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Fields That Employ a Student's Knowledge of Geography

16 Jan 2018 5526 5 minutes
geography knowledge

Fields That Employ a Student's Knowledge of Geography

Safety is entirely a human concept. Before we do any task, we need first-hand information about its toughness. At the same time, we are incredibly resourceful too. The study of resources, and impact of their extraction, collectively on a significant scale can be termed as Geography. It is a subject that deals with various aspects of the surface of a planetary body. However, the possibility of extracting a substance from nature is subjective to the technological development at the time. Next quality that comes into play after studies is self-assessment, and it stretches to making the impossible happen. The government along with planners and economists set forth expeditions to make crucial resources available at all costs. By resources, we mean the necessities of the public like land, water, oil, and food. Here are the fields where our knowledge of geography proves very useful:

1. City Planning

At the time of planning a city, various aspects play their part to make things cumbersome such as the availability of resources, economic conditions, etc. As it's all a game of approximation, explorers want to ensure the safety of people to an extent, as far as possible. Based upon the recommendations, concerned government legalises properties accordingly. Apart from the land, resources like water, power, wealth, etc., have to be managed. Wealth has got nothing much to do with geography on the one hand and on the other even the raw items available to generate power have to be optimized to ensure elongated survival.

2. Regional Planning

Once the city is built after all our considerations, there's still a lot to decide to run it properly. Our knowledge of geography allows us to predict if the resources are enough for the entire population, or how to create more supplies in case of a sudden hike in the community. Explorers and planners probe the government to sanction the projects which are extremely beneficial for the public. And, since all the other sub-departments adhere to the recommendations, our buildings are designed to be 100% safe and free from damage in case of natural calamities too.

3. Extra-Terrestrial Science Expeditions

Let's agree with the conspiracy theorists and believe that humans have never stepped on the moon, and what we call space is, in fact, a studio in Hollywood. However, our unmanned satellites (so far) revolve around the Moon and Mars, and collect images. Those images are sent to the ground station for processing. The scientists then study the crest & troughs, soil texture, and availability of resources. We are running out of land, and the researchers want to make sure that we have a backup plan before the Earth becomes completely inhabitable. Hence, the aerology.

There are a lot of big plannings you could be doing as a geographical planner. The history of living in a planned society is an ancient concept which has been around since Mesopotamian civilization. With ever-increasing world population, with none but a few countries playing a part in controlling it, overpopulation was imminent. Now that we aren’t putting a control on growing society, the world requires more resources to keep the life going forever. It means more job opportunities for planners and explorers, which means that you are not going out of business; not for a few hundred years. The chances are good that you may find yourself surveying Mars, and then it's a whole new planet to inhabit.

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