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80+ MBA Assignment Topics Relevant in Modern Business Practices

10 Sep 2020 2043 14 minutes
Trending Topics for MBA Assignments

80+ MBA Assignment Topics Relevant in Modern Business Practices

Business studies-related subjects are pursued by many students to get jobs in top corporate firms or private/government organizations of the world. For that, they have to achieve good grades and outdo the competition. Well, one thing that business guys have told us is that the competition is cut-throat. This qualification of being an MBA graduate is not easy to get, and you have to go through certain coursework requirements. Students seek online MBA assignment help to get some respite from this hectic barrage of submission deadlines.

When you work smartly, there is a little or no need left to work in overdrive. You have to have a presence of mind to address the concerns that the society and business realm are facing "˜currently' Talking about past paradigms and conceptions is useless. But first, we have to understand the need for these assignments with regard to a student's point of view.

Importance of MBA Assignment for Students of Business Studies

A student takes up this course to get a life-altering job in firms involved in running the country's economic wheel and becoming a part of the top section of the economic food chain. But that requires you to prove your worth to the titans of the new world. Various types of assignments are given to students by professors to evaluate their readiness to face real-world problems. Businesses are mostly dependent on the talent they hire out of the freshest lot that is available.

These assignments help students employ critical thinking to deal with the challenges they might face when they are on the job. They need to find a solution to problems that their organization might be facing or innovate their strategy for a potential change in consumer behavior.

But due to some reasons, students are still stuck in writing assignments on things that have already happened in the past and do not co-relate with the current business practices. Studying the 1920s meltdown won't help you in the 21st century.

Why Are Students Doing MBA Assignment Writing on Outdated Topics?

We all know that an economic meltdown happened in the 1920s, but another occurred in 2008. Which will you prefer to study for your next assignment? Obviously, not the one that happened a century ago. But, because of no generational shift in our education system, students are still examining that. They need to move on from outdated topics so that they can really contribute to the current business scenario.

The classical case studies are a part of an obsessed mind and block one's view of the current, present, and ongoing situation. How will this help any student address an issue that is in front of its eyes? Assignment writing on classic examples helps you learn from past practices, but it doesn't improve your understanding of the current situation.

Well, we try to bring the current topics for an MBA assignment that let you explore the present real world and not let delve you in what happened in the past, as the business situation has changed dramatically.

80+ Topics for MBA Assignment to Get You an A+ Grade

1. Business and Ethics

  • Ethics for an economic agent
  • What are the ethical constraints of a company leader?
  • Are firms accountable to a client beyond their policy limitations?
  • How can a business strategy affect stakeholders' perceptions?
  • Development of ethical values in modern MNCs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Do they really owe to society?
  • Have businesses forgotten about the environment completely?
  • Ethical work culture is degrading because of internal politics.
  • Business ethics is influenced by philosophy, psychology, and religion.
  • Does technical efficacy impact business ethics?
  • The dilemma of an organization to follow societal ethics

2. Business and Monopoly

  • How does monopolistic competition affect growth prospects?
  • Prospects of a monopolistic organization in the short and long run
  • Oligopoly v/s Monopoly with regards to Capitalism and Communism
  • Are consumers' choices being limited by a monopoly?
  • How does a monopoly make a firm efficient, successful, and innovative?
  • Can business monopoly take over loss-making service sectors?
  • Economies of scale and monopoly - Do average costs get reduced because of scale?
  • Does a high profit from a monopoly lead to research and development?
  • Horizontal and Vertical take-overs are creating monopolies.
  • How are monopolies reducing competition in the modern market?
  • Interventions required to suppress the rise of modern monopolies
  • How is modern economics being engineered by domination culture?

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3. Business and Nationalism

  • Corporate susceptibility in times of hyper-nationalism
  • Are consumers expressing nationalism in the form of product choices?
  • How can foreign client relations satisfy nationalistic outlook?
  • With customer service outsourced, how can a business remain nationalistic?
  • How is corporate diplomacy shaping nationalism in the public domain?
  • How is globalization being ridiculed by consumer ethnocentrism?
  • Unity, autonomy, and identity can be preserved by corporate nationalism.
  • Lessons for globalization from business nationalism
  • Economics and resources are contracting due to nationalism.

4. Business and Racism

  • Racial discrimination in modern business practices
  • How is racial hierarchy similar to caste discrimination in the private sector?
  • Why is critical racial literacy extinct from the corporate model?
  • Have businesses moved towards stopping racism?
  • How is the implicit attitude playing a role in racial unemployment?
  • The spread of racism and the prevalence of race-based injustice in organizations
  • How does a contemporary capitalist society feed off racism and domination?
  • How to identify patterns of racism in any establishment?
  • Analysis of racism in the corporate world based on quantitative evidence
  • Why should a consumer not be affected by racism in business?

5. Business and Pandemic

  • An empirical study on the impacts of Covid-19 on local businesses
  • Covid-19's effect on the UK's tourism industry
  • How are small businesses in the UK performing in the Covid-19 era?
  • How can business help in improving the health care situation?
  • Evolving impact of Covid-19 on the economic outlook and business situation
  • Corporate misadventures during the situation of pandemic around the world
  • How to shield a business/company from health and economic crisis?
  • How can proactive resource management help a business survive?
  • Scrutiny of Government financial support to ailing businesses

6. Business and Majoritarianism

  • How the majority try to own every market place?
  • Is it easy to set up a services start-up when you are from the majority community?
  • Are minority businesses evaluated based on services or community?
  • Operational margins are higher for a majority-owned entity.
  • Case Study: How elitism leads to the rise of Apple?
  • Case Study: How is the UK still holding on to its colonial business enterprises?
  • How easy is it for a minority-owned company to enter the UK market?
  • How can the government pacify the divide between contrasting community enterprises?
  • Do ad campaigns only appeal to the majority community?
  • Fairness products are creating discrimination based on the skin color of minorities.

7. Business and Affirmative Action

  • Has affirmative action benefited the socially backward sections of society?
  • Does backwardness in society impact business prospects?
  • Can socially oppressed class contribute positively to the economic situation?
  • How to improve the social environment to bring inclusiveness in the business culture?
  • Socially ignored groups are worst affected because of the economic crisis.
  • Do we care about the economic condition of the have nots?
  • Business Model - Should an organization care more about profit or social responsibility?
  • Differentiation between consumer's purchasing power is driving product placements and advertising.
  • How are beauty products deepening the stigma attached to being poor?

8. Business and Corporate Manipulation

  • Marketing manipulation -How is it used, and what is the ethical limit?
  • How social media & stock markets manipulate global business sentiments?
  • Targeted marketing and targeted manipulation are separate strategies.
  • Hidden business manipulation - Are we puppets?
  • The business dilemma of improving lives and peddling products
  • What are the ways by which companies manipulate their employees?
  • Emotional manipulation at work - Signs to identify it
  • Can persuasion be achieved without employing manipulative tricks?
  • Manipulation v/s persuasion - Differences and similarities

9. Business and Consumer Behaviour

  • The business model is changing for modern consumer behavior
  • How is social media changing consumer behavior?
  • How important are consumer behavior and preferences for companies?
  • The digital disruption is molding consumer behavior.
  • How important is marketing communication to understand consumer behavior?
  • Understanding consumer decision making and consumer behavior
  • How has the online market changed consumer behavior?
  • Which factors affect consumer behavior the most?
  • Influences of the online market on consumer purchasing behavior
  • Segmentation of the market on the basis of consumer behavior

Modern Business Practices - How Is Business Changing?

You might have understood from the above topics how the business community's role has changed from being a part of trade, goods, and services to an essential fabric in building a prosperous and a utopian world.

When you are attempting an assignment, you must address the current situation, and the changes in the business culture will only come from the young. Businesses have been flourishing from the times immemorial, but you must address present developments to bring about changes. Businesses have avoided that for a long time.

Getting in the ranks of top fortune 500 is great, but bringing accountability to your adopted practices can only be done by addressing consumers' real issues. Modern business practices involve siding up with the authorities and ignoring consumers' concerns to remain in good graces of theirs. That's why when you are writing your MBA assignment, keep in mind to focus on real-world issues.

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