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Which of the Following Most Accurately Describes the Research Data Lifecycle?

Downloads: 55 Pages: 1 Words: 138

A. It refers to the obligation imposed by federal law to uphold data confidentiality. B. It refers to how data are handled during and after a research study. C. It refers to a particular organization's data collection requirements. D. It refers to the obligation imposed by professional journals ...


Which Is True of Inducements in Research?

Downloads: 63 Pages: 1 Words: 178

A. Inducements, like coercion, are always inappropriate, as they violate the ethical principle of respect for persons. B. Inducements constitute an "undue influence" if they alter a potential subject's decision-making processes, such that they do not appropriately weigh the risk-benefit ...


Which of the Following is not a Manifest Function of Education?

Downloads: 50 Pages: 1 Words: 87

A. Socialization B. Social control. C. Social Placement. D. Social networks. Correct Answer: D. Social networks. Although education can help people build social networks, that's not its main purpose or intended result. Social networks are more of a side effect of the educational journey ...


Which Of The Following Is Not Part Of Obtaining Informed Consent?

Downloads: 47 Pages: 1 Words: 133

A. Letting participants know that participation is voluntary B. Explaining the hypothesis to the participants C. Obtaining the participant's signature or a signature from the parent or guardian if the participant is a minor D. Reviewing that data is confidential Correct Answer: A. Letting ...


Which Of The Following Most Accurately Describes A Conflict Of Commitment?

Downloads: 61 Pages: 1 Words: 150

A. It occurs when researchers have a financial interest related to their research. B. It occurs when a researcher is not sure whether to renew a contract with an employer. C. It occurs when outside activities interfere with obligations to one's primary employer. D. It occurs when an individual ...


Which of the Following Statements is True Regarding the Regulations that Govern Research?

Downloads: 67 Pages: 1 Words: 191

A. The research of an international graduate student enrolled at a U.S. university is not governed by U.S. regulations unless the student plans to publish the results. B. International research collaborations involving U.S. funded researchers are not governed by U.S. regulations when the work ...


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