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Which is the Graph of f(x) = 100(0.7)x?

Downloads: 66 Pages: 1 Words: 172

  Correct Answer: B. As the Function f(x) = 100(0.7)^x  , it can also be written as y = 100(0.7)^x because we know that y=f(x): So put the value of x =0 in the given function we get  y = 100(0.7)^x y = 100(0.7)^0 y = 100(1) y = 100 So (x=0,y=100) is one coordinate on the graph  Same ...


Which Pair of Triangles can be Proven Congruent by SAS?

Downloads: 92 Pages: 1 Words: 123

Correct Answer: B. If any two of a triangle's sides and the angle that separates them are the same as the matching pair of sides and the angle that separates them from the second triangle, then these triangles are said to be congruent by the SAS rule. So, consider ∆ADC & ∆ADB in which ...


Tempestt Graphs a Function that has a Maximum Located at (–4, 2). Which could be her graph?

Downloads: 110 Pages: 1 Words: 109

Function: f(x) = a(x-h)^2 + k Correct Answer: The function has a maximum and a downward-opening parabola, so the parabola opens downward, with a maximum on the vertex located at (-4, 2) that goes through (-6,-2) and (-2,-2). Related Question: Which Set of Angles can Form A Triangle. ...


Which R-value Represents the Weakest Correlation?

Downloads: 171 Pages: 1 Words: 86

A. –0.75 B. –0.27 C. 0.11 D. 0.54 Correct Answer: C. 0.11 The r-value with the weakest correlation is determined by its absolute value, meaning how far it is from zero without considering whether it's positive or negative. Therefore, among the options provided, the r-value of 0.11 has the ...


What is True About the Sum of the Two Polynomials? 6s2t – 2st2 4s2t – 3st2

Downloads: 182 Pages: 1 Words: 134

A. The sum is a trinomial with a degree of 3. B. The sum is a binomial with a degree of 2. C. The sum is a trinomial with a degree of 2. D. The sum is a binomial with a degree of 3. Correct Answer: D. The sum is a binomial with a degree of 3. Since the expression is a binomial having two ...


Which of these Triangle Pairs can be Mapped to Each Other Using a Single Translation?

Downloads: 176 Pages: 1 Words: 252

A. B. C. D. Correct Answer. is C. The triangles that can be aligned using just one shift to the right are: - Triangles CED and MDP - Triangles CED and MPN. Triangles CED and MPN are congruent and only require a translation shift to be mapped onto each other. This also applies to another ...


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