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Prose Vs. Verse [Definition, Uses, and Structure]

23 Dec, 2020 269 11 minutes

Difference Between Verse and Prose and Their Uses in Language

Many people tend to believe that there is no difference between prose vs verse because this is what most of them are being taught at their institutions. But if you search online, you will get to know that there are some major contrasts between them.

The prose is what we write naturally, and verse is what is written creatively in the metrical format. Literature students are known to be the one who knows prose and verse meanings but even then they raise a query on how these two are different from each other.

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Most Searched Query By a Literature Geek Is ‘What Is a Verse?’: Expert Answers

It is the language that has a rhythmic aspect in it, having metric syllables to create something poetic. While writing a verse, your writing is restricted and not free, as it has to follow the rhythm. Poems that are composed is the example of verse. These are used to express your emotions and feelings in the way of art.

The best example of a verse that you can find is in the poem’s lines. Students of literature love to write in a verse as they can make it as creative as they want and can articulate the language freely. Because while writing verse, the main focus is laid on maintaining the rhythm and sound. Now the next question that pops up is that what the stanza is. The group of lines makes a stanza, or in other words, it can be said that several verses in the poem create a stanza.

Poems are divided into different types of verse based on the type of stanza. Few are discussed below.

What Do You Mean by Free Verse?

This verse got its popularity in the nineteenth-century poetries, where poets used to freestyle and never used the rhythm and meter.

Literary scholars say that free verse follows the pattern of regular and original speech. It does follow some metered aspects of poetry. Here,the poet can freely use his thoughts and express his feelings. It also has an irregular length of lines.

What Is the Meaning of Blank Verse?

Do you know that William Shakespeare used the blank verse to present a fierce event in his plays? The blank verse does use the meter but not in a great length.Also,it does not follow the pattern of rhyme.

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What Is the Usage of Verse?

The verse is used in writing so that the reader’s mind is influenced by certain emotions. Poets use verse in their writing to provide the structure in poetry. It also helps the authors to present their ideas and thoughts using different rhyming schemes and patterns. The verse is used to create a sense of artistic effect in the language of the poet. 

Define Prose And Its Usage | Explained by Literary Geeks

The prose is used by the authors in novels, short stories, essay writing and other literary writings. It gained its popularity in the 14th century and is derived from the Latin word ‘prosa oratio’ which means ‘direct speech.’

It uses the usual punctuation and involves dialogues at some places.

The arrangement of prose is in the form of a paragraph, following line by line, and the first letter of each sentence is capitalized.

Writers believe that they can have freedom of writing while they write prose for a book. In prose, rhythm is not an aspect where you would want to give attention.

In other words, we can say that the language of prose follows the structure of natural speech. For example, dialogues, facts, and description that gives the support to a variety of fields like history, films, plays, journalism and encyclopedias.

To make it more clear, let us understand its differences based on structure, definition and rhythm.

How Do You Differentiate Prose Vs. Verse Based on Definition, Structure, Rhyme, And Language?

As we saw all the differences between Prose and Verse, both are used in portraying one’s emotions and to make the readers feel those emotions. In literature, they both have equal importance when it comes to poems and plays. Let us see how they are different from each other.

Meaning It is a kind of writing that follows a metrical rhythm. It is written in its original form without including a meter.
Structure Words are written into lines, and lines are then grouped, forming the stanza. In prose, the words are written into sentences and sentences then form one paragraph.
Rhyme It uses the rhyme scheme. It does not focus on the rhythmic pattern.
Language Verse follows figurative language that involves creativity. Authors write prose in natural way following the method of direct speech.

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