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APA vs Harvard Referencing Style | Explained By Assignment Help Experts

28 Feb 2020 2646 6 minutes
APA vs Harvard Referencing Style

APA vs Harvard Referencing Style | Explained By Assignment Help Experts

To draft a perfect assignment, you should appropriately reference sources. It is because with the help of proper referencing, you can easily avoid the plagiarism factor in your assignment. According to our assignment help providers, including references in the assignment is one of the most crucial parts that you can never afford to miss at any cost. Now, when you know that you should include sources if you have used someone else's work, then the next step is to identify what referencing style would be considered better in your assignment. In most of the cases, universities already have mentioned the referencing style that you should use in your assignment. So, if you have the option to choose between APA and Harvard referencing style, then this blog is for you. In this blog, you will get to know everything related to both of the referencing style.

So, let's know about APA and Harvard referencing style and various tips that you should consider while using the same.

What Is APA Referencing Style?

The APA referencing style was originated back in 1929 in the article of Psychological Bulletin. APA stands for American Psychological Association and is mostly used to cite different sources for the subjects related to psychology, social science, et cetera. With the help of this referencing style, students can easily communicate information related to their ideas and thoughts in a very consistent manner.

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Important Tips to Consider While Using APA Style

  • Every entry that is mentioned in this referencing style should be in alphabetical order.
  • Always remember to follow double-spacing in all the paragraphs and sentences while using the APA referencing style.
  • While using this referencing style, titles of books, magazines, and newspapers should be stated in italics.
  • Every time while using this style, remember to begin it on the new page.
  • Left margin should be followed while writing the first line of the reference.

What Is Harvard Referencing Style?

Harvard referencing style was initially implemented by the students of the Harvard University back in the 1880s when the zoology professor used parenthetical references. In this particular style, various sections are enclosed and embedded within the text, or after a sentence. According to experts, usually, it is accompanied by the full and alphabetized list of references. The structure of Harvard referencing is simple and straightforward that can be easily understood by any student at one go.

Important Tips to Consider While Using Harvard Style

Usage Primarily used in the social sciences domain It is used to demonstrate the humanities domain
One Author In this case, the user is inserted along with the publication year In Harvard referencing, the user is also inserted in the same way as in APA style
Two Author APA format asks to link the name followed with the publication year It uses the word "˜and' to link the names of the two authors
Page Numbers Cited by year and semicolon Cited by year and comma
Capitalization The first letter of every word should be in the capital form The first letter of every word should be in the capital form.
Editing While editing in the APA referencing style, it shows "(Ed[s])." While editing in the Harvard referencing style, it shows "ed[s]" or "edited by."


So, these were some referencing rules for both APA and Harvard referencing styles. You can even use referencing tools available on our (Global Assignment Help) website to create perfect references for your assignment.

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