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What Is One Way a Command Economy Affects The Lives Of Private Citizens?

Downloads: 122 Pages: 1 Words: 148

A. Citizens Must Pay For Their Own Health Care. B. Citizens Have Limited Access To Education. C. Citizens Cannot Make Most Economic Decisions. D. Citizens Can Only Work In Factories Or On Farms. Correct Answer: C. Citizens Cannot Make Most Economic Decisions. A command economy is a system ...


An Extended Recessionary Period is Indicative of?

Downloads: 111 Pages: 1 Words: 125

A. A growing economy. B. The end of a recession. C. Depression. D. The start of a recovery. Correct Answer: C. Depression. An extended recession means that a country's economy is in trouble for a prolonged period. This includes economic crises, bank failures, business bankruptcies, and high ...


Which Best describes What Injector Factors bring to an Economic System?

Downloads: 107 Pages: 1 Words: 136

A. Imports B. Consumers C. Factors of production D. Money Correct Answer: D. Money Explaination: The government finances several initiatives, including social security and farm subsidies, which infuse money into the economy. The economic system benefits from injector elements, including ...


What Restriction Would the Government Impose in a Closed Economy?

Downloads: 142 Pages: 1 Words: 146

A. The government would prohibit trade with other nations. B. The government would set the prices for imported goods. C. The government would preserve traditional customs only. D. The government would prevent private ownership of property. Correct Answer: A. The government would prohibit trade ...


Which of the Following Will be Accomplished by Efficient Allocations of the Factors of Production?

Downloads: 186 Pages: 1 Words: 96

A. Ensuring economic profitability. B. Understanding whether a product will fail. C. Fulfilling many needs and wants of society. D. Replenishment of limited resources. Correct Answer: C. Fulfilling many needs and wants of society. When resources are used wisely, it helps society get what it ...


Which of the Following Statements About Savings Accounts is False?

Downloads: 168 Pages: 1 Words: 104

A. Savings accounts limit the number of withdrawls that can be made each month. B. Savings accounts don’t usually pay interest on the money you deposit. C. Savings accounts may require you to maintain a minimum balance to paying a fee. D. Savings accounts are best used to store money for ...


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