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Avoid Hasty Generalization in Writing! (Definition & Examples)

16 Feb 2022 1377 7 minutes
Say No to Hasty Generalization in Writing!

Avoid Hasty Generalization in Writing! (Definition & Examples)

"All car drivers are aggressive"

This statement arises when a person sees only one driver who drives fast. But it does not apply to everyone. So, this sentence is a Hasty generalization. After reading the above example, many of the students may not understand, what it is all about. Like what does the examples say and how it depicts hasty generalization. Also, this sentence is inappropriate while writing the paper or any essay. Because it is wrong and you should avoid it.

Did you also not understand? Do you want to know the reason why you should avoid it while writing? If yes, then do not worry; in this blog, you will get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the hasty generalization with the examples. Also, with the proper explanation on avoiding it.

But before jumping to the conclusion like a hasty generalization sentence, let's first understand what it is.

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What Is a Hasty generalization?

The hasty generalization definition says that it is a fallacy that concludes without considering every reasoning aspect present in different sources. So talking about the above example, the person thinks that all car drivers are aggressive. However, by just seeing the one, you can not predict that all other drivers are aggressive. Right?

So, in simpler terms, it is a logical error where the person tends to jump directly othe conclusion based on mistaken reasoning. Thus, hasty reasoning can refer to the results drawn on false information.

Moreover, when you use hasty generalizations in the writing, then it gives a wrong impression to the professor. This means you do not research one topic in-depth or get information from one source. Thus, this makes your paper vague and tells the professor you do not know various researching methods to develop a strong base of what all the person says.

If still, not understand what the hasty generalization is, let's look out for examples to know about them better.

3 Examples of Hasty Generalizations to Have Better Understanding!

Hasty generalization can occur in any situation, and you have to take care of that while writing the paper. So, below in this blog, some hasty generalization examples are presented. Let's have a look at them.

Relies on Small Samples

For instance, your little sister is doing makeup. You could generalize it by saying that every girl does makeup. This is an example of hasty generalization. You are coming up with the conclusion solely on your sister doing the makeup.

Secundum Quid Fallacy

Another example is where a logical progression is inverted to reach a particular result. For instance, if your sister who loves to do makeup also likes to go out for parties. However, when you say people who love doing makeup also like to hang out, is incorrect.

Faulty Inductive Reasoning

Let's say when you come to the home and watch a scrabble on the wall. Of course, you will instantly blame her for doing this stuff without any supporting evidence. So, this can be a form of hasty generalization.

This is an example of a hasty generalization fallacy because of which you will have a better understanding. However, most of the students have a concern about how to avoid it while writing. So, read this blog further and know the answer.

How Can You Avoid Hasty Generalization in Your Writing?

When you are writing any kind of paper in your academic year, it is necessary to write the document without hasty generalization. But many students do not know how to avoid the sentences like it. So, here are the ways they should follow for avoiding to write hasty generalized sentences.

  • The first thing you need to do is,avoid writing for a larger group of people. If you are specifically talking about the smaller group of people, then you need to specify them and not talk about the large group.
  • Research is the major factor when you have to write accurate information. However, it can be tricky because the data can be unreliable and inaccurate. This is a reason you should carry out enough research for having evidence to prove your point.
  • Writing needs so much effort to be accurate and perfect. So, you should make sure that writing the information accurately to present the correct knowledge to the reader.

These are the ways through which you can avoid hasty generalizations in the writing. However, with research and understanding of what you are writing, you can prevent such type of error.

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