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What is the Primary Function of Dynamic Study Modules?

Downloads: 67 Pages: 1 Words: 163

A. Assess what a student already knows, and where he or she may want to focus additional study . B. Give students real-life applications of the concepts they are currently learning in class. C. Allow students to collaborate with each other on assignments in Mastering. D. Normalize student ...


Which of the Following is Not an Example of CUI?

Downloads: 50 Pages: 1 Words: 141

Correct Answer:- Storing Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) securely involves utilizing password-protected systems. The essence of the CUI Cyber Awareness Challenge is to educate individuals on the correct methods of handling and safeguarding sensitive information. The program places a ...


Which of the Following is Not a Characteristic of Cloud Computing?

Downloads: 74 Pages: 1 Words: 161

A. Resource pooling B. Static environment C. Rapid elasticity D. On-demand self-service Correct Answer:- B. Static environment Explanation: Cloud computing refers to the convenient configurable computational resource. There are three vital characteristics of the ‘cloud computing ...


Which technologies combine to make data a critical Organizational asset?

Downloads: 150 Pages: 1 Words: 167

A. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the best choice (AI)B. Speech and Natural Language Processing (NLP)C. Internet of Things (IoT) and electronic devicesD. Penetration Testing and Intelligence Practice Correct Answer: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the best ...


Which Case Would Benefit From Explainable Artificial Intelligence Principles?

Downloads: 97 Pages: 1 Words: 109

Correct Answer:- A doctor who depends on an AI-based system to make a diagnosis" is a case that would benefit from the Explainable artificial intelligence principle. Explanation: Healthcare emerges as a fantastic starting point, particularly because it's a realm ripe for AI's potential. ...


Which Describes The Relationship Between Enterprise Platforms And The Cloud?

Downloads: 117 Pages: 1 Words: 166

1. All enterprise platforms are cloud-based. 2. Enterprise platforms are an alternative to hosting solutions on the cloud.​ 3.Data on the cloud can be analyzed and monitored without the need for a platform. 4. Enterprise platforms are primarily built around and hosted on the ...


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