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Which of the Following is not True About Digital Photography?

Answer :

A. With digital photography, the charge-coupling device is exposing light to thousands of little dots that record the light into pixels.

B. Digital photography is a process in which there is no film.

C. Digital photography has allowed artists to manipulate images and create images or scenes that may never have existed.

D. For each image captured using a digital camera, a tonal inversion of a positive image is created, in which light appears dark and dark appears light.

Correct Answer: D. For each image captured using a digital camera, a tonal inversion of a positive image is created, in which light appears dark and dark appears light.

Digital photography presents unparalleled flexibility and convenience, the indispensable role of human intervention cannot be overstated, particularly concerning tasks such as editing, interpretation, and artistic expression. Digital tools serve as potent instruments, enabling photographers and artists to manifest their creative visions with precision and efficiency. However, it is the innate sensibilities, nuanced perceptions, and discerning judgments inherent to human endeavor that imbue digital images with vitality and significance. In essence, despite the advancements in technology, the essence of artistry lies in the human touch, serving as the catalyst for infusing digital imagery with enduring meaning and emotive resonance.

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