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Physical And Emotional Safety In Aged Care - Clinical Integration

University: University of Liverpool

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Question :

This assessment will demonstrate all the effective area which are like:

  1. Take one topic that can be Safety or legal and try to identify all the legal issues in relation to the speciality which is drawn.
  2. Analyse all the dilemmas that relates to provide all the confidentiality and the effective information.
  3. Write a reflection for the care of patient or in context to the health professionals.
Answer :
Organization Selected : -


Efforts made by physicians, healthcare system or hospital to create a well-designed coordinated system to improve quality of care and minimise health care cost through advanced and better efficiency are collectively known as Clinical Integration. The report will cover physical and emotional safety in aged care.




Safety related issues that are involved in nursing are; injuries, diseases, disorders, infections, changes in mental health, etc. (Andersen, Horton & Clarke, 2017). Safety is refers to the discipline concerned with preventing the work place from exposure to hazards that occur due to some activity. It has been noticed that most requests for help that come to Workplace Health and safety are related to Aged care industry. Further, the safety of nurses at workplace reducing injuries & illness which is important to nurses as well as the patients they care for. The existence of healthy nurses at workplace is very essential to provide empathic care to aged people. Moreover, nurses experience significant demands like psychological or physical at the time of work safety environment which can be harmful.

These hazardous health results may include musculoskeletal disorders, and other infectious diseases. It has been determined that link between health & safety and work schedules is difficult and affected by characteristics of time schedule. In nursing, emotional safety in aged care refers to a state of emotions that achieved when people get attached to someone.For this, emotional safety workplace can be attained by making learnings on social and emotional knowledge. This process is considered important as through this adults obtain knowledge, attitude and skills that they need to identify & manage their feelings, & express empathy to others. Competencies in relation to emotional safety learning skills is should be promoted in community by which aged people feel valued, and respected (Dunning, Savage & Duggan, 2016).

Manual handling in healthcare refers to activity that requires the utilisation of efforts by an individual to carry, lower, pull, support, or restrain another person. Furthermore, manual handling competencies provide standards to nurses in hospitals that they can use in their professional practice. Theses explain the skills, knowledge and behaviour that need to be implemented by them to reduce manual handling danger to themselves & others. Injuries that can be caused due to manual handling can be acute trauma which include fractures or cuts. Also, the most common causes are; workplace injuries and back pain. It has been discovered that, the competencies standards aim to provide:

  • Standards that are clear and consistent, for which nurses should be able to do this within their practice in aged care associated with manual handling (Oakman & Bartram, 2017).
  • It also provides an in built risk management approach for health care nurses to manual handling, that will inform knowledge and learning assets.

Safety in aged care is considered very important component of quality nursing care. However, it has been seen that the care system is full of errors, and can be damaging to safe patient care (Emotional Safety, 2018). Yet, in today's world, healthcare providers face many issues in care environment, while trying to keep their patients safe. Here are some strategies that can be followed by nurses to prevent injuries:

  • Become familiar: - It is necessary for nurses to become familiar with aged patients, this will help them to move patients safely and bring them closer emotionally as well. Nurses should make efforts to understand patient's feelings, thoughts and emotions, so that they can take care for them easily.
  • Provide safe companion: - It has been suggested that hospitals must increase safety companions for patients who find it difficult to follow directions (Jeon et al., 2015).
  • Do safety rounds: - It is considered one of the most effective strategies, which should be used to prevent falls, for which safety rounds should be conducted twice a day.

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In medical terms, it is a set of all rules that limits to information which are discussed between a person and a healthcare practitioner. Moreover, it also refers that anything which are discussed with an aged person or a doctor must keep private i.e. in between a patient and in an organization only. Further, this is known as doctor – patient confidentiality. Confidentiality is one of the core duties in a medical term such that it requires a health care provider must keep all its patient’s personal health information privately with them only unless the patient himself did not accept to release that information (Bernoth et al., 2014).

Presenting implications and dilemmas legally and ethically

  • Legally implication: While treating with older age group people, nurses faced some legal issues such as they are tied with licence, state and federal laws therefore, the scope of their practice and public expectations are declining. So, at that time nurses communicate with their officers and there is a lack of communication between them which caused problem while handling their patient. But on the other side, when nurse’s practice falls below their acceptable standards of care as well as competences, this leads them to legal proceeding. The basis of litigation is also related to negligence that further falling to exercise the level of care and some malpractice that may lead to face some major issues related to their professional work. When they are treated to older people, nurses mostly face some issues related to their disability and the communication gap which is faced by them at a time of conversation with their superior authority (Coyne et al., 2016).
  • Ethically dilemmas: In the case of older age group, when they want to walk without supervision at that time nurses are desire to promote independence but on the other side, the risk of patient injury due to fall may be at great level. At that time also, nurses face dilemma how to balance the contrasting issues. If the patients belong to different background culture and their personal experience may also presents with diverse options such that what is ethical. It is another ethical dilemma which are faces by the nurses. When an older person is disabled which further place them at a risk of self-harm, this is also becoming an ethical issue for them (Webb, Whittle & Schwarz, 2016).

Impact and consequences for not maintaining confidentiality

Various impacts and consequences for not maintaining confidentiality include the following:

Reputation of individual or organisation

When there is a breach in confidentiality, the reputation of an individual or organisation in which they work in, will be adversely damaged. People will not getting treatments from such institutions due to the bad image that has been created (Beltran-Aroca et al., 2016). They will feel unsafe as their private information may be given out to third parties.

Lawsuits or cases

Confidentiality has been created for the purpose of ensuring that private information will be kept secret (Wong et al., 2015). The patient can file a case against the institution or individual that breach the confidential documents and information. This can lead to multiple disputes and lawsuits, which will cause severe loss of patients and costs as lawsuits are very expensive.


The health professional who did not maintain confidentiality can be terminated. This will lead to loss of job or their license can be terminated as well. This individual may not be able to practice in the health care field in the near future (Jones, & King, 2017). It would be a loss for both the health professional as well as hospital.


Reflection using Five R's


The issues regarding to safety in a health care organisation have to be addressed in order to ensure safeguarding health of both patients and professionals. There have been many cases in which the health of a nurse or doctor has been put in danger because of lack of safety policies. There are no specific guidelines provided to care takers and health professionals. This can eventually risk the life of patients who have been admitted in the organisation (Allen et al., 2016). I, as a professional in healthcare, it is my responsibility to report such happenings to the health governance, so that we all can work together to prevent risks and improve the safety and quality in our organisation.


I was surprised to see that no initiatives were taken by nurses or doctors in our organisation with regard to safety of patients. Being a professional, I felt that it was important to spread awareness about risks towards safety of health and well-being. This situation made me realise that the way we work is unethical and there must be proper guidance and training given to workers in this field. Patients can only be taken care of, when there is a systematic procedure of safeguarding each individual's health in a hospital (Lamé, & Dixon-Woods, 2018). Therefore, I have come to understand that illnesses have to be treated first, in order to prevent spreading of infections in health professionals. Although, this is with a special concern of handling aged patients in a protected environment. This requires the adoption of proper equipment’s for such elderly patients who are also ill and in need of assisted mobility.


This situation made be realised that safety is integral and has to be promoted in a health care organisation. As a professional in this field, I have learnt that, I will have to involve myself in programs, which will enable me to get the required training and development so that I can practice while ensuring safety within my working environment. This will significantly help me to maintain a level of safeness in the hospital as well as teach my colleagues the importance of safety in our profession. It will aid in enhancing our skills and ability, which can lead to effective care taking of our aged patients.


The incidence of lack of safety in the hospital with regard to taking care of patients is a serious issue and was needed to be reported. Health governance would have taken serious actions if they found out about the improper methods of implementing safety measures by health professional and its inadequacy. I realise that although there was no serious damage done to health of patients, there are high levels of risk present. I could have put myself in danger of getting ill due to transfer of diseases through many factors. I am now able to understand why it is important to practice safety and this will help me in protecting myself as well as everyone in the hospital.


I can state that this situation has made me understand that proper safety guidelines have to be provided in the hospital in which I work. This will firstly protect and safeguard health of both patients and professionals. It will also create a systematic procedure for safety and well-being and establish ethical practice in this field (Runciman, Merry, & Walton, 2017). I realise that these measures and proper training programs for health professionals will help in effectively treating patients and minimising the risks towards health.

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The above report has summarised safety issues faced by the nurses as a healthcare professional in care setting. It has specifically discoursed upon a chosen practice of handling aged patients and provisioning effective care to them. This also necessitates them to maintain the confidentiality, which has been further discussed in this report. It has essentially emphasised on the dilemmas faced by the care providers in terms of maintaining confidentiality while providing data to the involved parties. Lastly, it has enlightened a reflective based on the experiences of a nurse as a healthcare professional while undertaking the practice of

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