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Which of the Following Correctly Describes NIMS?

Downloads: 51 Pages: 1 Words: 104

A. A response plan. B. A communications plan. C. A systematic approach to incident management. D. A static system used during large-scale incidents. Correct Answer: C. A systematic approach to incident management. NIMS, or the National Incident Management System, is like a big plan for ...


What is the Role of Education in Human Capital Formation ?

Downloads: 46 Pages: 1 Words: 189

A.  An educated society facilitates a better development program than an illiterate one. B. It does not only contribute towards the growth of the people but also the development of society as a whole. C. Education increases income and other cultural richness of human capital. D. Education ...


Which ICS Function is Responsible for Documentation of Mutual Aid? 

Downloads: 41 Pages: 1 Words: 84

A. Finance/Administration B. Operations C. Incident Command D. Planning Correct Answer:- A. Finance/Administration Explanation: Did you know five key functions in the Incident Command System (ICS) form the backbone of effective incident management? They're like the pillars holding up a ...


Which of the Following Activities Constitutes Engagement in Research?

Downloads: 86 Pages: 1 Words: 166

A. Obtaining informed consent and conducting research interviews. B. Providing potential subjects with written information about a study. C. Obtaining subjects' permission for researchers to contact them. D. Informing prospective subjects about the availability of research. Correct Answer:- ...


Which of the Following is not Part of the NIMS Management Characteristic of Chain of Command ?

Downloads: 64 Pages: 1 Words: 131

A. Avoids confusion by requiring that orders flow from supervisors. B. Restricts personnel from sharing information with each other. C. Allows the Incident Commander to control the actions of personnel under his or her supervision. D. Details how authority flows through the incident management ...


Which Factor does not Impact the Complexity of an Incident?

Downloads: 149 Pages: 1 Words: 103

A. Costs related to the responding agencies. B. Political sensitivity, external influences, and media relations C. Potential hazardous materials D. Community and responder safety Correct Answer: A. Costs related to the responding agencies. An incident's complexity doesn't depend on the ...


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