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15 Best Topics to Make Your Next Finance Assignment Awesome

10 Sep 2019 1976 7 minutes
15 Best Topics to Make Your Next Finance Assignment Awesome

15 Best Topics to Make Your Next Finance Assignment Awesome

Assigned with the task of finance assignment writing?

Finding it difficult to choose a topic?

Well, this is not only your problem, but many others are also in the same situation. So, there is good news for you...

Thinking what???

Our experts have come up with the list of 15 exclusive topics on top 5 disciplines of finance.

So, just through it and pick the discipline & topic of your choice and start working on your finance assignment.


Best Topics on Different Disciplines of Finance

International Financial Management

Financial management mainly deals with international financial transactions. In other terms it is basically a monetary interaction between two or more countries. This section is mainly concerned with the topics that include both currency exchange rates and foreign direct investment.

So, if you choose this topic to write an assignment on, then you can consider the following topics for that.

  1. An investigative analysis - Global recessions and accuracy in forecasts.
  2. Exploring the monetary feasibility - Financing green alternatives as substitutions for carbon consumption.
  3. The Chinese overseas banking trends - Analyzing the current situations against the backdrop of economic policies of the US.


It is termed as protection of finances against risky situations just to ensure a minimum loss. The best way to understand this concept is to think of it as insurance. Hedging is considered as the risk management strategy employed to a loss in the investment. So, the students can also use this discipline to write their finance assignment. This discipline is also termed as the popular one where most of the students seek finance assignment help from the academic expert. So, the experts have mentioned the three most important topics for writing an assignment on.

  1. How do most popular companies use derivatives to hedge risks?
  2. Analyze how to create highly effective hedges with index LEAPS.
  3. Hedging v/s speculation: What is the basic difference between both of them?

Public Finance

The name of public finance is basically formed by the combination of two words that is "˜public' and "˜finance.' This simply implies the study of finance that is being managed by the government and its role in shaping the economy. The purview of public finance is considered as a threefold, that is

  • Distribution of income
  • Efficient allocation of resources
  • Macroeconomic stabilization

It accesses the revenue, debt, and expenditure of the government. In addition, it also includes public borrowing, deficit financing, taxation, and budget. So, if you choose this topic for your assignment, then you have a lot more to explore in it. The topics that you can choose are:

  1. How the government raises revenue through taxes and borrowing?
  2. Analyze the impact of public sector activities on the economic behavior of individuals, firms, and markets.
  3. How the government plans, controls, and accounts for activities like budgeting and accounting?

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Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

This is one of the best disciplines that you can consider for your finance assignment. In this discipline, there are two inter-related concepts that you can discuss, that are portfolio management & investment analysis. Portfolio management mainly deals with decision making regarding investment, policy asset allocation, & balancing risk. Next comes investment analysis that acts as a key to strategize sound portfolio management and also uses the PST returns so the future returns can be predict. The following are the best topics to consider for assignment writing:

  1. A primary investigation: How do retail outlets in the UK manage multiple portfolios of the product?
  2. Evidence from UK companies : Strategic decision-making for new product portfolio management.?
  3. A comparative analysis: What is the impact of fluctuations in oil and gold prices on portfolio management of highly volatile stocks in the UK?

Foreign Exchange Market

The last yet the most important discipline that can be very beneficial for your finance assignment is FOREX. It is termed as a global market where people usually trade currencies like selling, buying, exchanging, and speculating. All these activities determine the exchange rate. So, if you choose this topic, then you can work on different aspects of it like commercial companies, investors, hedge funds, central banks, investment management firms, and retail forex brokers. The topics on this discipline are:

  1. What is the effect of foreign exchange and international trade on bank profitability?
  2. Explain foreign exchange & international trade risk and its association with other types of risks.
  3. Differentiate between international trade risk and commercial bank foreign exchange.

Writing a finance assignment is not a difficult task if you have a perfect topic with you. So, next time whenever you are assigned with finance assignment, then without getting panic, just pick any of the above-mentioned disciplines and start writing an assignment on it. You can also consider the topics mentioned above as the topics are very unique and help you in writing a perfect finance assignment. In case you need to write on any other topic but, are unable to find it, then you can reach our experts and seek financial assignment help. They will help you write a better assignment.

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