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Dissertation vs. Thesis: What is the Differences and Similarities!

17 Apr 2024 459 9 minutes
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There are various writing assignments in the academic world, each with unique requirements and expectations. The difference between a thesis and a dissertation is one topic that frequently confuses students. Though they are both lengthy academic works, there are some central differences between them that you will know.

You're not the only one who doesn't understand the difference between a dissertation vs. thesis. While there are many similarities between these two forms of academic writing, American and British English interpret them differently. The distinctions between a thesis and a dissertation may vary depending on where you live! It makes sense that there may be confusion between thesis vs. dissertation; in this blog, we will address this issue and present thorough clarifications.

What Is a Thesis?

A thesis is an academic research paper which is formed critically. It is usually turned in by students who are master's programme graduates. The thesis serves as a vehicle for students to demonstrate mastery of the academic writing skills studied during the programme.

Similarly, dissertations are papers written at the end of a programme to complete their study and are also called "senior theses" for undergraduate courses. While many master's papers do, a thesis does not always include unique research problems or ideas, unlike a dissertation. A thesis typically tests a student's research, comprehension, or analysis abilities rather than adding to the body of knowledge. Also, writing a thesis paper involves more time and effort than a typical academic paper.

Usually, there is a question: How long is a thesis?The length of a thesis can vary depending on several variables, such as the academic field, institutional policies, and particular requirements. It usually has 80–100 pages, although it may be shorter for programmes that stress coursework or longer for fields that need study.

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What Is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is an in-depth research report written on any topic and is required to receive a doctorate. When it comes to the question, how long is a dissertation? It can only written through in-depth research that is at least 300 pages long, which is practically a research paper the size of a book.

There are different types of writing,but only the dissertation's key component is original research. A PhD requires a person to contribute new findings and information to their field of study. Dissertations in scientific subjects are empirical, based on the author's data collection with ethical practices. Dissertations in less empirical subjects, such as philosophy or literature, are substituted for new data in "original research" with novel concepts, interpretations, and analyses.

In addition to the paper, a dissertation may include an oral presentation as a dissertation defence given in front of a panel of specialists. During a defence, the student must justify their research techniques and ideation of the research topicin reply to the queries raised by the experts regarding the validity of the findings. The panel then decides on the student's graduation and degree award. It is something that you have to do with proper research and data. Also, with hard work and dedication, you can think of writing a dissertation in a day, including all the requirements.

Dissertation vs Thesis Length

Similarities and Differences Between a Dissertation and Thesis

There are many students who often get confused about whether a dissertation or thesis are similar or different. So, the below points will let you know a few similarities and differences between a dissertation and a thesis.

Similarities Between Dissertation and Thesis

  • To graduate from their programmes, students must complete both a thesis and a dissertation, which are regarded as final projects.
  • A thorough and precise grasp of the study problem is necessary for the thesis and dissertation.
  • Written academic articles in both formats must respond to certain research questions.
  • You must stick to ethical protocols when gathering and recording research data.
  • Neither of these accepts plagiarism, and analytical abilities are needed for both to bolster the conclusions and highlight analytical skills.
  • Before being submitted in their final form, both must go through rigorous dissertation and thesis editing and critical proofreading.

Difference Between Dissertation and Thesis

  • A thesis's scope is limited to a particular subject within a larger field, whereas a dissertation covers an overall research issue or query.
  • Dissertations take longer to complete, generally taking several years, whereas theses can be finished in one to two academic semesters.
  • The time of completion is one of the main distinction factor between adoctoral thesis and a dissertation.
  • A thesis is a collection of studies that attest to the researcher's understanding of the research issue, and a dissertation gives the researcher the chance to add new ideas and theories to the body of knowledge.
  • A dissertation aims to create a novel idea and support it with evidence from both research methods and theory, whereas a thesis presents knowledge that has been taught and is already known.

Dissertation vs Thesis Difference

Dissertation vs. Thesis in American and British English

The differences between dissertation and thesis definitions are only one more illustration of how British and American English differ. So for that, here is the data displayed in table format:


American English

British English


Dissertation and thesis are frequently used together.

Typically, a master's degree programme involves a thesis. A doctoral programme is usually linked to a dissertation.

Level of Study

Master's and doctoral level

Master's level (Thesis)


Original research or previously published works

Unique research and contribution to the field


varying, usually shorter than a theses

Shorter thesis,
longer dissertation

Completion Time

Irregular, frequently lasting one to two years

Unpredictable, frequently lasting several years

Formal Defense

Maybe in need of a defence, maybe not.

Could require a formal defence (Research Paper)

The differences between "thesis" and "dissertation" in American and British English are explained briefly in this table for better learning and understanding.

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To conclude, it is unethical for academics to use one phrase in place of another. Every one of them has a purpose which one needs to remember and use properly. But the facts about dissertations and theses are true, and neither one of them is disproved by the other. Writing both papers requires the same level of commitment and care. Critical technical and soft abilities are needed for both.

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