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A Reflective Report on Academic Skills of Individual

Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Why academic skill and development are important for achieving goal.
  • Explain why employment goal is crucial for the individual.
  • How activities can be complete by using Moodle for effective learning
Answer :

This is the reflective report which have aim to explain about the what are the employability and transferable skill are important for our career. Through this reflection got the idea of those skills I already have and how I can demonstrate them for further growth because those are help to become a successful employable in the future. On the other side, setting goals are another important part which help to come down to priorities the work. The report will produce SWOT analysis which reflects my strength and weakness and setting smart goal for getting success in the future by managing work and other factor.


Reflection on Academic Skills' Development Activity

After completing my school I face problem for selecting profession did not arise. I have a select a hospitality industry because I have the personal interest and have great passion in cooking. I am a year 1 hospitality student and only 19 year girl from Lithuania. Firstly it was just watching cooking show on TV from that my passion has gowned. But in the present I learn various thinks about hospitality following great and wonderful people who are completely inspires me. I have goal to become successful as my ideal perform and to build great career in hospitality sector.

I am very hard-working people and when I do work, I get disturb and try to do complete in the best possible way (Ahmad, Kenayathulla and Idris, 2017). This creates more effectiveness for work which is very important and effective for me to learn various thinks in effective manner. I believe in profession and also with suitable for my personality because I am communicated in vary patient and an easygoing person. In my opinion, quality of personality are very important in the industry because you always communicate and meet various people and should make them satisfy and stay in very polite manner. As per that I wanted to develop myself for my great future in order to become successful which related with hospitality sector in effective manner. This creates various opportunities for me and for my great future.

I want to develop myself for getting higher success in the future (Ali, Murphy and Nadkarni, 2017). I am able to priorities the work for dividing task fore whole as well as make and collect proper and effective data or information related to work by completing research in correct manner. With the help of this, I complete my work with proper divination. I am also good in team working with making proper collaboration with team members. With the help of this, problems are perfectly solved by managed work. I am maintained work of whole team by making proper collaboration between team in proper manner. But I am not good in the time management skill, I cannot use my time in rightly manner as well as not a punctual person. This creates issues and problem for me in the future because in the hospitality sector it is very important to have time management skills. In this sector organize various events and meetings and in that requires reaching on time in those. The time management skill I learn from making schedule for work in respective manner.

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With the help of this, I can take my work on time and growth factor. Also, when I confused about one task in the absence of seniors then I will start second task for work without wasting any time (Guilbert and et.al., 2016). Through that I can utilize free time and keep safe time with wasting. With the help of this I complete work without missing deadline of work proper utilization.

Reflection on Employability Goals.

Employability skills and goals are very important and effective for managing proper work. This creates more effectiveness of work by building proper learnings with specific work. the employability skills and goals are another important aspects which are requires sets goals. My employability goal is to becoming successful in hospitality sector by managing over all skills which are highly important for great success. The reason behind for selecting this goal is my personal interest. For that, I need to develop my all employability skills which are completely able to manage works in respective manner. This creates more effectiveness for work. In need to develop my various skill which are related with employability skills in respective manner. I represent my self as vary communicative because in these sectors and industry is requires more communicative people. In this industry, we meet various people on daily basis (Jaykumar, 2018). For that in requires to build my communication skill.

The more communicative people are always looks confident adopt quickly to changing conditions of work in respective manner. They are also indispensable in conducting business negotiations and analysing conflicts situations by creating more flexibility of work. They are also quickly gain authority in the terms and occupy leadership skills. In the hospitality industry is highly requires a great leadership qualities to maintain whole team and building proper collaborations with other in respective team. As well as, it is very important to have various qualities such as patience. For that I strongly believe that the people who are wanted to be professional in their industry without any doubts should be with more patient with their clients and other staff as well as on the way of their goals. With the help of this people, and I am to get complete success in life with proper management of work (Sharma and Sharma, 2019).

I have good oral communication skills and organization skills. Through that, I am able to manage work in respective manner. Those are skills are highly helped to me for achieve goals because with oral communication I am able to transfer and share information and knowledge with other. On the other side, with organizational skills I can manage whole company and its staff in proper organizational manner. But, I have requires some skills which are went less well like adaptability and technology uses. The knowledge of using technology within the hospitality industry is more important because there are various customers are gives online order for booking room and food. In this requires a proper knowledge of technology uses in respective manner.

GEP Points: 80 points invitation to exclusive networking events:

  • First, need to do is the internship for gaining extra knowledge of work. This creates great experience which is the good practices.
  • I would like to continue develop the various language skill by learning some languages are Spanish and Japanese.
  • During the studying in Greenwich I tried for myself on mine first interview which was successful (Taylor, 2016). For that, here is mention thanks to interviewer because through that I come closer to my future.
  • I have visited lecture for learning current venue trends in respective manner. This provides complete knowledge about work and hospitality industry spaces. That is very useful for me for perfect future.
  • I had an advertising appointed with the number of business school employability office team in respective manner. This helped to improve skills and CV and cover letter.

Those are the GEP combination laser focus procurement with an expensive global footprint. This help to develop all the employability skills in prefect manner with proper guidance of work.

Reflection on Well-Being Goals.

There are very important for well-being goals which are highly helped to maintain my well beings strategies and skills. This creates more effective. In order to improve communication skill, here is need to complete practices about communication. This help to share knowledge and information about work to others. In the hospitality industry is requires proper communication with patients and with clients. As well as, need to improve my productivity of work in proper manner because I have threat with deals. I cannot to make profitable deals due to my organization and that is my threat (Yang, Cheung, and Song, 2016). On the other side, I cannot to be speaker at the seminar and meeting or shows presentation. This is my threat which keep stop to me for work. I also wanted to improve work quality and leadership skills in respective manner. This provides proper knowledge of work and results as well as. Well-being is the very important for each in hospitality industry and this creates positive working environment and positivity for completing work. With the help of this, I am completely able to for I right manner with goals.

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From the above study, it had been concluded that, it has very important to gain and develop academic and employability skills which you have already and try to get and learn what you need to improve their employability prospect. In the way of my great future and career in the hospitality sector and industry I have required continue improvement of my skills and also make an effort to get work experience and the best things it would be to do internship or to become successful. Also, need to work with multitasking skills in respective manner. With the help of this, I had improved my all skills for work with proper management.


Books and Journals

Ahmad, N. A., Kenayathulla, H. B. and Idris, A. R., 2017. EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS FOR HOSPITALITY STUDENTS IN MALAYSIA. MOJEM: Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Management. 5(4). pp.63-86.

Ali, A., Murphy, H. C. and Nadkarni, S., 2017. Sustainable development and hospitality education: employers’ perspectives on the relevance for graduate employability. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism. 17(3). pp.159-172.

Guilbert, L. and et.al., 2016. Employability: review and research prospects. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance. 16(1). pp.69-89.


Sharma, S. and Sharma, R., 2019. Culinary skills: the spine of the Indian hospitality industry: Is the available labor being skilled appropriately to be employable?. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes. 11(1). pp.25-36.

Taylor, L., 2016. What is employability and what does it mean for you?. How to Develop Your Healthcare Career: A Guide to Employability and Professional Development, p.1.

Yang, H., Cheung, C. and Song, H., 2016. Enhancing the learning and employability of hospitality graduates in China. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education. 19. pp.85-96.


SWOT Analysis

Strength Weaknesses
· I am very hard-working and completely able to give hard contribution for achieve goals.
· I have good leadership quality and team working ability. · I am good communicators.
· Lack of time management skills and not able to use free time. · I am not able to give presentation in front of large public.
Opportunities Threats
· Getting a good grade and marks in degree for raise at work. · Get positive success in hospitality industry. · I have fear from deals which are related organization profits. Lack of decision-making quality. · Threat form seminar or to show presentation.


Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 3
Specific To improve my communication skill. To read more books per year. To become a successful by improving skills.
Measurable Transfer proper information with others. Go to library and read books or take updates with websites Skills are properly improved.
Achievable This is achievable because I will do practices on regular basis. Through buying new books. This is achievable because I will complete hard work for better success.
Realistic Every talk with my seniors and classmates. I will read book per days and make proper notes of work. I will take to university books and notes and get better job.
Time frame One month One month Every week
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