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7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in ASP.NET Assignments

26 Apr 2019 3379 7 minutes
7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in ASP.NET Assignments

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid in ASP.NET Assignments

ASP.NET is one of the most interesting yet challenging subjects that students study. It is one of those several languages that target Microsoft Common Language Run-time (CLR). A language that targets the CLR has a lot of features, that are cross-language integration, enhanced security, and exceptional handling. Similarly, there are a number of complex concepts that students have to study about. And professors find assigning assignments as the best way to enhance the knowledge of the scholars because in order to complete those assignments, they will research well and get an insight into the topic. However, writing ASP.NET assignment is not as easy as it looks like. Students do a few mistakes because of lack of concentration and ultimately lose grades. The problem is not that they do mistakes, but they are unable to find and avoid them is the real issue. This happens because they are tough to find because scholars are unaware of it.

As our academic experts understand this concern, so through this blog, they have discussed those common mistakes that must be avoided.

#Mistake 1: Using a value like a reference

Programmers of AS.NET or any other language often do this mistake. It has been mostly seen that they are being in control of whether the values they assign to the variables or references to the existing objects. If you too don't know whether the object you're using is a value type or reference type, you will definitely make some mistakes.

Tip: If you're going to depend on some behavior which differs between value and reference types, such as the ability to pass an object, then make sure you're dealing with the correct type of objects.

#Mistake 2: Misunderstand the Default Values

In ASP.NET programming language, values can't be null. By definition, every variable type must value, and even uninitialized variable type should have a fixed value. This is called the default type for that type. This can ultimately lead to an unexpected result.

Tip: When you're checking that if the value of the variable is initialized or not, make sure that what value of that particular variable will have by default.

#Mistake 3: Using Improper String Methods

There are a number of ways to compare strings in ASP.NET programming. Although most of the programmers use "==" for string comparison, in reality, it is one of the least desirable methods to employ. This is so because it doesn't specify explicitly in the code that what type of comparison is needed. You too might have made this mistake in your previous assignments.

Tip: 1) When comparing strings that were input by the user, use culture-sensitive comparison.

2) When comparing programming strings, you should go with an ordinal comparison.

#Mistake 4: Using Iterative Statements

Some ASP.NET programmers don't even know about LINQ's existence. That's why they use iterative statements in their code. And if you too are using them to manipulate the collections, you didn't use LINQ that probably you should have.

Tip: In performance related scenarios, where the iterative code is only able to make assumptions about the collections, make sure to do a performance comparison between the methods.

#Mistake 5: Failing to Consider Underlying Objects

LINQ is the most suitable for abstracting the calculations of manipulating collections. In a perfect code, you need not know about underlying objects. However, identical LINQ statements can give different results when executed with the same data.

Tip: Even though LINQ is helpful, in reality, you need to know that whether your statements would be translated to something.

# Mistake 6: Getting Confused by Extension Methods

As mentioned earlier, LINQ statements work on all the objects that implement enumerable. Even professional developers who are familiar with all these extension methods often get confused by the extension methods, when there is a method with the same name on the object.

Tip: Of course, you can write your own method as well. But, always remember that your extension methods can't reference the private or protected method of the class.

#Mistake 7: Using the Wrong Type of Collection Method

ASP.NET provides a wide range of collection objects. While there can be a few cases that having too many options is not good. Well, that's not with the case of collection methods. The number of options can be definitely an advantage to you. You can take a little more time to research and choose the best one. It will likely result in better performance and less room for error.

Tip: You should use a generic interface over a non-generic one. Because when dealing with a collection of primitive value types, using a non-generic collection will result in repeated boxing/unboxing of those types.

ASP.NET is a flexible language with many paradigms and mechanics that can improve productivity. That's why learning this language is important. So, the above-mentioned points are some of the common mistakes that students do their assignments. Hope you have read them carefully and will try to avoid in your next assignments.

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