that drafting an assignment on a similar topic won't be hectic.

Sample Link: Assess and Develop leadership Skills

2. Strategic Management for Better Performance

Strategic management is the most significant process in every organization. It involves appropriate formulation as well as the implementation of different strategies to attain better performance. While studying an MBA in a business-related field, students are often asked to write assignments on this topic. If you lack knowledge about the topic, you are more likely to include vague information or fail to initiate the draft. However, to help you enhance your knowledge, here is a sample that enlists all the ways to understand how a company can perform better. The writers have taken Nike as an instance to convey the management strategies in the simplest way possible.

Sample Link: Strategic Management For Better Performance

3. Study of Changes in the Organization

Changes are integral aspects of organizations that improve the current performance of an entity. Writing an MBA assignment on this topic will help you gain knowledge of different angles of changes along with the resistance among various employees. When students receive this topic for their assignment, they feel stressed because they don't have an appropriate knowledge to cover all the aspects of the topic without repeating any section. Thus, taking reference from our free samples help is a great option.

4. Organizational Behaviour

Organizational behaviour is a study of an individual or group performance within the business enterprise. Further, it analyzes employee behaviour within a particular work environment and shows its significant impact on performance and job structure. An MBA student has to learn organizational behaviour, and the professor finds assigning assignments on this topic as the best way for learning. Thus, students need to develop their existing skills by simply learning strategies to implement in their assignments make the content relevant in every aspect. You can easily do this by referring to the below-mentioned sample.

Sample Link: Organizational Behavior

5. Conference & Banquet Management

Conference and banquet are termed as a part of the hospitality sector where specific events are organized, such as weddings, dinners, parties, and meetings. Students studying management have to manage such events, that is why they need to know about this area. The subject professor sometimes asks them to draft an assignment on a similar topic during their MBA course. For that, have a look at the sample provided below. It may help you write the next assignment as per the demand. The sample includes information related to the required size and scope majorly to conduct any small or large event for people with different mindsets. It helps you know the way to handle people and things in such a way to ensure the success of the event.

Sample Link: Conference and Banqueting Management

6. The Concept of Change Management

While studying an MBA, students learn that every business develops a different set of strategies to manage people side of change to attain the short and long term business goals. It is one of the most significant concepts that students have to learn. The subject professor also wants to ensure that whether the students have understood the concept or not by assigning them the task of writing assignment on this particular topic.

If you have failed to understand this concept in the classroom and now stuck in drafting an assignment on it, don't worry! Take a read through this sample that involves detailed information about the concept of change management.

Sample Link: Management of Change

7. Importance of Employee Relations in an Organization

A business organization is a place where different people come together to achieve a common goal and objective. It is evident that when many people come together to contribute to any organizational decision, conflicts happen. A manager is responsible for managing such issues. A manager's role is to maintain harmony between an organization's personnel so that the ultimate goal of any business can be achieved without any hassle.

While studying conflict management, students learn strategies and ways to maintain relations among employees. So, an assignment on this particular topic will help you learn the strategies of maintaining employee relations. However, if you lack knowledge or information about the topic, consider this sample. It will help you gain knowledge and write effective content from start to end.

Sample Link: Introduction To Employee Relations

8. Need for Logistics & Operations in a Firm

Logistics and Operations consist of implementing constructive designs and managing systems for the effective development of individuals. It plays a significant role in the success of a product, and an MBA qualified student must hold command of this. It is because the professors can ask students to draft an assignment on this topic with relevant examples. If they lack knowledge about the importance of process design on products, they are more likely to secure bad grades. Thus, the professionals of Global Assignment Help have shared a sample that includes the complete process of product designing in terms of the need for logistics and operation in a firm. We believe that this sample will help you create the best assignment at one go.

9. How to Manage Equality & Diversity?

Diversity and equality are both the most important concerns of any organization to provide respect to all human possessions. And, that is why the professor tries to teach this and ask students to write assignments so that they can get better knowledge of this. The sample document provided by us will surely help you.

10. Room Divisions

Room division management is an aspect of operations management that deals with the creation of a pleasant and enjoyable environment for customers. Visiting the sample link provided below will give you information on room division management.

Sample Link: Room Division of Four Seasons Hotel

MBA is one of the sought-after courses in almost all countries. While pursuing this course, you will be required to write too many assignments. And, every topic will be different. However, it will become quite easy to write if you go through the sample documents provided above. In case you face difficulty understanding any of the samples, consider taking assignment writing services from the professionals of Global Assignment Help.

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