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Validity and Reliability: Differences, Types, & More!

17 May 2021 886 8 minutes
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Validity and Reliability: Differences, Types, & More!

In case you are wondering what does validity and reliability implies, then it basically determines the quality of the research done to find effective solutions for getting better results. Having said that, in order to showcase the difference between validity and reliability, this blog contains all the insights you need to know.

Firstly, the below section defines the introduction to the concept of validity and reliability that will help in understanding and learning the same in a detailed manner. Begin your reading to know more!

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Introduction to the Concept of Validity and Reliability

The concept of validity and reliability has been introduced since students have to understand the measure of the same in order to know that they have found the right outcomes using different measures.

The validity states the correctness of the measures taken to get the desired outcomes using procedures. However, reliability showcases the consistency of the same result by analyzing the performance of the plan and process made to achieve the outcomes.

After knowing the basic information of the two, understand the difference between validity and reliability after reading the table in the further section.

Understand the Difference Between Validity and Reliability

In order to understand the validity VS reliability, it is important to go through the given table below to have clearance on the same:

The validity helps in determining the extent of research to be done on the particular topic and what outcomes are going to be studied. Reliability, on the other hand, defines the techniques from which the results are obtained to study the outcomes.
This ensures the relation of correct procedures used to find the right solution. This showcases the consistent results obtained by the procedure.
Validity determines accuracy. Reliability determines consistency.
It focuses on the end result. It focuses on maintaining consistent outcomes throughout the process.
Important aspects of validity are procedure, logical implications, etc. The important aspects of reliability are procedure length, performance variability, etc.
Validity requires proper analysis, and thus, it is difficult to find the desired result. Reliability, on the other hand, is easily achievable and gives results comparatively faster.
Validity cannot be known until reliability. Reliability can be achieved without knowing the validity.
In case the outcomes are not valid, then they cannot be used. However, even if consistent outcomes are not achieved, still the results can be used in the study.

The above is the table to showcase the difference between validity and reliability to make you properly understand the concept. This will help in knowing the different aspects and factors that lead to the validity and reliability of the test. Furthermore, in order to get insight on the same, the below section showcase the types of validity and reliability to distinguish it better.

Learn the Types of Validity and Reliability to Distinguish Better

The validity and reliability can be distinguished in a better way after understanding the types of the same as given below:

Types of Validity:

  • Construct: On the basis of the existing procedures, the new concepts are introduced in order to make or construct the new process for obtaining results.
  • Content: In the content part, the procedures are measured by analyzing and understanding all the aspects of the same to showcase a perfect process.
  • Criterion: The criterion is under which the outcomes are measured. This takes place to check if the results obtained are valid or not in order to pass the test.

Types of Reliability:

  • Test-retest: The consistency of a procedure in a specific period of time is determined under this section.
  • Internal Observers: There are various internal observers and raters who undertake the consistency of the methods used in finding the results of a particular test.
  • Internal Consistency: Variations can be made when finding the solution of the particular test using the same methods by the internal department in order to reach the desired outcomes for maintaining consistency throughout.

Now when you have learnt the types, it becomes easier to understand the difference between validity and reliability. Moving forward with the same, know where you get both valid and reliable sources for your assignment from the further section.

Where Can I Get Validity and Reliability for My Assignment?

After reading the above sections, it is not difficult to determine that there is a huge difference between validity and reliability that can be a leading factor to understand the process for achieving the desired results.

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