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PhD Thesis: Unfold the Mystery by Experts

A PhD thesis is the scariest document you must go through while pursuing your doctorate. It is so because, other than being a lengthy paper, it contains numerous guidelines to follow without a miss. In addition, according to PhD thesis example, it is distributed in different sections, each of which comes with various technicalities. Thus, this paper requires your time, dedication, expertise, knowledge, and skills to make it appropriate. But there are certain factors that stop the pupils from making it a success. Some of them will be discussed in the following section.

What Are the Problems Faced to Kick-Start the PhD Thesis?

There is a never-ending list of issues faced by students while working on a thesis. Some of the frequently occurring ones are listed below:

Selecting a Finely Tuned Theme

The foremost thing to do before beginning the thesis is to select the theme or topic to work on. But this is also the first problem that makes a student struggle. It is so because sometimes you might choose a broader field and cannot narrow it down, which leads to confusion in the sections. On the contrary, you can choose a confined area to work on but are unable to gather appropriate data to include in the document. Therefore, the problem of topic selection becomes a speed breaker at the beginning of the paper itself.

Trapped in Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is another major issue that makes students think, "Who can write my PhD thesis". It is so because, in this situation, you are unable to think properly, leading to being stuck on a particular point. It is another issue that students cannot overcome in the process of creating the paper. Moreover, this document cannot afford to waste time, as it is already a lengthy one to work on. It is why students are scared to draft a paper by themselves.

Seemingly Endless Task

No matter how well you have planned and worked hard on this document, you will always feel that the work is not even a bit close to the end. It is so because the more you work on this document, the more you will get engaged in it and spread your work. Therefore, it is one thing that makes students struggle while creating a PhD thesis structure. In addition, this document needs a long time and so much effort that it can daunt students.

Lack of Language Skills

Language proficiency is a much-needed skill when you are constructing a formal document like a PhD thesis. If you use inappropriate or informal words in this, you might lose the essence and hamper the credibility of the document. Although the students might do well with their other academic tasks, dealing with a thesis is a completely different work. Therefore, it is no big deal to struggle with the language while drafting this paper. It is why proofreading services are gaining popularity in the present situation.

Using a Systematic Approach

Following the guidelines or the pre-defined systems is always a challenging task for many of us. The same is true for students who are working on a PhD thesis. The reason behind this is that the rules are complicated to understand and much more challenging to implement. Therefore, when it comes to constructing a paper by following a systematic approach, many students get overwhelmed.So, these were the general issues faced by pupils often while drafting the paper. Moreover, you might be at the same pace as others. But stepping back due to these is not an option. However, you have to be bold and take a step forward. So, let us help you do it by starting with telling you the structure to follow for the thesis so you have a clear vision. 

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How to Structure a PhD Thesis to Maintain the Logical Flow?

In this section, we will be talking about the procedure for how to write a PhD thesis in an appropriate yet simple way. Although this structure might differ according to the needs of your institution. Therefore, you must check it before working on the paper.

Title Page

As the name suggests, this section will carry the title or headline of the thesis. In this, you will give an idea of what your thesis is all about and what you are planning to include in it. But all this will be explained in a line or two. In addition, this page will also include your name, university number, name of the professor, and other things as per the guidelines provided. It is the most straightforward segment of the entire PhD thesis writing process.


It is the next section that falls after the title page. It is the summary of the entire thesis and gives the gist of the document in brief like a thesis statement. In this, you have to include the central theme or topic, the motive to conduct the research, the methods used, the outcomes, the discussions, and all the points concisely. To make it smoother, you can use our thesis statement generator tool available. Although this section is one of the starting sections, many pupils construct it in the end. It is so because how can you explain something that is yet to be created?


After you have summarised what you are going to do in your paper, it is time to start doing it. So, this section will introduce your central theme to the audience. Hence, in this, you will be defining your research goal, the motive behind selecting this topic, what you are expecting it to achieve, and how you will achieve it. In addition, this segment must be drafted in a way that hooks the interest of the reader and makes them want to read the entire paper.

Literature Review

This segment of the PhD thesis structure justifies its name. Here, you must review all the literature, sources, journals, or documents you have referred to while researching for your paper. It is done to help you know what is already there in a particular field and what still needs to be done. Therefore, this section will help you bridge the gap between the previous research and your thesis. In addition, it will also ensure that you are not wasting time on something that is already there.


So, now that you are aware of the gaps present in the previous literature, it is time to conduct your own research. But you must be wondering how you will do it, right? It is the question whose answer you have to figure out in this section. Moreover, this will include the methods used to collect the information. In this segment, you will find out the techniques to use for gathering the required data for your thesis. It is a challenging section where seeking help from thesis writing services is the safest option.


In this section, you have to display the outcomes you have discovered. This segment comes after the methodology section, as it will showcase the points you have received after going through the previous stage. In this section, you will explain all the results you have received and will perform an analysis according to the hypotheses you created at the beginning of the process. This section will be the deciding factor in determining whether you have achieved your motive or not. In addition, you have to elaborate on everything you have received so that it will be easier for the readers to understand.


It is the last segment of the entire PhD thesis structure, where you should conclude the entire document. In this, you will summarise the paper by giving an overview of each step but not explaining them. In addition, this section will not include anything not in the rest of the section. In other words, we will not be introducing anything new here.

So, this is the PhD thesis example format you can use to develop your paper. After getting along, you might have thought, "What is the length of these sections? If yes, the following section will help you resolve this query of yours. 

PHD Thesis

How Many Words Are Enough in an Appropriate PhD Thesis?

The word limit is an important aspect you must consider while creating a PhD thesis structure. It is so because considering this will only make you allot the minimum or maximum word count to a specific section of your paper. However, this limit depends on the subject you are working on or the guidelines provided by your professor. But according to the general guidelines available in the PhD thesis example, the word limit falls between 70,000 and 100,000 words or 250–350 pages.

The structural breakdown for the paper is as follows:

  • Introduction: 10 percent
  • Literature review: 30 percent
  • Methodology: 15 percent
  • Result: 5 percent
  • Discussion: 30 percent
  • Conclusion: 10 percent

This distribution will help you maintain the appropriate word balance between the different sections of your paper. In addition, it will help you stick to the required length without exceeding it or keeping it short. So, now let us dive into the qualities of our experts' PhD thesis writing services that you cannot resist.

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Qualities of Our Writers That Will Blow Your Mind

Although this write-up has everything you need to know while creating a PhD thesis, there might be some points where you get stuck. Therefore, in these situations, you will need help from a PhD thesis writing services. One such service provider is Global Assignment Help. Read further to know how they can serve you:

Freshness of Content

One of the major concerns a student struggles with is coming up with a new thought on an already existing topic. Although sometimes they manage to do it, other times they look for some help. It is where our thesis help experts come into focus. Our professional writers start each document from scratch, making it 100 percent original. It is crucial, as otherwise, your paper might get into the criteria of plagiarism.

Additional Offerings

We know that students are always low on budget and cannot afford top-quality services. Therefore, we provide all assignment help services at affordable rates, and the icing on the cake is that we offer great deals on the services as well. These offers are:

Prompt with Time

Strict deadlines are one reason students run away from the assigned tasks. It is where our experts rescue these pupils. We have a team that can work even with strict deadlines and then also produce the best quality documents. Our writers will work day and night to complete your paper on time and ensure that it is perfect in all senses. Therefore, you do not have to worry about missing deadlines while seeking dissertation writing services from us.

Appropriate Citations

Citing the sources appropriately is another reason that bothers the students while working on a thesis. It is so because, without mentioning the sources you have referred to, your content might be marked as plagiarism. Therefore, seeking help from an expert is the best choice. We will help you cite all the resources from which you have taken help. In addition, our professionals can help you with any citation style you must use in your paper.

Familiarity with Subjects

Having appropriate knowledge about something is a must while working on a formal and lengthy document like a PhD thesis. It is one of the advantages of seeking help from our writers as they hold a master's or PhD degree in their fields and can help you easily. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the authenticity of the paper you will be submitting. They will add the experience they have gained through the years and make your paper shine.

Highly Focused

There are several technical aspects that you must consider while constructing a thesis. Without acknowledging these, your paper can miss some necessary things that can make you lose your grades. But, it might not be possible for you to do it alone; therefore, seeking help from our experts will make your struggle easier. Our team members are well-versed in handling all these and can help you hit the bull’s eye.

So, what are you still thinking about? Let our experts handle your thesis and make it phenomenal. Just order your paper and get your stress transferred to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Get Your Solutions Here!

  • How Long Is a PhD Thesis?

    A PhD thesis is a long professional document that lengths between 70,000 and 100,000 words. Although, it might differ from one institute to another. Therefore, you must check your university's guidelines beforehand.
  • How Do I Structure a PhD Thesis Appropriately?

    A pre-defined structure of a PhD thesis includes:
    Title page
    Table of contents 
    Introduction / Literature review
    Reference list Although, this might change according to the guidelines of a particular university.
  • How Can I Make My PhD Thesis Flawless?

    To make your PhD thesis appropriate and error-free, you can avail of our services. We will check your document on the basis of all the parameters, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, and more, to make it perfect.
  • Do You Guarantee On-Time Delivery of the Service?

    Yes! We have a policy of completing all the tasks before the deadline so that you do not have to worry about missing the deadline and losing your grades. In addition, we take the time to edit and proofread the document to make it flawless.
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    We have a team that holds specializations in a variety of subjects, including:
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    Absolutely yes! We have a team of editors and proofreaders who will make your document free from all errors and appropriate in all respects. Therefore, by seeking Global Assignment Help’s editing service, you do not need to worry about any silly mistake ruining your paper.
  • What Are the Charges for Revisions to My Paper?

    Happily, there are no charges for the revisions in the paper. We have a policy of not charging anything for the modifications to the document we deliver. Therefore, you can seek multiple revision services free of charge.
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