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Which of the Following Adds the Values in Cells A1 through A10?

Downloads: 8 Pages: 1 Words: 140

A. =SUM(A1-A10) B. =A1-A10 C. =A1+A10 D. =SUM(A1:A10) Correct Answer: D. =SUM(A1:A10) Explanation: The SUM() function is used to add up the values in a range of cells, so the cells from A1 to A10 are the specified range of (A1:A10). the formula =SUM(A1:A10) will add up all the values in ...


Enter a Formula in Cell E4 Using the IF Function that Returns a Value of YES if Cell D4 is Greater than 25, and a Value of NO if Cell D4 is 25 or Less

Downloads: 23 Pages: 1 Words: 103

The IF function that can be used in cell E4 to get the desired result: =IF(D4 > 25, "YES", "NO") This formula returns a value of YES if cell D4 is greater than 25, and a value of NO if cell D4 is 25 or less. The formula consists of three parts : the condition to be met, the output value if the ...


Use Goal Seek to Calculate the Changing Value in Cell D4 that Will Result in Set Value in Cell D13 of 160 in Excel

Downloads: 28 Pages: 1 Words: 155

To calculate the changing value in cell D4 , the goal seek can be used as follows: Click cell D13. Click the data tab on the ribbon. Click "What-if analysis" in the forecast group. Click goal seek. Click on the value text box. Type 160 and press the tab. Click cell D4. Click Ok. In ...


Enter a Formula in cell B3 Using the Vlookup Function to Find the Meaning for the Medical Abbreviation Listed in Cell A3. Use the Name Abbreviation for the Lookup Table

Downloads: 24 Pages: 1 Words: 158

To figure out the medical abbreviation in cell A3 using a VLOOKUP formula, first, ensure your table is set up correctly and named 'abbreviation'. Then, in cell B3, enter this formula: =VLOOKUP(A3, abbreviation, 2, false) This formula essentially searches for things in a table or range by row. ...


Enter a Formula in Cell C5 that Divides the Value in Cell B5 by the Value in Cell B15, Using an Absolute Cell Reference to Cell B15

Downloads: 32 Pages: 1 Words: 115

To make sure the formula in cell C5 always divides what's in B5 by what's in B15, no matter where you copy it, type this in C5: =B5/$B$15 When you see "$" signs before the column letter and row number in "$B$15", it means that B15 is an absolute reference. So, if you copy the formula to other ...


Enter a Formula in Cell D5 to Calculate B5/B4 Rounded to 4 Decimal Places

Downloads: 31 Pages: 1 Words: 127

Excel formulas are expressions utilized for computational purposes. The formula intended for cell D5 in Excel is = ROUND(B5/B4, 4). Given the context, we ascertain: The content of cell D5 derives from dividing cells B5 and B4. The desired precision is to round the result to four decimal places. ...


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