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How To Stop Procrastinating Homework? A Secret Key To Unlock The Door

13 Dec 2022 1841 11 minutes
9 Techniques to Stop Homework Procrastination

Sick and Tired of Procrastinating Homework? We Have a Solution!

"If you're a procrastinator, you will find every excuse not to do what you need to do. Here's a thought: do it first. I call it reverse procrastination."


"I will do it later" is often used by students when starting homework. But why do they do it? What are its after-effects? How to stop procrastinating homework? 

Let's start with learning what homework procrastination is. Procrastinating on homework means delaying the completion of academic tasks without a good reason. If you indulge in it, you will wait until the very last minute to start a task just because you do not want to do it right after receiving it. Studies show that approximately 80%–95% of college students engage in homework procrastination to some degree, Some students consider themselves to be procrastinators, and some say that they procrastinate in a consistent and problematic manner. However, they don't understand that this delay comes with a price.

From affecting your academic performance and resulting in poorer grades, it can also lead to several other problems, including frustration, anxiety, and stress. But how can you stop it? For that, you need to understand why you procrastinate on homework so that you can analyze your behavior in a better sense.

Why Do College Students Procrastinate Homework?

In order to stop procrastinating on homework, you need to know why you do it in the first place. It's a prevalent misconception that students who put off working on a task do so because they don't care about it, but this is not true. Instead, there are several reasons for procrastinating homework. Let's find out:

Anxiety: The most common underlying causes of procrastination is anxiety over failing or uncertainty about how to start a task.

Resentment: If you hate doing homework and feel continuous pressure or nagging from your parents or teachers to complete it.

Overburdened: Having multiple tasks to work on might make you feel overwhelmed, and you may end up procrastinating even more, thinking of the pile of homework to finish.

Fear of Failure: Worrying about failing a test or performing poorly can sometimes put a student off working because of fear.

Lack of Motivation: If you have no willingness to work or no goals. Or if you feel like you don't want to do anything in life, can cause procrastination. 

Uninteresting Subject: Working on complex subjects like maths or science, a student dislikes or finds difficult can be another reason, and chooses to seek chemistry homework help.

Poor Work Environment: If your surroundings or place has many distractions and noises, you will never be able to focus on work and keep putting it off.

Physical or Mental Health Issues: These can be a possibility of procrastinating homework. Such issues can be hidden and not identified easily, like depression and ADHD.

Consequences of Homework Procrastination

Procrastination can affect everything from homework to academic performance, health, and daily habits. College students may be more negatively affected by it than other pupils. Putting off task can make you feel more frustrated, guilty, and anxious, sometimes developing into more severe problems like depression and low self-esteem. 

However, you need to understand the importance of homework to have the will to complete it. So to know its value, you should learn its pros and consBecause not completing a task on time can lower your grades and impact your academic performance.

This cycle of poor performance and low self-esteem can be challenging for students to break, leading to additional worry and anxiety. Research shows that persons who continuously postpone their work are more likely to have reduced grades, a worsened ability to accomplish duties, and elevated stress levels.

Fortunately, there are some ways to solve homework procrastination, which you will see in the next section.

How To Stop Procrastinating Homework?

Are you one of those students who want to know how to stop procrastinating on homework? Then, you should go through the list below. These techniques will help you eliminate it and finish your tasks on time without procrastinating.

Observe Your Procrastination

Determine the reason behind your procrastination. For example, why do you not want to start doing your homework? What is it that is keeping you off? Once you find out the reason behind postponing work every day, the techniques below will help you understand and resolve the root cause.

Set Deadlines

Deadlines should consist of three things; it should be concrete, appropriate, and meaningful. It means deadlines should have an exact date or time, the time given to complete a task should be relevant and justified, and someone should hold you accountable in case of non-completion of a task.

Take Small Steps

Try to focus on one tiny task at a time or break large tasks into multiple sub-tasks. Or, you can set a deadline for every small task. This process is known as "unpacking" and has various advantages. It helps you stay motivated and makes large tasks seem less challenging. It allows you to stay put on your studies.

Make Tasks Entertaining

If you indulge in homework procrastination because it seems tedious, you can make completing tasks fun by listening to music or challenging yourself to finish something within a specific time limit. It helps you stay energized and make your homework more enjoyable.

Motivate Yourself

From making up your mind to start working to finishing even the most minor tasks, do not forget to appreciate yourself. Because when you appreciate yourself, it gives you a sense of achievement which help you in staying motivated. You can even look for more ways to finish your work fast and stay motivated. 

Create a Positive Environment

When you start working on your homework. You should always sit in a room or at a place that is neat, clean, and lively. As it gives positive vibes and keeps you active while studying. The area should be quiet and peaceful, as a negative environment leads to homework procrastination.

Identify Your Fears

Students fears doing homework in specific subjects like maths or science. Reason can be a strict teacher, a complex subject, or because it consumes too much time. Therefore, they need to identify their fears and focus on resolving them. Some US students even prefer seeking physics homework help from experts.

Eliminate Distractions

Stay away from everything that distracts you from your studies. It can be anything, from your phone to snacks, friends, or video games. There are various ways to eliminate distractions. Try to turn off your phone's notifications and avoid keeping them in the same room. Multiple apps can help you restrict your internet usage, etc.

Keep Yourself Positive

Last but not least, this is one of the essential techniques to help stop procrastinating homework for college students. Keeping yourself positive can help you not only complete your homework on time but also help you in overall growth. Negativity can drain your energy and make you lazy. However, positivity can significantly impact your daily life and routine.

If you want to change yourself for good, you must follow these nine techniques. But if you still feel like you are unable to work and have no way out of this constant question of "how to stop procrastinating on homework," you can seek our writers' help. They can provide you with various benefits.

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